When I and the rest of staff revamped ZU back in June, we focused specifically on game content. However, it’s been a goal to eventually revamp every part of ZU and bring it up to the new visual, stylistic and grammatical standards of ZU. In that light, I’ve redone the Zelda Soundtracks page of ZU. (If you don’t see the link over there, or your eyeballs just melted due to cosmic radiation, click this entire sentence to go to the new Soundtracks page. Go!)

You’ll notice that a lot of aspects have now been nuanced, and several additions really complete the presentation of the soundtracks area. Before, it was just a giant list – but now you can browse through the virtual albums in a table of album artwork, and select the soundtrack you want just like you select the SSBB stage you want information about.

When you go to a soundtrack page, you’ll notice that the album art now appears on the page next to the description, and that the track listings have been cleaned up and prettified with ZU’s new “bubble wrap” system (the internal nickname we’ve given to the stone and paper enclosure that houses enemy, stage, and item info on the game pages). In addition, just for this purpose, I’ve fixed the annoying bug that was causing bulleted and numbered lists to be shoved far to the left and outside of the bubble wrapper.

Click on the album art thumbnail – a full version will open up in a lightbox. You can save this image and use it in your favorite media player. For albums with no available artwork, I’ve cooked up a nice little iTunes-esque “no artwork” image, so that the pages aren’t bare.

In addition, all of ZU’s selection thumbnails, such as the album selection and SSBB stage selection, are now GIF images – this should dramatically decrease how long it takes you to load the page. In addition to that addition, I’ve crunched a bunch of the PNG’s all over the place to save kilobytes, so stuff on the site is shrinking and the place continues to get faster and faster.

Please enjoy the new soundtrack pages – and if you have ANY comments on how we could improve ’em, tell us! Otherwise, please continue to sap our bandwidth and smile. It’s nice when you smile.