Recently it has occurred to me that I haven’t been playing my Nintendo Wii as frequently as my nagging brain keeps telling me to. While there are reasons for this (food, sleep, plotting to overthrow the site) I just cannot bring myself to pick up my controller and beat up computers in Brawl anymore. There’s always a show on to divert me from playing on my white box of wonder. And I think I know why.

Now, if anyone saw the Nintendo press conference at this year’s E3, you might have noticed a suspicious lack of hardcore titles geared towards more traditional players. Instead, we received news on Wii Music which, while awesome as the presentation was (who else expected to see Miyamoto playing the sax?) wasn’t really what I had been hoping for. Yes, we got a taste, and were told that new Zelda and Mario were in the works, but that wasn’t really enough.

Well, someone else seems to agree with me. Nintendo, who has formally apologized for not paying as much attention to more traditional gamers. Now, does the E3 presentation mean that hardcore gamers are being abandoned? Of course not, you simply have to put these things in perspective. After all, causal gamers have a big piece of the metaphorical pie that is Nintendo now. But we were here first, one could argue! We deserve more attention! While both are certainly true, it remains to see if the Wii can truly hook its hardcore audience or let them trickle away to Sony and Microsoft.

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