Nintendo has released Majora’s Mask for the Virtual Console in the US – you can download it right now for 1000 Wii Points (or $10 in “real money”). If you’ve never played Majora’s Mask before, or did and got frustrated (like yours truly), this is your shining moment to redeem yourself and play the sequel to Ocarina of Time.

And remember that ZU’s Majora’s Mask section is always around, in case you get stuck or want some more in-depth info about Majora’s Mask. Now, if you don’t mind, I think I’ve got a game to go play…

  • Darkus Triforce

    I am feeling awful right now!!!
    My Dad's in a grumpy mood so he is refusing to give me the WIi Points…
    But when I get the points… oh yes… that game shall be beaten… and Majora slayed with the power of the Fierce Deity… oh yes…

    • Darkus Triforce

      Yes!!! I convinced him to get the points! Download is in progress right now!!!

  • bluefire

    Are their point cards for ten dollars?

  • MrMastodonFarm

    If you have access to a credit card, then you can purchase points for $10 right on the Wii Shop Channel.

  • Nagrom

    I am so getting this. Annoyingly, it's one of the Zelda games I have yet to play since becoming a fan. I can't believe I haven't played it yet. I never owned an N64 nor a gamecube so I've never had the chance… now I can. Muahahaa. I want to play it sooo bad.

    I hear it's a real pain though. Having to constantly go back in time? Sounds icky. Probably a lot harder than OoT. Not looking forward to the harder dungeons. No sir. Anyway, I'm going to stop ranting now and go buy it…

  • scottwalker


    • zoraluigi

      hahaha Me too! 😛

  • TheMaverickk

    Most important detail is…
    All bugs that were once present in Collectors Edition version of Majora's Mask are now gone. Sound issues have been fixed, as well as that annoying freezing bug.

    Not to mention I feel as though the presentation is crisper in general on the Wii. It made me so happy to hear the title screen music when I started playing. A flood of memories came rushing back… Majora's Mask was literally the very first video game I ever bought with my own hard earned cash. I didn't have to wait for a birthday or holiday to get it.

    Also it's a small minute detail but playing the game on VC also means you get to see the start up N64 logos! Which are pretty sweet looking. Nintendo should go back to those start up logos I think.

  • Gerudude

    What about Europe?

  • Arjen

    Europe already has it. In fact, they've had it for weeks!

  • Andrew

    About time Nintendo did something right.

  • Darkus Triforce

    already at the ancient castle of ikana… a bit too short, but its great! GET THE GAME!!!