Now I’m sure most of you readers out there have heard of many different kinds of gaming mods. One of the more famous ones being the giant NES controller. I think this one may just top that.

French modder, Kotomi, was the person to create this unique mod. He took an original Legend of Zelda cartridge, and turned it into a working NES system.

Source: The Hylia

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  • King Valhelhelm

    Is that even possible?

  • Triforce of the Gods

    ^ Why not? You just have to be smart enough to know how a NES works, take it apart, and put all the parts into a cartridge (you’d have to have too much time on your hands, but a lot of people do).

    If you think it wouldn’t fit, well not all the parts in a NES are necessary for it to work. My friends took theirs apart to sand some connections to get it to work and when they put it back together, they had extra parts left over, but they work.

    • Triforce of the Gods

      Never mind, the pieces wouldn’t fit. However, looking at the rough translation of the page (If only I could remember what I learned in French class), this guy seems to have made it from scratch.

  • Z-MAN7

    Dude that is so old school it’s incredible. I gonna play Zelda on my Zelda system lol.

    • “The Legend of Zelda only playable on Legend of Zelda!”
      That’s awesome.

  • Wonder how much it costs…