I’ve got two wonderful things to share with all of you tonight: Two sections are now live on ZU. Read on, dear ZUer, for more information about these special sections.

One of them is the familiar Merchandise section, completely revamped with about one hundred times as much merchandise to cover all the emails we’ve been getting. Staff member Shigeru has been out collecting images and information for this new Merchandise section since before the revamp’s launch over a month ago, so the both of us are happy to finally see it out of the water.

We’ve split merchandise into six categories. If you find out that we’re missing something from any of these categories, just contact us and Shigeru will be happy to add it to the section lickety split-like. You can access the Merchandise section by clicking the link in the above paragraph, or by selecting it on the left menu.

The section section is brand spankin’ new, and something we’ll be using in the near future more and more: The Videos section. Not to be confused with the Cartoon page, where you can find information on and download the wacky Zelda cartoon show. Nope – our newest staff member, TSA, has been working on bringing ZU some video content worth bragging about. He’s starting that tradition off with some rare footage of Zelda’s Adventure, the Phillip’s CDi game that many people would rather not mention when speaking of Zelda.

You’ll find that there isn’t really any footage of this game on the internets, except now on ZU – I, personally, have never seen any, and after watching TSA’s footage I actually began to rethink my perception of Zelda’s Adventure. It didn’t look nearly as bad as people say it is, but that’s just me talking – have a look for yourself. You can comment on the videos, too.

TSA will be adding more to the Videos section as time goes by, hopefully with more gems like these, and possibly some exclusive stuff as well. You can find the Videos section on the left menu like everything else.

I’d also like to say that we do have the Super Smash Bros. Brawl section in the works – it was actually supposed to go live a week ago, but it seems the staffer who was working on the last section has disappeared. We’re waiting for him to show up so we can grab the final section. Once we’ve gotten all that sorted out and everything formatted and prettified for the site, it’ll launch. We’ve got something else planned to go along with that, too. But more on that when we get the Brawl content out the door.