All of you readers are surely fans of The Legend of Zelda (heck, if you weren’t what are you doing here?), but a game with such a strange history can be confusing to fans, old and new, of this amazing series.

Did you know that at the time the first Zelda was coming out, Nintendo had doubts that it would sell well according to play testers?

Did you know that the Oracle series was originally intended to be a three game set, but then was changed to a two game set?

Interesting facts about the games and their development can be found in the article. It really is a great read, don’t let the fact that it is 10 pages long scare you away. If you are a fan of Zelda, you should read this!

What do you guys think of it?

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  • BrokenLink

    it was a nice read, especially since I came into the series around windwaker, so it was nice to know more about its precessors.

  • houssalam


  • Nagrom

    I’ve read articles similar to this one but this helped me clarify some of my thoughts and questions. I didn’t start playing the series until Phantom Hourglass, oddly enough, but have since then gotten into the habit of playing the old games to know what Zelda’s history is about. Good Read.

  • holy crap 10 pages!! I read every page and I loved it.