Well, there is another gaming marathon that will be going on, and it’s not just Zelda. Magic Stork are going to be the guys that are attempting this marathon, and they say it will only take them 72 hours or less.

They got the idea from the Four48 and MarioMarathon teams, and are going to be streaming it live.

The Magic Stork members said that it will probably be around June, somewhere around the 19th. It’s a team based effort and they will have about five people playing.

Game list: (and a list of the people that will be playing)

Super Mario World.                   – Owen.

Zelda:ALttP.                                – Owen.

Zelda:OOT.                                 – Owen.

Zelda: TP.                                    – Ryan/Aaron/Owen.

Metroid Prime.                           – Gordon.

Metal Gear 4.                              – Michael/Owen.

Resident Evil 4.                          – Kevin/Ryan.

Mario Kart tournament on every console.                   – Everybody.

Super Smach Bros. Tournament every console.         – Everybody.

Halo (Co-Op).                             – Sherry/Tobin.

Once again, they plan to play all those in 72 hours or less.

(Source: Magic Stork-72 hour marathon.) (Thanks Lish for the tip!)
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