Yesterday was a bit of an experiment – I knew Nintendo’s announcements would probably have little to do with Zelda, but I reported on most of them anyway. Zelda news right now is slower than ever, and I’m wondering if you guys think general Nintendo news, stuff like I posted yesterday, is a good substitute in the meantime, and to what degree ZU should be reporting on general Nintendo news if so. I’ve set up a little fancy poll thing, so feel free to vote and let me and the news monkeys know what you’d like to see posted on the front page of ZU when there isn’t much Zelda news to go around.

Keep in mind that this poll is NOT related to the ZUCast, the PH Visual Guide, or any of ZU’s other article series or content. This is strictly about news, specifically Zelda News vs. Nintendo News. With that in mind, vote away!

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