Today is March 31st, which means tomorrow is April Fool’s day, and so seeing an announcement of a Wii remake of the infamous Ocarina of Time seems like quite the joke. But word on the internet street is that there’s going to be an announcement following this one on the 5th of April. To be honest, I’d find it completely lame for them to only announce it being a joke… but who knows? Just don’t get those hopes up too high.

So, yes, you’ve read correctly, as I’m sure you’ve read in several different places on the net, that there will (apparently) be some kind of remake of Ocarina of Time. I smiled brightly at the concept, because I’ve always wanted to see an old school hit be remade with more prettier graphics. However, most would agree that thus far, no Zelda title has been able to out do the Ocarina title, so maybe a remake of the game will put the Zelda series at their peak? GameFocus’s people got word by their Japanese contacting people, and that’s how the whole thing lifted off. That’s all I can really say for now, but mark those calenders, hold your breath, and get ready for what could (possibly) be one of the biggest announcements of the year.

Source: Gamefocus
  • Mark

    New levels would be awesome, but it's hard to think of a good way to add those levels in the existing story. Just pasting them at the end would be to cheesy i think. We're talking about one of the best games in gaming history and it won't be easy to find a fitting twist to make this game even greater than the original..

  • Zanku

    This is awsome, think about if they add oot they might add other zelda games too the wii, but if they do they would have to keep it right like. Legend of Zelda and links awakening would stay in the same format just with better graphics still keeping that old vibe to it!

  • Leon

    I think it would be cool for OoT to be remake but what would be different other than the graphics, probably new levels or different ways to defeat bosses

  • Stupidmahn

    obvious april fools joke sure is obvious

  • GaonLives

    Well, the possibilieties would be great but alas we seem to get these almost every year from the fanboy elite otaku yet I am still surprised to see so many people believing it. But I must admit it would be cool only if it were true.

    Much darkness to you all as always

  • Josh

    I just read the article from gamefocus and the subsequent article from their "Japan Contact". The second article with "more information" screams April fools day joke. A flute capability peripheral? Really?

  • n0vaflar3

    Yeah no joke. Anything "discovered" around April Fool's day can't be taken seriously unfortunately. But all we can do is hope and pray. A OoT remake would KICKASS!

  • Business Shrub

    This is great, just imagine the possibilities of the wiimote in Ocarina of Time. The thing that makes Ocarina a better game than WW, for instance, is because you revisit places and that way you get more connected to the story. "I feel… This place will be very important for both of us someday." It will be really interesting. I wonder though how open the landscape will be, what if I could go around the temple of time to see it from the other side, I'd buy the game for that reason alone. Perhaps they should remake Ocarina so that there wouldn't be any loading between areas and making the whole world integrating more seamlessly, so as to not seem like separate places. There's plenty to do with Ocarina that wasn't possible 10 years ago, so I'm looking forward to this.

    I hope this doesn't mean we won't get a new Zelda for the Wii, but then again with new graphics and input devices and scenery and maybe even characters, areas… That would be a totally new game, borrowing the best from the past and adding the best of today certainly will make this another 10.0 game.

  • Narxok

    I have to agree with Josh, I mean, seriously, they said something about a DS version of OoT as well in the "more info" article. They just announced Spirit Tracks, so I very highly doubt a DS version of the game. Obvious Early April Fools Joke is Obvious.

  • pippa


  • Brock

    I think they should make a zelda game where Ganon and majora team up, Link can travel to the past AND future of hyrule and termina. this would leave possibilities that link (from the OoT and MM timeline) could see who his parents are.He could find navi ( i know, groan, groan) and a green crystal. Zelda and ganon find crystals too. at the end, link must fight majora, then ganon in a time rift between termina and hyrule. there would be many portals to other worlds there, and when link delivers the final blow to ganon, ganon's crystal shatters. shards go to each portal. Raura comes and explains that the shards held the soul of ganon, and now ganon will terrorize each realm.

    Zelda and link take their crystals and shatter them, so now they will be in each realm to stop ganon when he arises.
    this would explain the timeline in a great way.
    It would also be cool to have a lot of transformation masks and sidequests like in MM.
    click post reply and say what you think of that idea.

    • ChainofTermina

      Thats an interesting story. but instead of just saying "that would make a great game" you should write out the whole story in a fan fiction. I wuold read it, and I'm sure other people would too.

  • ChainofTermina

    Yeah, this is just too iffy right now.
    as much as I want to belive it to be true(I've wanted a remake of Oot with better graphics and more stuff to do since the first time I've played it) there is no way this most definatly real. we'll just have to wait and see. but again, me being my pessimistic self, I think this is just very cruel joke.
    but you know what would be a good idea, if they combined Oot and MM into one game! they could just keep going into MM at the end of Oot, and have stuff from both in both.

  • Tess

    I'm not sure what to think right now. On one hand, MY GOODNESS! On the other hand, I don't want a classic, loved game to be remade. Yeah, I'd play it if it was released, you can count on that.

  • Keimori

    well i hate to fence sit, but i'd hope this isn't a joke, as much as it may seem, id love to see a polished up TP esc, OoT, mayhaps it just coencidence it's a day before april fools. well for now i'll "sckeptical " file for now

  • Hydra

    Pretty sure it's an April Fools joke. And… is ZU going to do something? Last year's joke was HUGE (and fooled tons of people, although I found it in a little poor taste).

    • goronlove7

      your just saying that caue you cryed lol

  • Maverickk

    I know I was the one who came across this article and I personally take this with a grain of salt considering the time of year that it is.

    Despite this, it is news none- the less, whether a prank or some truth. Out of personal opinion I'd much rather see a Majora's Mask re-make. That game truly deserves it.

  • Akuma

    First off, I hate to degrade everyone's hopes but come on, it's too coincidental that this happens to be just around April Fool's day, it's an obvious prank.

    However, even that being said, I would not be that happy unless they did Majora's Mask too, or just Majora's Mask.

    I think Majora's Mask is the best Zelda game they've made, and I see it as the surpasser to OOT, and I see WW as a pit fall, and TP as the climb back up. To me, MM broke the tradition and introduced something fresh and new, challenging, and a dark interesting and mysterious story with a crapload of sidequests, something every zelda game should shoot for. I think OOT was praised because, well it was the first 3D zelda and it introduced a completely new style of gameplay, but when I look back now amongst the 4 main 3D zelda titles, I see MM being the best.

    I'd love to have both re-made as they were both great games, but if it could only be one, I'd like MM, just because it's better IMO.

    • anonymous

      WW was not 3d it was cel-shaded

  • brickeater

    Oh come on people you can't take Canadians seriously!! ;}

  • I am certain it is an April Fools' Day prank. One of the guys from Nintendo already said that they won't remake Ocarina of Time, because it's best in its original form. If they changed anything about the game, they think it would detract from its original appeal, so they've already stated that they aren't going to remake it. Only re-release it.
    So, if anything, it'd be a "New Play Control" remake. In other words, it'd be the same game with the same graphics et cetera, but with some new Wii remote controls.

  • Artorium

    Deffinetly April Fools but if it were true i dont agree that it would be a good desicion. The original feel and look of OoT can never be captured in the same way again. It was the way it looked that partly made the game so great, however it would still be exciting and i would deffinetly buy it. It just doesnt seem logical with OoT being available already from many sources (WiiWare, Gamecube etc.)

  • There already is an Ocarina of Time remake on Wii. It's called Twilight Princess.

    • Levi

      um….. TP isnt even close to a remake of Oot, tard

  • Luisa

    It screams "April Fool's", sadly. An OoT remake for the Wii would be
    simply awesome, I'd sure buy it. As Naokohiro said, someone from Nintendo already stated they wouldn't remake OoT, which I find stupid.
    Oh well. I just think that joke is pretty mean.

  • Luisa

    That's a very nice story. You should actually write a fan fic on it!

  • Feri-san

    The fact it's april first tomrorow makes me apprehensive :/ I wont be able to believe anything tomorrow, so ill wait for april 5th.. i wont raise my hopes up at all… to be truthful, even though i wouldn't mind an ocarina of time redux, i kinda expected zelda Wii to be a new game or soemthing lol.. we'll see on april 5th, but i wont beleive anything said tomrorow.

  • lockx

    April 5th eh?

    Hmm I hope so that would make an awesome birthday present for me!
    However… I Doubt it…

    I would like to see OoT with new graphics but to be honest the older version will always hold a special place in my heart.

  • bob


  • lockx

    and thus is this disproved!
    dang it… I wanted one…