The mailbag for September 18, 2008 is contained within:

Cyrus writes:

hi last time i was talking about not only impa but muotoh the happy mask salesmen talon and malon indgo/gorman vatti that preist guy from alttp (i forget his name) and a few others. also do you know how the tv show was green lit.
as always thanks for your time
p.s why did ganon die in tp but not oot fsa and ww (or did he)

James writes:

First off, if I remember… actually, let me go remember. Alright, I was just using a example, and my example was Impa.  All the games have different expendable characters. If they kept the same characters over and over and over again, it would get kinda old. Same with any series, variety man.

The TV show was green lit?  It’s been a while since I saw it.  The reason why he dies is because he loses the Triforce.  It also is probably due to these two reasons: He is executed once by the sages, but doesn’t die and has a huge hole in his chest.  I believe he stays alive in the Twilight Realm because he takes over the body of Zant.  Once you damage both enough, they both die.  That’s my opinion, anyway.

Feere Gorone writes:

Hey. I recently found out that there’s a friends list on the site, but when i tried to add someone, it didn’t work. When i click “add friends” it just comes up with a white screen.
Also, is this even the right place to ask this?
Another question, would you guys ever consider giving the CD-I games a section on the site? Not to honor them in any way at all, but to inform the public of their sad existence.

James writes:

In the User CP on the top, click Contacts & Friends.  There you can add your friends.  However, you need to know their username.

We did have a CD-i section at one time.  But, do you really want to remember those games?

kenzie writes:

hi im making a new site called zelda universe and im having trouble with trying to put pictures and stuff on it could you help me please!!!!!!!!

James writes:

Um… Why would I help you if you’re creating a site called Zelda Universe and you’re going to be competition?  That’s all I have to say.

Fab writes:

Hello sir! I had a thought for a potential future poll for your site; what do ZUers think of the idea of a first person Zelda? I ask because, with sporadic bits of news keeping cropping up saying they’d tried to do TP from such a viewpoint, and that there was a first person demo of TP shown at GDC last year, it seems to be something they’re pushing for. Personally, I don’t think it’s a good direction to take, I think it would go a long way to spoiling the cinematic quality of the franchise… though I would probably still buy it.

James writes:

I don’t think Zelda going first person is a good idea for the game.  I believe it would play better the way it is.  Especially when you play on the sword fighting.

Caseman799 writes:

I have noticed on your staff page Mike Damiani, aka TSA, is a content manager for ZU.

For those who don’t know, TSA developed quite an amount of fame from the Zelda community with his Speed runs for various Zelda games from. With this fame he created the website He managed this website for several years before he decided to go a bit more mainstream by leaving theHylia to make the Nintendo news site From what I can tell, his participation on Zentendo seems limited (no posts are ever by him and he rarely updates his blog).

Now all of a sudden, I find TSA marked as a staff member on your site. So here’s my clump of questions. What does TSA actually do for ZU and does this have anything to do with his limited participation with Zentendo? Can we look forward to TSA being an intricate part of ZU or is his participation here only partial?

Thanks for the info

James writes:

He was initially brought in to post some nifty stuff that we can get a hold of on our own.  Since he has access of the system, he can also post news if he finds it.  It was the free agent signing of the century, really.

Luke writes:

I am dissapointed, no DISCUSTED, that the Tingle game for the D.S. was not relesed in North America. I want to play it so much! In what kind of game do you play as a 35 year old single guy who goes around getting money in like, pony land or something? ONLY THE GREATEST GAME IN THE UNIVERSE, and not just the zelda/ nintendo universe, I’m talking about everything! I bet if i I were to go to Europe to buy the game, it wouldn’t work on my D.S. That stinks. Oh well, (sigh.) Maybe Nintendo should think again and relese the game here only for the biggest Zelda fans like myself. Well just wanted to express that and hey, maybe this might help bring the game to U.S.A. and Canada. Thanks for your time,

James writes:

I am torn on whether I want to play that game or not.  But, I highly doubt you will see this game over here.  Unless, you import from Europe.  The reason: Tingle isn’t popular around these parts.

doug zeman writes:

I think i have an idea for a Zelda game

James writes:

Nintendo would love to hear it.  I doubt they use it, but they would love to hear it.  We can’t do anything about it here.