Yesterday was a bit of an experiment – I knew Nintendo’s announcements would probably have little to do with Zelda, but I reported on most of them anyway. Zelda news right now is slower than ever, and I’m wondering if you guys think general Nintendo news, stuff like I posted yesterday, is a good substitute in the meantime, and to what degree ZU should be reporting on general Nintendo news if so. I’ve set up a little fancy poll thing, so feel free to vote and let me and the news monkeys know what you’d like to see posted on the front page of ZU when there isn’t much Zelda news to go around.

Keep in mind that this poll is NOT related to the ZUCast, the PH Visual Guide, or any of ZU’s other article series or content. This is strictly about news, specifically Zelda News vs. Nintendo News. With that in mind, vote away!

[poll id=”16″]

  • James (The 10th Rider)

    It gives me a reason to come here every day

  • lftenjamin

    I don’t like the term news monkey.

    How About Informational Reporters?

  • Leroy

    It was a suprise that i saw around 4 updates at the same time, so i voted for the
    ‘Keep Zelda as a priority, but report…’ option =D

  • Flame

    I voted:More Nintendo news when there isn’t anything Zelda-related.

  • Aniday

    I say go for it, but be careful not to start posting every bit of irrelevant Nintendo news.

    What you did yesterday was perfect. I think most people who come here is interested in big Nintendo news… it’s where I learned about what happened on the Nintendo event after all.

    That one post that some guy made a few days ago was good too. Keep that up. ;D

  • Said this a few months ago when you went on a hiring spree for news reporters, but I don’t think that is the way to go. Take Ganon’s Tower as a prime example. They started off by spreading it off to cover other Nintendo News… then other bigger gaming news… then other technology news. In many cases it is impossible to draw the line between one and the other. This is a Zelda site and it is for Zelda news. Occasional BIG Nintendo/Gaming news should be reported, (like the release of a new Nintendo DS), but that’s the extent of it. I don’t care about a new trailer for a new Pikimin game, or the release date for the next Starfox, that’s irrelevant to me. Sales figures comparing the Wii to the PS3, not something I want to see or care to see here. I imagine most people, if they take the time to look at ZU, they at the very least also look at a more general gaming news website. If they don’t, that clearly means they don’t care enough to do so. Simple laws of demand.

  • Cody

    If it’s an option between no news and Nintendo News, I choose Nintendo News.

  • Eternal Paradox

    I voted for going the whole nine yards. Why not, it wouldn’t harm anyone, and I would probably start visiting the front page more often if you guys covered more news besides just Zelda.

  • Mases Hagopian:”I don’t care about a new trailer for a new Pikimin game, or the release date for the next Starfox”

    Well, I and a lot of other people do care about those things. I’m a gamespot member, yet I think I get most of my gaming news off of here. If there is major Nintendo news(Like Starfox or Pikmin), then ZU should definately report it.