For those of you who haven’t yet heard, Atom has spawned a new (adult-rated) short film series known as the Legend of Neil; a Zelda satire. It features a character named Neil who was somehow got himself into the Legend of Zelda world, and is living out the adventures of Link. However, these adventures are not what you’d expect from the Zelda series.

The entire series is based off the original LoZ game, and is not intended for younger viewers due to course language and sexual content. There are (as of this writing) 3 episodes released, with more to come.

You can find the first episode here. The second episode can be found here, and the third one can be found here.

  • link

    Hmmm… That’s pretty sick. I don’t think I’m going to watch any more of that.

  • Billy

    omg too funny…”behold them!!” lol

  • Vawn08


  • That’s terrible. Not funny and too crude. You shouldn’t have posted that on an all ages site. Whether you warn people or not, that shuoldn’t be on here. Negative infinite stars.

  • Jesus

    stop whining kids, you didn’t have to watch them and I thought they were mildly entertaining

  • amordi

    Stop being a pussy, Gregdawg08. There were warnings. It’s a kid’s own fault if they click on a link clearly described as being “adult”, not the websites. 🙂

    • Things considered adult, kids often watch these days. The matter is that it shouldn’t have been posted on a site that young kids visit, even if warnings are issued. Plus, some people just click the link without reading the description. I did exactly that. This video is not something that you would expect to find on ZU.
      Also, calling names for telling the truth makes you look bad.

    • connor

      well said,this made me pmsl and as for the "kids"they probably know more swear words than all of you put together

  • BillyBobBoy

    Wow, I have to agree. That shouldn’t have been posted on ZU. A little too inapropriate, regardless of warnings.

  • Triforce of the Gods

    How old are you guys, two? It’s the internet, get over it.

    • Nagrom

      Don’t tell people they’re two for being considerate. The internet is a dangerous place for young minds if they aren’t supervised. Responsibility is key in situations like this. Deny it all you want but if you let too many things like this pass by like nothing it soon becomes a problem.

    • It’s ZU, not a crude adult site.

  • Nagrom

    yeah. that’s really crude. I didn’t make it through the first episode. That should not have been posted, funny or not.

    • BillyBobBoy

      Neither did I.

  • Hylian Hobbit

    I found this a while ago, but couldn’t get past the first three minutes of it. Epic fail. It was sick and not funny. Me thinks that it shouldn’t have been posted on ZU. Just my opinion though.

    • Glad others agree with me. It was sick and not funny, as Hylian Hobbit said. It should not have been on ZU.

  • It’s not really funny at all…

  • Megan

    Well I liked it. I’ve seen far worse things these days and it did have some golden moments. The rock throwing made me lol.

  • Billy

    Many other sites such as Harry Potter fansites will occasionally post links to content that may be deemed inappropriate to younger viewers, however they do post many warnings. As long as it does not violate any laws it can be posted. I agree with the few on here that state it’s the parents’ responsibility to be monitoring what their young children are exposed to on the internet.

  • Megaman Man

    I have nothing against the people qouted in this post. But…

    “I agree with the few on here that state it’s the parents’ responsibility to be monitoring what their young children are exposed to on the internet.”

    All of these people saying that parents are held 100% responsible for their kids on the internet is not very true.

    “If a little kid is on the internet without supervision in the first place, then it’s the parents fault.”

    How many of you visit ZU with a parent at your side 24/7? What’s that? None of you? That’s a surprise. A parent should occaisionally check every week or so, but they can’t be standing over their kids all day long. That’s insane.

    Kids often see warnings and go ahead with what their doing anyway, thinking it’s something minor, and thinking they’re safe on a clean site. It’s mostly up to the site to post clean stuff. Warnings mean nothing now days, as other people said. You really don’t know what “Adult” or “Sexual” means anymore. It could be something minor, or something really bad and major like this.

    “Plus, that’s why there are blockers for certain sites.”

    Saying that filters/blockers should block it makes no sense. ZU is considered an all ages site that has a very clean record. If one thing is posted thats dirty on a very clean site, a filter won’t block or pick it up. Also, if a parent unblocks ZU because they saw the content and aproved of it, and then someone posts something crude, the filter can do nothing, and the parents shouldn’t be held responsible, because they thought the site was clean. As I said, it’s up to the site to post clean content.

    Also, the youngest people who visit this site are maybe 8 or 9, which isn’t that young at all. Parents mostly stop watching their kids on the internet at that age.

    Bottom line:Saying parents are 100% responsible is bogus. This stuff is really sick, gross and way innapropriate. I absolutely hated it and quit a minute into the first episode. It is ok to put this on Youtube, because you expect anything there. But putting it on ZU, a clean site, is unexpected. It shouldn’t have been allowed on this site.

    • BillyBobBoy

      Ditto. I couldn’t have said it any better than that(“applauds Megaman Man). You nailed it right on the nose.

  • Hylian Hobbit

    Thank you Megaman Man. Somebody had to post that sooner or later.

  • Gregdawg08

    Yeah. That was said perfectly. The site has the most responsibility, because they control what’s posted and what’s not. Then it’s the viewers responsibility. If the site doesen’t post clean stuff, then the viewer has to restrain themself from watching it. Last, it’s the parents responsibility to tell their kids what to watch and check on them every once in a while. Anyway, great job.

  • Princess Zelda Of Hyrule

    … Ok.

  • LoachBoy

    What the hell is wrong with you people?
    How was that sick? It was friggen hilarious.
    If you can’t handle something which HAS A DISCLAIMER, then don’t click it.
    If you’re not like 10 years old, then you guys honestly need to get a sense of humour.

  • Bond. James Bond.

    WOW. Way too inapropriate. How was that funny?