Do you have ideas for the next Legend of Zelda game? Of course you do. Everyone, who is a fan of Zelda, likes to sit around and think about what the next game can be. Will it be a traditional go find Zelda and beat Ganon, or will it be like Majora’s Mask and be totally different? The folks at IGN have done just that and have written an article on how they see the next Zelda game. Hit the jump for the link.

IGN tackles most topics that people think about when envisioning their Zelda game. Difficulty level, to voice acting, to style, and even more. It is a very interesting read for any fan of the Zelda series. You don’t agree with what IGN has to say? Well then, create a thread at the forum and vent about how IGN has got it all wrong. Perhaps you agree with them, combine your thoughts with theirs and make an even stronger opinion! It could make for an excellent debate!

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  • Feere Gorone

    The article talks mainly about going back to cel-shading, something I believe would ruin Zelda for good. WW and PH were good, but if Nintendo takes the easy way out and goes with something cartoony and cute again, there will definitely be an outcry.

  • I hope the next game isn’t cek shaded, but it definately not ruin Zelda.

  • Wingwright

    I was pretty excited to read this when I saw the article on IGN, but I found that it didn’t really bring up that many new or interesting points. Oh well.

  • Hoshika-Pichu

    I wouldn’t mind another Celda, but I don’t want the next Zelda to be cel-shaded. Maybe later. Only different. Or something.

  • David

    I think the next Zelda must definitely not be a Celda (IMO never again, but at least not the next 2…)
    I think the two MOST important things for the next zelda are difficulty and originality. Originality not only on story but on the general formula which I think is starting to wear out. TP, as IGN says, was a textbook zelda game… good game but, lacked originality. That was a disappointment for me in TP.

  • Jens

    Well, if Nintendo are about to follow the future ideas they ARE goin to make another realistic looking Zelda, and keep the handhelds Cel-shaded…

  • Silverzelda777

    I really just hope its not futrueistic, that would mess the whole zelda series up and id hate zelda games from there on

  • Ayanna

    I personally would not mind if cell shading returned to Zelda, I did not mind it in the slightest. In saying that, did I prefer the graphics of Twilight Princess? Yes, in my heart of hearts I hope they stick with that style but I’m not going to throw a hissy fit unlike some lol

    Zelda is Zelda, it’s always great.

  • Dmerk

    I hate to say this, but I think the next Legend of Zelda will be futuristic. It’s a new idea, cartoony, and captures the idea that Harishimoto wanted for the past three Zelda games. Many people may not enjoy it at first, (if it becomes published, distrubited and copyright appionted etc.) but the zelda universe might like it.

  • I think that the futuristic game would be a cool differense. Maybe a little odd in start but i tought the trailer thoose folks made looked great!

  • link

    I think there sould be another zelda game called the legend of zelda ganon's eval tower and it sould have amazing graphics and have more swords and shields and put every zelda charecterin that and every zelda items in that game

  • dcnelson

    ok none of your ideas make sense. anybody who knows anything about zelda knows that link was split into a younger half and an older half in oot i think its about time that miyamoto reunites them