We’ll be covering the press conference as it happens (hopefully), so look here for everything happening from 9am PST and later from Nintendo. We’ll make bigger news articles later with more detailed information about specific releases and merchandice the Big N is dishing out – but for general Nintendo E3 coverage, check this page.

UPDATE: Nintendo’s Press Conference has come and gone, and with neither word of a new Zelda title nor a revamped DS. Us lonely consumers here in the Zelda world are saddened, but casual gamers will love what the Big N is going to be serving up all the way till next Spring. Read our coverage and find out what Nintendo released if you didn’t follow the action as it happened. WARNING: Image intensive!

Since we’re not amazing enough to be invited to E3 (yet), we’re gonna use the commoner’s tool: IGN’s live stream of the Nintendo press conference. Feel free to watch along, or simply refresh this page.

The latest stuff is at the top. Older stuff is at the bottom. We’ll try and include pictures where we can.

10:14 – That’s a wrap, then. Thanks for reading, everyone! We’ll keep scouring the media and internet for any hint of another Zelda. You never know what’s going to happen!

10:12 – Reggie and Smiley lady are concluding. Reggie dismisses any possibility that the Wii is a “fad” as the media has touted for so long. So, no new Zelda stuff, not much for hardcore gamers from Nintendo itself. No new DS either. Call of Duty and Pokemon fans will be happy, but those of us over here in the Zelda realm weep.

10:08 – Miyamoto and a group of others are playing the Mario theme rather out of tempo. It sounds interesting, but nothing incredible. Looks like everyone is kind of just smashing their Wiimotes around hoping that sound will come out, and it shows as the lead melody is quite garbled. It’s Mario, though!

This’ll appeal to casual gamers for sure, and people who want family time.

10:06 – Miyamoto: “Anybody, even you, can learn to play the drums in a few weeks.” About as close to playing the drums as Guitar Hero is to playing the guitar, eh?

10:04 – The instruments don’t sound too good; this is incredibly underwhelming. And it doesn’t use the MotionPlus, so you’re basically just swinging the Wiimote around and creating instant music. You can’t play out of key either, so even a baby could play “correctly.” Reminds of the features on Yamaha’s Portable Grand keyboards.

10:01 – Miyamoto and a partner of his explain the purpose of Wii Music, but it seems to just be a bunch of babble about casual gaming. Nintendo’s pledge to deliver to its veteran gamers so far seems to be an empty promise, filled with a bunch of Wii-branded games for casual gamers and the elderly.

9:59 – A new title called Wii Music, which was designed along with Wii Play. A crazy guy does a demo. Miyamoto comes on stage and plays the sax with his Wiimote.

9:58 – What? Not coming until next spring. Disappointment. At least release the MotionPlus accessory early, Nintendo, if a developer can come out with a game worthy enough.

9:54 – Looks neat, and it registers the motion very well. Sword fighting action would be cooler than throwing a Frisbee. EDIT: Looks like we got our wish. Kendo matches!

9:50 – Smiley lady’s gone, Reggie discusses the MotionPlus. There will be a new game called Wii Sports: Resort, which is a revamped Wii Sports made to take advantage of the MotionPlus. Every Wii Sports: Resort copy comes with a new Wiimote jacket and a MotionPlus. Sweet!

Smiley lady does suck at video games, but we can forgive her because she complains so much about how bad she is.

9:48 – Smiley lady is back, talking about the DS and its portability. Seems like it’s about to segway into the DS update we’ve been hearing about. Sounds like a firmware upgrade; something to match the iPhone’s PDA features.

9:43Spore DS (yes!) and a new Guitar Hero: On Tour. In addition, a new Pokemon game and a custom version of Grand Theft Auto for DS.

9:39 – Finally! Three new games. Star Wars: Clone Wars, Rayman Raving Rabbits: TV Party, and Call of Duty: World at War.

9:38 – We love how popular the Wii is, Reggie, but enough with the sales. We know you care about veteran and casual gamers, and that WIi is trying to target both, but talking interface and sales isn’t getting us interested in the console.

9:33 – DS sales are doubling each year. The DS is the fastest selling console in the world. Looks like Pokemon was the reason for that last year.

9:30 – The official title is Animal Crossing: City Folk. Reggie comes out to speak. Animal Crossing will be out by end of the year. He speaks more numbers and sales figures. But despite absolutely massive sales, Nintendo isn’t satisfied because it hasn’t reached the entire world yet, and because it hasn’t appropriately fed its veteran games.

9:26Animal Crossing creation speaks in a video. Looks like Animal Crossing Wii is coming! Lots of features, all tied into the Wii’s features.

A new microphone option will be available, a “community microphone” called WiiSpeak – it allows an ENTIRE ROOM of people to speak to another room of people, presumably through Animal Crossing Wii.

9:24 – The Wii is growing gimmicky, he admits. it’s “revolution” is growing tired now that others are trying to imitate it. Therefore, the WIi and Nintendo must change and form a new paradigms, “fresh surprises.” We’ll see these today.

9:20 – Iwata admits that we want pretty games. We do. ZELDA UPDATE: He’s just stated that the developers of Mario and Zelda are hard at work bringing new titles to Wii! That’s a confirmation of SOMETHING, if anything.

He’s just talking about demographics now, though. Stats, numbers, how the Wii is for old people and families. Not much interesting.

9:18 – The game will be out by year’s end. Iwata comes onto the stage. He’s going to discuss the paradigm shift, how Nintendo rose beyond people’s pessimistic view of Nintendo’s future before the Wii’s release.

9:13 – A snowboard game for the Wii Fit Balance Board. Shaun White seems to be getting his own game, aptly titled “Shaun White Snowboarding.” I’m glad they’re using the Balance Board in games other than Wii Fit – something I was hoping they’d do today.

9:10 – Seems like it’s starting. “We promise to keep the world smiling,” a promotional video for Nintendo. Speaker walks onto the stage. She’s talking about being a mother and bringing home free video games to her kids – that’s all nice. Her perpetual smile is kind of creepy.

9:08 – People still seem to be filing into the room. Giant screen looks nice – how about playing Wii on that thing?