Hold the phones, everybody of ZU! Could this be the moment we’ve been anticipating? Could there possibly be a chance for Nintendo to announce Zelda Wii?

On October 2nd, Nintendo is set to have some sort of Autumn press conference, where “new products” are going to be named.  Does “new” does this mean Zelda? Possibly some Mario? We’ll find out on the 2nd.

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  • Jack

    OHMIGOSH Mars Volta! The track is 12 minutes long though and has a lot of piano
    If it’s just the Radio edit it’ll suck

  • Hm, interesting. If they were to show a single screenshot, I would be already happy. Who knows?

  • Send Link

    Huh, I doubt it. Cammie Dunaway said in some magazine (GameInformer, I think), that Nintendo had no surprise announcements planned for the rest of the year. Hate to be a pessimist though; I would love a Zelda announcement!

    • I know, but Nintendo would do anything to get the interest of the zelda and mario gamers back on them after E3.
      Cammie should never be allowed to E3 after her wrist blablabla speech.

    • Goronlove7

      cammie is a F***in idiot dont listen to that E3 ruiner

  • My mom and sister both watched part of Cammie’s speech with me, and they said she should get off the stage becase she was boring and annoying.

    She is so annoying.

  • God please YES