ZU’s old comments system was getting rusty, so I went on a hunt for a more customizable and interactive comments system. The old one has been completely nuked and replaced by IntenseDebate, a comments system actually owned by the same guys who make WordPress, the software that powers Zelda Universe. IntenseDebate has a ton more features than that old pile of crap we used to use. Just to highlight a few features:

  • OpenID Support (Yeah!)
  • Gravatar Support (coming soon to the forums as well, a universal avatar)
  • Threaded Comments
  • Comment Rating
  • Subscribing to Comments

And they look a heck of a lot better than our old comments, though we’re probably going to skin them anyway just for kicks. Unlike Facebook Connect, this isn’t a trial run – this comments system is here to stay, so we’ll be tweaking it in the coming days to make it as suitable as possible for ZU. But it’s not an experiment, and the system is 100% fully functional right now.

OpenID support for this comments system is also important, because it solves a huge issue – the issue I had tried to solve with Facebook connect. When an OpenID plugin becomes available for vBulletin, our forum software, I will install that and transform ZU user ID’s into OpenID’s – meaning you can login to the new ZU comments system with your forum username. i can’t give any word on the availability of that, though, but if you already have an OpenID you’re good to go.

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  • jjknn


    • One of the most awesome features of the comments system is one you can't see: Inline Deletion. I can delete your comment without leaving the page!

  • I like the Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down addition. Nice job.

  • I like it. will this integrate with the facebook connect at all?

    • Unfortunately, no. However, if you login with OpenID you can add a link to your Facebook in your profile :P… I'll investigate having this comments system work with Facebook Connect. I have a feeling there's an option somewhere. If not, OpenID is equally awesome.

      EDIT: Yeah, if you look you can see how I set up my IntenseDebate profile to include links to several services I'm a part of.

  • Triforce of the Gods


  • Leroy

    All right, now it fits with the main theme =D

  • Lars

    Looks cool, much better than the facebook integration. Well done Jason.

  • As Leroy has already been taken i just changed into LeroyZU =P


    YouZube. It's exactly what this is.

    I tried to thumbs up something, and it said I'm not logged in. Wut?

    • You have to be logged in with an OpenID or with an IntenseDebate account to vote on comments. In the near future I have the intention of making your ZU forum account an OpenID, which will allow you to login to the comments system to vote without needing to sign up for an IntenseDebate account.

  • I like it….it's a good change

  • ChainofTermina

    Yeah, I don't speak computer so I have absulutely no idea what any of this means. It doesn't seem that different, but thats probably because of my lack of website intel, or whatever. One thing I wish was improved was that in the old one, we couldn't make the words italisized or bolded or underlined. But thats the only thing I think needed to be fixed. and how come this new one doesn't give you a "in a moment you wil post" preview thing. i liked that.

  • Jarred

    What!? I A train website!? What the hell are you thinking!? You got all the traffic about trains because a new zelda finally came out! I've been going to this site for a long time! It should and must stay all zelda!

  • Paul

    I agree with Jarred. This site Was created for zelda. What would the creator of this web sit say if he knew it would be a train site. If that happens, this site will go down the tube. No one cares about trains.

  • Emily

    Only so much traffic about trains because the NEW ZELDA is about TRAINS!
    Nobody likes trains.