Do you have ideas for the next Legend of Zelda game? Of course you do. Everyone, who is a fan of Zelda, likes to sit around and think about what the next game can be. Will it be a traditional go find Zelda and beat Ganon, or will it be like Majora’s Mask and be totally different? The folks at IGN have done just that and have written an article on how they see the next Zelda game. Hit the jump for the link.

IGN tackles most topics that people think about when envisioning their Zelda game. Difficulty level, to voice acting, to style, and even more. It is a very interesting read for any fan of the Zelda series. You don’t agree with what IGN has to say? Well then, create a thread at the forum and vent about how IGN has got it all wrong. Perhaps you agree with them, combine your thoughts with theirs and make an even stronger opinion! It could make for an excellent debate!

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