Geoff Keighley of Gametrailers TV had an interview with Reggie Fils-Aime recently. Reggie talked about E3, Showed off an exclusive new trailer for Punch Out Wii, and he had a little bit to say about Spirit Tracks. Click the jump to see the Zelda part of the interview.

It seems all of us hardcore Zelda fans are now considered “otaku”. Reggie seems to hint that Nintendo will announce a release date at E3.  He also promises for a surprise at this years E3, but in classic Nintendo fashion everything is still 100% secret. As for the Punch Out trailer, it is similar to a previously released trailer, but with an added part that shows off multiplayer, and a power-up which changes Little Mac into Giga Mac.

Source: Kombo

  • jxen

    Most Zelda fans are stupid silly Otakus to be fair.

  • Z-MAN7

    "That's why they call me the Reggienator" I don't know if anyone can redeem themselves after saying that on stage. XD

    But in all seriousness, let's hope they actually have some stuff worth showing off this year. No more sales charts and a woman talking about puppies.

    • Don't forget her wrist… =P

  • nathan

    Dang it Z-MAN i was gonna say that well whatever I'll say it anyway "That's why they call me the regginator"

  • Like I said on ZI and I'll say it again: In other words, E3 is going to suck again.

    Especially since Miyamoto said that E3 is no longer the place to announce "core titles"

  • I said it on ZI and I'll say it again: In other words, E3 is going to suck again.

    Especially since Miyamoto said that E3 is no longer the place to announce "core titles"

    • The Maverickk

      Your also forgetting that this was before E3 decided after last years dismal show to bring back the glam that made E3 the biggest gaming event up until 2006.

      And in reality he was right, if E3 was to remain the more business like PR talking event that some developers said they wanted out of E3… then Miyamoto is smart to say that it was no longer a show worth showing off NIntendo's biggest titles or "gasp" inducing visuals.

      Mind you after last year and the horrible showing, lack of business the show brought in, and such, they quickly shaped up and said it was time to go back to the old E3 format. The one that had Nintendo building a huge set to show off Zelda twilight princess with costumed people kind of event.

      If E3 has truly chosen to go back to being a big show, instead of the boring conference room center type PR sales info business talk, then I think you will see Nintendo unveil something big. Not to mention that Nintendo did apologize for not showing stuff to make the whining fans happy. So I doubt they will do that again.

  • Shaelyn

    I am admittedly otaku. …but he still misused the word, and I was still annoyed by his ignorance.

    and otherwise, bleh this was overall non-news. he didn't really say anything more than we already knew. "maybe we'll announce a launch date at E3" "are we going to be satisfied at E3?" "you'll have to see!"
    maybe something + maybe something = nothing more than a lot of hype.

  • Dragoon

    They really need to announce a new super smash bros or zelda game for the wii. Then again, it could just be Kirby Wii or Pikmin 3.

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  • Chameleon

    I think it's waaay to early to announce another Super Smash Bros, but a Zelda Wii would be great after the slight disappointment of Spirit Tracks being announced instead. Not that I think Spirit Tracks will be a disappointment, I hope it'll be great.

  • keimori

    aperntly…we're otaku now….grand….well here's looking at E3

  • LinkOfTheFourSword

    E3 Was a bust for Nintendo last year. Microsoft killed us…..

  • Ogichiichigo

    Yeah, the otaku thing… I'm pretty sure the only thing "anime" Zelda has is the manga, (you can read it on onemanga or mangafox 🙂 ) but I'm one, so it doesn't bother me. But yeah, last year sucked. BOO MICROSOFT!! CHEAP AND CRAPPY!!

  • Kaylee

    X_x Otakus? I'm insane about Zelda games, but a true otaku would never consider me an equal.

  • Kastanj

    What worries me about Spirit Tracks is that it doesn't seem focused on the Zelda universe but is a game with a Zelda "theme". But Zelda is an entire world with a mythology, not a franchise that needs innovations like train-focused gameplay. We want to explore the world of Zelda down to minute detail and experience mysterious and atmospheric locales with meaning and importance, not experience a new way to use the same items, move Link around and move across repetitive terrain.

    Zelda is about great content, and innovation can't make up for lacking or predictable content. It's impossible and not good business to try and bridge the gap between Wii Fit owners and people who like to examine Zelda's mythos and really go nerdy. We are not inferior to them, they are not inferior to us, yet Nintendo seems committed to act as if we're elitist nerds for not wanting to make Zelda easier and Hyrule more simplistic just so that our relatives can play too. I understand that they want to share the magic, but it is impossible to make the magic instantly available to all and still keep the magic. Everyone can play Zelda, but in later games the less superficial layers of the Zelda universe seem to have been ignored in favor of the layer that everyone can see.

  • Link_Master_00

    umm… did wii sports resort come out yet?

  • nihongo

    Damn kastanj You're sooo right. The zelda as we knew it wont ever be made again in fact gaming in general won't ever be the same either. I get sad knowing I haven't used my wii for a year and no game gets me excited anymore. The age of epic games is gone now comes the age of cheaply made party- and 'been there seen that' games. Btw are you dutch or belgian as youre name implies