When you hear merchandise, most times it can be custom made items from the game just yearning to burn a hole in your wallet. This time is not the case! The St. Louis Ocarina Store, in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the release of OoT are having a sale on Zelda Themed Ocarinas!

They come in many different variations and colors, oh yea here is the kicker, they are all 10% off! Prices range from 19.99$ to (for you bottomless wallet carriers) 299.99$. There are many different shapes and sizes. There are even different colors, but they still retain the Zelda theme.

You can browse them here.

I totally forgot! The coolest thing about this is that the store is also selling music books with songs from OoT and TP. I just may have to get one of these. How many of you are willing to buy one?