A Zelda-fan got inspired when he saw the new The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks trailer. He booted Wii Music and decided to create a videoclip inspired by the trailer. The result can be found inside!

This is the result of the experiment:

Good? Bad? Discuss it!

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  • Pretty cool!

  • Lurch028

    Doesn't really sound like the music from the trailer to me, but still pretty impressive.

  • Aleph

    For what you can do in Wii Music, I'd say that sounds pretty nice. I'm impressed.

  • Naokohiro

    I think I just had a Zeldagasm!
    (I haven't had enough Zelda lately, so I had a Zeldagasm a little early…)

    • u may nvr know

      lol Zeldagasm xD i have a couple of them every time i see a trailer for a new zelda game ^^ lol i also had a zeldagasm when i saw midna's true form OwO

  • Metropalis (ZU)

    this should be the st menu theme

  • Teengamer

    I don't really like it, as it somewhat sounds like just a jumble of instruments playing, but I AM impressed that they were able to make a new song out of a different one!

    • Aleol

      No, the instruments all sound well together.

      Not to mention, ALL melodies are just jumbles of instruments playing

  • ogichiichigo

    Trucks work, and the song works. Pretty good. 9/10

  • Maverickk

    I find it funny how anything WiiMusic is so divided amongst people.

    Straight and simple this song is really well done. Also like the description at the top said… it's not a copy of the Spirit Tracks song, but simply inspired by it. So I get that, I mean the pan flute type sounds and such are nicely done. It's a good arrangement.

    It certainly isn't just a jumble of instruments playing. I find it frustrating when I see people actually create something cool with WiiMusic and people refuse to acknowledge it's well done. I can hear a clear melody and the instruments around it work well. Anyone who has decent hearing could notice that.

    I say well done to whoever made it, it's well done and even more so, done on a program which may not be as simple to use as some remixing program out there. Not to mention just the coordination of the setting and characters even… it's well thought out even.

    • Triforce of the Gods

      It's not that people think Wii Music can't produce good songs, it's that they made it so if you screw up, they count it has artistic license and don't penalize you. Where's the challenge?

      • Maverickk

        They obviously weren't trying to be Guitar Hero and Rockband mind you also. It's simply a generic creativity program much like games they made in the past. Nintendo created Mario Paint back in the day remember… with it's fill in the colour pages and such. Mario Paint was no MS Paint or Photoshop, but it gave players a taste perhaps to be creative and see what they could do.

        To me Wii Music is closer to what Mario Paint was trying to do and not what Guitar Hero and Rockband try to do. Guitar Hero and Rockband are just there to make people feel like they are good musically or something (Guitar Hero only recently added a feature to create your own songs) and don't generally promote anything creatively. Guitar Hero and Rockband challenge players to hit the right buttons at the right time…. WiiMusic challenges players to create something themselves if they can.

        Not all games need to have a scoring system or a death system in order to be a challenge.

  • toonlink35

    that was the awsomest thing ever although you didnt make link right send me a email wich is [email protected] email me and i will show you how to make mii link but you can make a legend of zelda itunes app i always wanted a tloz app.