The clock with the Triforce pieces.

The clock with the Triforce pieces.

As Zelda fans, we often discuss, debate about the series and so on. As fans we can become very excited over news, whether it be a new game annoucement or something such as competitions and the like. In this case, people becoming excited over a possible new game is very much true. On January 14th, 2008, fellow ZU member TourianTourist had discovered a countdown page for a new game on Marvelous Entertainment’s website. As everyone has probably known by now, it depicts a triangle-shaped clock floating above the countdown. The hands on this clock did not point to numbers, but rather pieces of what appears to be the Triforce. A triangle shaped clock, Triforce pieces instead of numbers… the first thing to pop into your mind would probably be a new Zelda title being announced.

And the thread was filled with countless theories and speculation as to what the countdown may be for, others have strongly disagreed and passed the countdown as being not related to Zelda at all. Indeed, the Triforce is not just used in gaming but in various other places. For example, it is often used as the symbol of the Hojo clan in Japan. In other countries, it is used for other things such as on the back of a truck. Yet as Zelda fans, it is only natural that we discuss and speculate and so it continued. But then on January 18th, just four days after the discovery of the countdown, Jason, webmaster of ZU, made an announcement that strongly told of his feelings on this matter. He dubbed that the countdown was not related to Zelda at all. He also mentioned the patent that Shigeru Miyamoto had sent about a year ago and dubbed it as being too old and outdated to really matter in present day.

However as a few have stated earlier, Jason did not provide evidence that the countdown was not related to Zelda at all. Let us look on both sides of the story.

First of all, the Triforce pieces. It is very true that they are indeed used as symbols for other things in real world and not just the gaming industry. Obviously this countdown is supposed to be for a game, and, although we still don’t know what it is yet, the clock indeed has Triforce pieces. When you see the Triforce symbol used in conjunction with a video game, the first thing that anyone is going to think is Zelda. How many times has the Triforce been used in the real world? Countless times. But how many times has it been used in a video game or something closely related to a video game? Only one series so far: Zelda.

Marvelous has worked with Nintendo for years, especially since they are famous for their titles such as Harvest Moon and Legend of the River King. They’ve been around with Nintendo since the NES days and continue to be with them as a third-party developer. Zelda is a very popular series, so its only obvious that Marvelous would be very well aware of the series and know of its most well known symbol, the Triforce. Is it a coincidence that Marvelous used the Triforce on this clock, a triangle shaped clock? Was the Triforce used to get a lot of attention? Maybe so, maybe not. While the symbol is used a lot in every day life, it holds a different purpose in the gaming industry and is mostly used in the Zelda titles or as a reference to Zelda titles. Nintendo has had third-party developers work on several Zelda titles, such as Flagship (a division of Capcom) working on Oracle of Ages, Oracle of Seasons, The Minish Cap, and Flagship also even helped with the development of Phantom Hourglass. A third-party developer also developed Tingle’s Rosy Rupeeland. Nintendo has had third-party developers work on some of their titles before, and it can always happen again, especially by a company that has been with Nintendo for awhile.

Marvelous probably knows that if they used the Triforce symbol to simply gain attention, it would result in one big disappointment for many people. Marvelous obviously knows that and if they really want people to try out this new game they’re planning, they wouldn’t use the Triforce just as a marketing ploy.

Finally, the translation. People discovered that Google was also linking to the site, complete with a short summary in Japanese. There have been people who are quite experienced in the Japanese language who have translated the summary. All it really mentioned was a new game, something about a “new lap of time”, and nothing about Zelda. While this is true indeed, I have to disagree on something. That summary alone does not rule out the possibility for a new Zelda title.

What is the purpose of the countdown? Its meant to bring hype, to make people wonder what it is, and to surprise them with an announcement. That is the true point of the countdown: to surprise people. If the quote had blatantly stated what the game was about, people would find out what the title was before the countdown ended, completely ruining its original purpose. If anything, the ambiguous summary is merely supposed to make Japanese-speaking people more curious about this mysterious game.

Curiousity. The human mind is naturally curious, hence all of the theories and speculation comes from. While we wait for the at least four days to pass, we can speculate what this is. It is a pastime, but unfortunately we’ve had some people like Jason telling us “No, no, no. Stop speculating NOW, ‘cause this thing isn’t Zelda!”

But then again, who is to say? Maybe I am wrong. Maybe Jason is wrong. Maybe everyone is wrong. Jason has only been telling us that this is not Zelda, using the Triforce pieces and the translated summary as his reasoning. Yet as I have just pointed out, the Triforce is used much more differently in the gaming industry and that the countdown is meant to surprise people whenever it ends.

We have also heard that people fast forwarded their internal computer clocks to the countdown’s ending time, but all this did was either keep the countdown or cause the words “Coming Soon” to display with no other real change. However, many webmasters are smart and can know what visitors are thinking. They would probably only put the actual thing up whenever the countdown nears its end at their time. They do that to prevent people like us from discovering sooner by fast forwarding.

The only way to know for sure what game this is is to wait for the countdown to end. There is no other way. Marvelous is being secretive about this and no matter how many quotes you translate, it won’t reveal what this countdown is. Maybe it is Zelda, maybe it isn’t. We will never know until the countdown ends, and I suggest that everyone else waits, too, and doesn’t their hopes up too high.

Patience is the key to everything.

Signed: The Goron Moron, Hero of Mountains (and guest writer).

  • Miyamoto

    This is much better than Jason’s article. This one says “it could be Zelda, or it couldn’t”. Jason says it is NOT Zelda.
    Nice, I’ll be waiting…

  • lalala – I knew this was coming off the comment war in Jewson’s article. Not a bad read Goron Moron.

  • I think it might be Zelda. Nintendo did say that new things would be introduced. I think that Nintendo is probably working in collaboration with them and they are introducing some new stuff to the series.

    By the way, can we have a link to the countdown? I didn’t see one.


    Quote The Goron Moron:
    “In other countries, it is used for other things such as on the back of a truck.”

    Haha, that’s because of my post.

  • The Maverickk

    I strongly agree with Jason.

    As much as I’d like to say that it’s ok to the hypothesis that this could in fact be news on a new Zelda title, I have to admit that it’s also going to spark hope for something that is unlikely.

    For the most part as much as some of the reasoning in this article seems reasonable I have still a great deal of doubt. For a few key reasons… one reason being we know it’s on a site for Marvelous. Nintendo certainly has never handed down development of one of it’s BIGGEST franchises to a third party developer.

    Sure some may use the Capcom defense saying that Nintendo let Capcom create very big Zelda titles, but these titles were all for portable platforms. The portable Zelda series is often regarded as the lesser Zelda… Zelda that is good but still not quite up to console quality. Also Capcom is a much bigger and more respectable company then Marvelous.

    Out of personal opinion I think it’s just Marvelous creating a very ambiguous Zelda-esque appearance to drum up interest in it’s unannounced title. I think most of these countdowns and viral marketing schemes tend to be a let down and never what we expect.

    Also I should mention after doing the math that the secret of this site is going to be revealed in 3 days… to me it just doesn’t seem like Nintendo’s style to announce a huge title at the start of a new year. They would wait for a big press event. Despite the nice idea it may seem to be hopeful and say it could be a Zelda game, like Jason, I severely doubt it.

  • The Goron Moron

    Well, to each their own. I don’t expect my article to change anything. All I can simply do is suggest that we all wait.

  • ChainofTermina

    if this IS a zelda titl and it IS made bya third party… hypotheticaly of course…. does that mea it’s gonna be another non-major title? cause MC, Oos and OoA ere definately not major titles.

  • The Goron Moron

    Prior to common belief, TMC, OoS and OoA were major titles. It’s just that they’re considered to be spin offs because they were made by third party developers.

  • Sushi

    I think you mean “contrary” to popular belief. “Prior” means before, so… unless… before common belief? I dunno!

    Sorry, I’m a grammar freak.

    I agree with the G.M. in that all we can honestly do is wait. I’ll provide the link (to the past? bad joke, sry) to the clock here:

    Not sure if Z.U. is interested, but a writer at TheHylia has gotten an e-mail response that could possibly confirm no hope is lost.
    But don’t quote me on this, it’s such a 50/50 chance.

    Can’t we all freak out about Zelda together?

  • Arjen

    Excellent article. I couldn’t agree more with the whole of it.

    I am looking forward to Thursday, though, when we’ll all know what this is all about.

  • Naokohiro

    This is all fine and good, but how do we know if they’re even going to release anything at the end of the countdown? Most likely it is not going to be a new Zelda game, but there are a number of other things it could be. Judging by this article, it does make me think that it is Zelda related, though.

  • Mr_Zora_Decu

    I might be zelda, might not, but i do think its for a nintendo console. I think this because of MMV’s other site:

  • Nagrom

    Well put. The problem for me is that I can see both sides so It’s hard for me to decide where I stand on this issue of speculation; I’m basically neutral.

    • chris

      i think the clock might possibley be zelda and if you look closely you can see those lighter parts of the wood it kind of looks like some kind of triforse puzzle or something.and i dont think nintendo would put that picture out because look at the numbers their terible quality nintendos quality isnt that bad.

  • DarkMajora

    For those you would like to find out as soon as possible the countdown ends at exactly midnight Thursday night in the pacific timezone. Atlantic timezone it ends at 3 am Friday. The clock looks interesting so I think there will be something cool at the end regardless of weather or not its a Zelda game. Also for those of you following the Sega countdown the mushroom has mutated. Some text and audio has been added but as I’ve said before my Japanese is sub-par so I have no idea what is being said.

  • ChainofTermina

    Actually, what I meant by “non-major titles” was that there were small, 2D portable games that didn’t have a lot of hype. A “major” title would be like Ocarina of Time Or Twilight(boy i feel like that word is haunting me) Princess. They were big super exciting games with all sorts of hype and suspense. I want another one of those, not a simple portable like MC.

  • a zelda trapped in a link’s body

    I would like to point out a symbol rather similar to the triforce in ff9 during the ritual where zorn and thorn extracted the summons from dagger, the symbol is similar to the triforce however there is a line spanning the mid region of each triangle, I would just like to point that out, though this likely indicates something involving zelda, perhaps something similar to majora’s mask judging by the clock

  • The Goron Moron

    It appears that people no longer see the greatness that portable games have. LoZ, AoL and ALttP were all 2D when the series began.

    It’s really sad now, how people no longer appreciates the good things that 2D games have to offer.

  • Luisa

    Being it Zelda or not, I’m just curious to see what it is!
    If it is Zelda, maybe it’s not on Nintendo’s site because it’d be too obvious?

  • Good job on the total turn around Jason.

    Good politics of running a website, given the excitement of the first article, give yet another article on this topic.

    Also, saving face for yourself, by actually allowing a point of view other than your own to be shown. Especially considering this one is a bit more realistic. Stating stuff COULD be Zelda related, rather than saying it clearly ISN’T Zelda related. [Similar to James’ post about a week ago, isn’t it?]

    Yet, I don’t think this one will get deleted like James’ post did. I guess it just took a record day of visitors to knock some sense into you.

  • Overmaxx

    Well… Both sides are possible, really 50/50 here.

    Both sides will only prove themselves when the countdown ends, it’s the ONLY possible way to found out, and it’s not too far anyway.

    i, for myself, will forget about this matter entirely, and dumb down my hopes,in case of a disappointment.
    But on friday, i’ll be there, watching the end of this mistery.

  • T ω ι ℓ ι g н т

    We’ve all been tricked into some malicious PSP game :c

  • LinkDS3

    Darn it. Well, time to climb back under our rocks.

  • Leirin

    Aww, that’s too bad. I don’t know if Marvelous’s style of game development would really tie-in with the mechanics of The Legend of Zelda, guessing by the newer Harvest Moon titles and such. But it still would’ve been nice to see something new turn up relating to the next Zelda’s development.

  • I don't think we're in the Kokiri Forest anymore, Navi.