There hasn’t been much of news lately, and we here at ZU apologize for the lack of news being put onto the site, but as you know Christmas is coming up, and everybody deserves a break, even us news monkeys.

For the moment I did receive something interesting from forum member Artorium. G4 is a television network, that is best known for its gaming coverage. Well a couple days ago they had an interview with Reggie. He talked about sales, the people who want Wii , mature titles, and how (again Nintendo trying to  reassure us) Nintendo has not forgotten about the core Nintendo fan.

(The interview starts about 2 minutes in)

Well what do you viewers think?

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  • Ceallach

    It sounds like Nintendo is very pleased with their casual gaming market, and that it’s been very successful for them. My only thought is that I hope this good news for Nintendo isn’t bad news for hardcore gamers. Reggie said to expect “more of the same” in 2009. I love the Wii and the DS, but Nintendo really needs to give us more than Wii Fit, Wii Music, etc. Those games are fine, but they don’t cater to us hardcore gamers. We want Mario, Zelda, Metroid– the powerhouses of Nintendo. How about a new Donkey Kong and Starfox too? I realize that it’ll be a while before Zelda Wii comes out (I’m guessing 2011), but they could at least announce it, or show us a trailer, just to keep our mouths watering. Futhermore, we need games that utilize the Wii’s full potential. It’s a great system, and it’s capable of a lot, and we need to see a game that shows us everything it has to offer.

    • David

      I feel pretty confident Zelda will be announced in 2009. And yeah I’d love a Donkey Kong too. After DK64 it pretty much disappeared, but I guess it has a lot to do with Microsoft buying Rare.

  • ChainofTermina

    Ha Ha…
    Nintendo bought the moon…
    Thats funny.

  • Artorium

    I agree with what Ceallach stated. However i do understand that the Nintendo powerhouse titles had only just released new entries just under a year ago. Reggie has stated that the Mario and Zelda teams are hard at work. it usually takes a couple of years untill we hear somthing but its always worth while.

  • Leroy

    “I love to talk to the viewers”

    What about listening?

  • Zoraluigi

    ^I agree with all of the above, especially ChainofTermina. I want to buy the moon.

    Also, Leroy brings up a very good point. If only Aonuma or someone would join the site, or at least occasionally visit the Future Zelda board, with us being the most influentional and the largest Zelda forum on the internet, probably, no, obviously bigger than the forums. Maybe then they could make a industry pwn’ing Zelda, yes?

  • Gerudude

    Well. For as far as the normal platforms are concerned.
    If I´m not mistaken there is only one new Zelda for each new platform (I´m not talking about the handhelds).
    Exept for the good old NES wich had 2 Zelda titles.
    Correct me if I´m wrong.
    Ceallach,don´t you think that by 2011 there wil be a whole new platform maybe like an evolved WII?? Do we have to wait ´til then??
    Not exeptional I hope David is right but about 2009.

  • Triforce of the Gods

    @Gerudude: (reply feature still buggy) The N64 had two (Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask) and so did the GameCube (The Wind Waker and Twilight Princess)

    Twilight Princess on Wii was a port. If that makes it a Wii game then LoZ and AoL are also GBA and GameCube games, ALttP is also a GBA game, and OoT and MM are also GameCube Games. And that doesn’t even count the VC emulations.

    So the Wii didn’t have a Zelda yet. Also, I read somewhere that they expect the Wii to last longer than the standard five years. So the Wii 2 won’t be out by 2011.