Happy Earth Day, Everyone!

We didn’t even have to kill any trees to make this card!

We all live on this planet, and the protection of its finite resources and beautiful landscape (not to mention our own existence) is something we all have a stake in, so remember to do your part in making it a better place. Not just today, but every day. Use less, Don’t litter, turn off those lights and things when not in use. And most of all, take some time to appreciate nature today. And have a wonderful Earth Day!

This Month’s Artist: Steve
ZUHC Manager: Zien
ZUHC Co-Manager: Margar

We are the ZUHC (Zelda Universe Holiday Card) team. Each holiday (or major one, anyway) we bring you a bit of cheer on behalf of ZU. BUT, we’re not a couple of Gurus on a mountain top scheming up card ideas. We want your ideas, too! Check out this thread on the ZU forums if you want to toss out a design idea for the next card. Or maybe there’s a holiday that we Americans aren’t aware of and you’d like to see a card for it. If you are a graphic or traditional artist, you can even volunteer to draw a card! You’ll receive full acknowledgment for your artistic contribution. Hope to see you soon in the ZUHC thread or around ZU’s vast community.
See you on Mothers’ day!

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