Hey, this is Unknown Hero here with a cool Zelda video. An independent developer decided that they wanted to make a 3D version of Link’s Awakening, and released a beta build of their creation.

Some footage of the game has been captured in a video, so check it out by clicking the “read the rest of this post” link.

The game really adapts to the feel of the GameCube/Wii, even though the original game was for the Game Boy. Let’s just hope these people are serious about making this game.

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  • Nick

    It would be great if Nintendo saw this and took it up

  • Chesterton


  • Looks rather strange

  • ChainofTermina

    looks promising
    Scenery looks kinda N64-esque, but I assume this is unfinished

  • GavenRocker

    looks too unfinished for me to really form an opinion. i'd love a 3D version of this game so long as it was authentic to the original. the cucco ballon just seems out of place

  • Sol

    looks ok, it probably looks better if/when/if it ever sees the light of nintendo it gets finished

  • maian

    I doubt I'd ever actually play it, as I usually just don't play fan games, but this actually looks extremely impressive. I don't know much about game design and such, but I've seen a lot of attempted fan games, and this definitely caters to the feel of the N64 games. Really nice. It looks like the most impressive fan game I've seen thus far. Like I said, I probably won't play it, but I'm really interested to see how it turns out if they continue the work.

  • That is actually pretty cool. I'd definitely buy it cuz I could never get into the Gameboy ones so this would be a great way to grasp the storyline of LA

  • If this is real, it's definitely the most impressive Wii homebrew I've ever seen.

  • Luisa

    It'll be a lot of work to finish a project like that, but it'd be an awesome game.

  • Z-MAN7

    This looks good. Makes me wonder what the finished product will look like. Nintendo should pick this up and let the developer put it out on Wiiware.

    Also I love Link's design in this, very classic.

  • L176

    Cool! Own engine and everything. Hope they finish this (and make the movements smoother).

  • Andrew

    it would be nice if nintendo saw this as a hint that zelda fans want console remakes of old games not enough people played. even if nintendo didn't use any of the fan made LA remakes ideas, it would be nice to know they were remaking it either way, i always trust nintendo's ideas and finished products, they never disappoint. I know that if nintendo remade ANY zelda game it would be spectacular.

  • Alex

    Amazing what we can do with games nowadays.

    I hope the finish a full version.

  • Luna

    Nintendo should definatly be looking at whoever developed this. They obviously have a love for Zelda and a good grasp of game design. Who knows? We may be seeing this persons work in a future Zelda, if Nintendo is smart.

  • Lance

    I beat the original game, and I would love to play this, too.

  • keimori

    hmmm, looks good so far.but its far too stiff at this moment for my taste, hopefuly they tak the time to really polish it up and get it on wii ware some when its complete; really go above and beyond with well done cut scenes and such, make it feel like a true 3d zelda game, know what i mean?

  • Dragoon

    Amazing, they better go through with it, because I would definitely play this game. Does anyone know what it's going to be for, or how I would play it??

  • Squiggy

    A great idea, but its lacking in creative flair. From what I can tell the current game world they've built looks like its just a direct translation of the 2D world of Koholint to rough 3D, complete with all buildings facing south and the island being seemingly wedge-shaped. I'm ignoring the game play and animations right now because its a very, very early build (as we can all tell), and one mustn't judge a game based on an early release. I hope in later versions of this fan-remake that they take some more creative liberty with world design (while still keeping some nostalgic resembles to the original layout of Koholint).

    That said, the project appears to have a lot of potential and I look forward to seeing its continued progress.

  • Dax

    The pessimist in me says this will never be completed…most of the time fans start projects like these, realize how much effort it would actually take, and give up for numerous reasons (time, not enough collective programming/design knowledge, etc.) I'm thinking of the (two) OoT 2D remakes, the Metroid Prime 2D remake, and so on. But maybe I'm just being a dick, and in a few months (years?) we'll see how amazing this turned out?

    • Dax

      Sorry, replying to myself…another example is that original Zelda game that one guy has been working on…The Shadowgazer. It's been 3 or 4 years, and has he even completed a single dungeon yet? I played the demo and it was great, but it was just a short demo, nothing more.

  • Dethl

    If only nintendo would follow suit
    Id take this over a OoT renake any day

  • Joslyn

    looks kinda like a runescape thing a ma bob!

  • I love this idea!

    However, it would be really cool to use modified models from OoT and MM and also the textures from those games. Give it the total N64 feel.

  • Thomas

    I've played this game before, it's made by 1 person in Gamemaker! Yes, the Yoyogames one!

  • Game&Watch

    This is not a wii homebrew game, it's made in Gamemaker for PC.

    And all the pictures you see of the game is a result of two-three weeks of work. Being so early in development, the creator only wanted to give updates and betas to a small community, but people spread it, and now the whole internet knows about his game.
    Even though the pictures look great (in my opinion), you should not judge the game from the pictures just yet.

  • LuX

    Looks cool especailly as its an amteur game i've seen worse animation in proffessional games…….yes im looking at you Last Remnant…..

  • Vonnick

    I'd love to see ALttP in 3D.

  • sk8on9876

    Link looks awesome there. By the way, the game looks weird because it is a beta version(it isn't finished).

  • Helper

    New official demo release: