I think I can say without bias that the Zelda Universe community stands out as one of the biggest and the most thriving Zelda communities out there. Our forums over the years have been home to many of the most intriguing and groundbreaking pieces of Zelda theorizing and discussion that the internet has to offer, and our member base, though large, has formed strong bonds, some members even deciding to marry each other!

But unfortunately, I also must admit that the main site half of ZU has not quite maintained the high standard that makes our community so famous. This ends now.

Over the last week, we have been working on bringing back our news to a consistent standard. We have re-organized our news team, and our goal is to have a new newspost up every day. If you see us go more than two days without a newspost, feel free to complain in our Feedback board! Now that we have sorted out the news, it is time to return our focus to the other important part of the main site – the content. As such, let me introduce to you the newest members of our site staff.

First up (in alphabetical order) we have our new content writer and one of our new forum moderators, Brokenjoker. She will be finishing off the unfinished parts of our SSBB pages first – expect a detailed Moves page up soon!

Next up we have Ciroton, a very active member of our forums and part of the Battle Arena (or BA) Council, who preside over our roleplaying boards. His descriptive and highly helpful walkthroughs should start appearing sometime around the end of April.

We do have one new news-monkey in the form of Kurai Chi. With his help, I’m sure that we can keep up a high standard of reporting for years on end.

This week also marks the return of Insaney, one of the content staff at the forefront of our efforts in the big revamp last year, rewriting the all the material for entire games by himself. He will be working on the constant updating of our information, as well as replacing those “coming soon” pages with real ones!

Last but not least, we have Robin Goodfellow, another of our BA Council, who will be consistently writing articles for the site. His first one should be appearing sometime today.

This may just turn out to be the most productive era of ZU’s history yet, so be sure to stay tuned!

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  • Gerdts

    Every day? Guess I’ll have to check the main site more often then

  • Yay for GanonsTower.com from 2-3 years ago!!!

  • Zien

    I’ll be checking up every once in a while. All those sections I gave links to better be updated soon. :3

  • Luisa

    I wonder how you’ll manage to find news every day xD

  • Joe

    I think is good that quality control, etc is being discussed… but you shouldnt feel that you have to post something every day. Thats how quality control gets abandoned, and mediocre and irrelivant stuff gets posted.

    I might be in a minority here, but seeing non-zelda related news on a zelda site always turns me off tbh. But i know some people like it with the news drowt, so ill shut up.

    As long as you have quality control in mind, you’ll do fine.

    Maybe having people write zelda related original articles for the site, or having competitions could be nice. Id definitely enjoy reading articles.

    • Nathanial Rumphol-Janc

      Joe: I understand the sentiments. If you wanted all Zelda related news all the time (almost daily as well), check out http://zeldainformer.com

      ZU will have a mix, and during dead times, will favor General stuff. So, be sure to check both sites to get your fix.

  • devli

    zelda fansites read by children and spergin’ neckbeards are deadly serious business. THIS ENDS NOW.

  • joe click my name

  • Cody

    It’s just a statement that we’re going to start having a more active main site again – no need for sarcastic comments, Mases. If we’re going to bring ourselves back up to the undisputed top, it’s a step we must take 😉

    • I’m not sure what you mean by this. Get back on top of what? Being the best Zelda news source? I’m not sure if Zelda Universe was ever at the top of the mountain in terms of Zelda news. Although perhaps it was in the early 2000’s.

      ZU has already been flooding the index page with misc news for the last several months, this is just adding fuel to the fire.

      Just look at your news posts and use the number of comments as a basis. “Wii reaches 50 million buys/Club Nintendo open in Austrailia” post has 0 comments, the Nintendo Lawsuit post, 1 comment, Phantasy Star, 1 comment. Just go back a little bit… Solar powered DS.. 5 comments, Fire Emblem Shadow.. 1 comment, Dead Space… 2 comments.

      Compare those to your site updates, or even your Zelda related News updates, or the ones that you’ve speculated that are Zelda related… and you’ll see there are a ton more comments. Regardless if you put 1 news post… or 20 news posts about it, people at ZU simply don’t care about “Body Check Channel to be released in Japan”.

      I say this because this is exactly what GanonsTower.com did years ago and it was a disaster. How many surges of news reporters have you guys had in the last year anyway? To make an analogy, this is like World War I and you are the British. Charge with 10,000 men, and it failed miserably, so next time lets charge with 15,000 men!

      Constantly spamming the index page with news page doesn’t do anything. You need to change your strategy. Unless you do want to be known based on how GT was known years ago.

      • Cody

        Mases: Actually, the site update posts generally get no comments unless I comment 😛 The reason we decided on General Nintendo news rather than no news is because it was a far majority vote in our poll that it was what people wanted when there wasn’t any Zelda news.

        We didn’t release a new surge of new reporters, we’re simply telling the current ones to stop being lazy. :3 The surge is from content writers who have shown quality in their work and that I think will benefit ZU.

      • Nathanial Rumphol-Janc

        Mases, I think we can agree that ZU really never has been the king of Zelda news, and even in today’s realm it’s going to be hard to unseat two other major Zelda news sources currently available in The Hylia and ZI. Still that isn’t really the aim here.

        Awhile back, Zelda Universe did a poll asking what the users prefer. General nintendo news, or just posting random zelda news.

        Overwhelmingly, Nintendo news dominated the voting, and that is what they are going off of. Sure, it’s a Zelda site so Zelda news will get more attention in comments, but realisticly, people would rather the main page be active then waiting a week or two for Zelda news (again which I find funny, but that is irrelevant to this conversation).

        So, while I understand the sentiments of going the GT route, or The Hylia under TSA route, it tanked with GT, flourished with The Hylia. So, who really knows the long term effects here.

        Besides Mases, as a competeing site, wouldn’t something you think is bad for ZU be a benefit to you anyways.

        Aww… look at that, Mases does care.

        • I think the people that ZU has in their news team much resemble the GanonsTower crew of people rather than TSA. In terms of competition, its hard to say that ZD really has direct competition with ZU, outside of forum activity and a few minor matters. ZU doesn’t offer the same material that is fundamental to ZD. On the flip side, we don’t provide news outside of ‘Big’ Zelda news and the occasional speculative articles. We do offer fan arwork updates and broader online Zelda community related news, of which ZU doesn’t do as much of. There is overlap with stuff like media, generic game content, but these are not prominent sections at my own site.

          Cody, I think ZU has had at least a dozen news posters in the last calendar year. You just hired another new news reporters in this update, and just recently went out to try and get Nathan to solve your websites news problems. It’s been a common trend at ZU for awhile now. If there is no news… just find more people and throw up anything on the site. That’s one thing ZU does have, a seemingly endless supply of people that would love to support the website with news reporting. It hasn’t worked for the past 12 months, so what makes you think it will be any different now?

          About the poll results, I don’t think they were accurate since they don’t tell the full story. How about if you started a poll, “Do you think Zelda Universe should report on the release date of Dead Space” or “Do you think Zelda Universe should report on Wii Music being played in schools”. I think the results would be different. We all know the famous quotes, ‘There are lies, damn lies, and statistics’.

          • Cody

            “It hasn’t worked for the past 12 months, so what makes you think it will be any different now?”

            You’ll just have to watch and learn to see what’s different. :3 This is different from what we’ve been doing before, but you’ll have to wait and see.

            We will of course be focusing more on Zelda related news too.

  • HomeSlice

    Dang, we sure have some harsh words for the people who just made a public commitment to better serve us. Let’s give these guys a chance, eh?

    • HomeSlice, ya, I have no issue with the new staff/reporters, they are deserving of a chance. My issue… or reasoning for bothering to post here, is because of the naivety of the Webmasters of ZU.

      I have no issue with the people of the forum. From what I’ve gathered, the average users here are good people, of which there is cross over with some users at my my, much smaller community.