We haven’t heard anything about The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks after its debute trailer from last week. Neither did we hear anything coming out of Nintendo’s mouth lately regarding a new The Legend of Zelda for the Wii , which has been in production for quite some time now according to various sources. Some new info regarding both games has become available today and is just one click away!

Eventhough a new The Legend of Zelda for the Wii has yet to be confirmed by Nintendo, people are pretty sure it’s coming. Some Nintendo employees have been saying it’s in production for three years already and when you look at some interviews you can be pretty sure that it’s coming. As for the last Game Developers Conference, these people may have been disappointed. In stead of their Wii-confirmation, they got a newZelda-game for the Nintendo DS: Spirit Tracks. Time to ask Nintendo some questions about both games.

At least, that’s what ThatVideoGamesBlog.com thought. They contacted Marc Franklin, Director of PR at Nintendo and asked him several questions, of which two concerning us Zelda-fans. The first one was:

TVGB: “Can we expect Spirit Tracks this year?”

Marc Franklin’s answer:

MF: “I don’t think Iwata made an announcement on a specific date, but we will let you know.”

A pretty weird answer, considering Satoru Iwata did say The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks will be available in 2009. Is Marc Franklin simply wrong or has Nintendo changed her plans?

The second question was about the new The Legend of Zelda for Wii:

TVGB: “I don’t suppose there’d be any word on an upcoming Zelda for the Wii?

Marc’s answer:

MF: “We haven’t announced anything yet”.

You can interpreter this answer in several ways. Two of the most logical ones would be: Nintendo doesn’t really want to answer this question and says “yet” to confirm that there’s nothing known about the new Zelda for Wii or you can interpreter it as in it’s “yet” to be announced, so an anouncement will follow later on (perhaps E3?). Speculations, speculations, but at least not a denial.

If you want to read the full interview, you can find it here.

Source: Wii-DS.nl

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