I know there are a lot of people anticipating this title, but it looks to be on hold for a super secret VC release! 😮

Still somewhat of a rumor, but what looks to be a good source, is that there were 3 seperate Megaman title for Wii, but 2 of them are on hold and 1 was scrapped.

There are some new details on Megaman 9 too which include:

– MM9 is delayed sue to a secret VC game (and by secret, I mean that I don’t what the game is…)
– DLC only available for a year.
– DLC will be Buster Shot modifications (different types of shots), Shooting Star Rockman costume (Japan only), Remixed Music, various title screens, playable Protoman, new Auto conversations
– Only available in Japan on Wii
-Versions other than Wii are ported versions from the Wii.

Also from what it looks like the Wii version plays best, as the other two versions of the game are unresponsive.

Here is the link with more detailed info about the game.


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