botmOver the last two months, the coolest thing happened: The awesome people across the internet spoke and voted ZU October and November’s Board of the Month. With nearly 40% of the total votes, we kicked butt, proving once and for all that Zelda fans are the best kind of fans out there. Also, Derek’s forum-styling expertise might have helped a little bit, too.

So raise a glass (of a non-alcoholic substance) and celebrate: ZU is the best! And since we also have the badge to prove it (shown in upper left corner of this post), I’m going to work it into the Temple forum skin as I redo the site to be all happy and snowy. Oh yes, there will be snow. It’s going to be a regular Snowpeak around this place come next week.

  • Twilight Wolf

    Woohoo! 😀

  • Crab Helmet

    I say we get drunk.

  • Lol. “Winner of the month” “Winner of October and November.” The isn’t plural. Grammar nazi’d vBulletin.

  • Karptroopa

    Yay for ZU!
    *waves flag* :DD

  • Derek

    Without the revision, I’m not sure if the solid puke colored alt tables and postbits would have given it win 😛

    But if it weren’t for the awesome design, it wouldn’t have been as possible, but still, the competition wasn’t too heavy.

  • Koulatio

    That’s awesome! By the way, the snow skin on the forums looks great.