Originally, this was going to be a tournament between two communities – VGRC and ZU – but that got scrapped after the April Fool’s joke got out of hand. So we (me + staffers) decided to hold out on the Brawl tournament, make it ZU-exclusive, and host it after the first pages of the Brawl section of the site launched.

That happened today. Which means that it’s time for a tournament. A tournament not just consisting of an elite few; no, an elite many. Signups start right now, and they go until whenever it looks like we’ve got enough people.

So, you’ve got Brawl, and you want to win this thing. What’s in it for you? Well, I’m not richie-rich, so you get one Virtual Console game of your choice if you win. Plus glory and fame and a spot in ZU history for generations to come.

The rules for signing up and the tournament rules are after the jump. Please read them, then head to the forums right now and sign up! You’ve gotta be registered to sign up, so you should register if you haven’t. With that, the jump awaits you.

UPDATE: The rules of the tournament continue to evolve. While they haven’t been changed significantly since yesterday, they’ve been clarified and updated quite a bit They’ll continue to evolve as time goes by to become more detailed and tournament-like.

If you want to sign up, you’re going to need the following:

  • An account on the forums. You absolutely must be a member of ZU to participate in this tournament. If you’re not registered on the forums, now’s a great time to do it. Post in this thread saying that you want in to sign up. Signups are first come, first serve.
  • Your own Wii console. If you win, it’s gotta be you, not someone else. In addition, you’re gonna need 24-7 access to the console. If you’ve got a friend who will let you use their console any time, that’s fine. Just be sure you can really use it.
  • (OPTIONAL) A digital video camera. The whole thing is going to be boring if we can’t watch it! Every match must be filmed. This both proves who the winner is and makes things interesting for non-brawlers. Videos will be uploaded to ZU’s channel on Veoh and displayed on the main site after every match. If you don’t have a video camera and want to participate, make sure to find a referee that can videotape your match (explained below).
  • Dedication. If you sign up, you’ve gotta participate. Make sure you’ll be able to find time to brawl with someone over the next few weeks. If you’ve got a full schedule, don’t sign up and spoil it for the rest of us.

ABOUT VIDEO CAMERAS: We ask that everybody who signs up have a video camera, but obviously not everybody can have one. To compensate for that, we’re asking that some people signup as referees, people who enter as a third player in the match and then eliminate themselves from the match by suicide so that they can video the match for the participants. If you would like to be a referee because you’ve got a video camera, post in the signup thread stating that you wish to be a referee, and also state your time zone.

Again, we’ll try to match people up by time zone (location). We will post a tournament roster and mass-PM everybody involved so that they know who they’re up against. It will be your job to contact the person you’re brawling. The mods around ZU will try and prod you to make sure you’ve contacted your opponent. We won’t set a time and place of the match for you, so we’re really trusting that if you participate, you can coordinate a match with your partner on a given date and let us know!

This thing has to run like a well-oiled machine to finish. You and your opponent must figure out a time quickly – more than one match can take place per day, obviously, and we won’t move on to the next round until all matches from the previous round have been completed.

The Official ZU Tournament Rules (Evolving…)

Bracket Type

  • This specific tournament will be single elimination in the interests of time.


  • Any stage that is either”starter” or “counterpick” in a real tournament is legal in this tournament. Other stages are banned.
  • Stages that are “sometimes” banned are considered legal in this tournament.
  • If you’re unsure of which stages are legal for tournament play, look at ZU’s SSBB page about stages.


  • Characters are picked during signups, before the first match.
  • You can use any character, but only one character for the entire tournament.


  • All items must be turned off.

Match Details

  • Matches will be 4-stock with an 8-minute time limit.
    • To enable a time limit for a stock match, go to Rules > More Rules > Stock Time Limit > Then set it to “8:00”.
    • To unlock the “More Rules” area, you must have made at least 800 KO’s in standard Brawl matches within the game.
  • If the timer runs out, the winner will be determined first by stock, then by percentage.


  • Your match doesn’t count unless we’ve got a video of it to show to everyone. Find a referee if neither of you guys have a video camera (we’re going to try and avoid this).
  • If you have video proof that lag affected the match’s outcome significantly, post it and you may be able to redo the fight if others agree that the lag was severe enough.
  • If there is a problem with your video that both opponents acknowledge makes the outcome of the match unclear, you may either state who the winner was or redo the match if both parties agree to do so.

Therefore, in the signup post you’ll need to put the following:

  • The character you’ll be playing with.
  • Your timezone and when you’re available over the next month or so.
  • Whether or not you have a video camera.
  • If you have a video camera, whether or not you want to also be a referee.
  • In your profile, make sure to have you Brawl friend code added and any other contact information your opponent could use to contact you outside the forums. You can enter all this information through your User CP -> Edit Profile.

With all that said, signups are now officially open! Myself and the other mods will be keeping tabs on this thread and keeping a list of participants until we’ve got enough to make the initial roster. Head over to the forums now and sign up!