It’s a week before E3. You have a computer at your disposal. You are bored and hope to find something interesting before the actual event. What do you do? If you’re or, you look at the patent office website and find a new Wii Controller.

Both sites have the images, but here is a link to the image Spong has.  The controller looks like an updated Gamecube controller, with the biggest difference being a giant hole in the middle, the size of a Wii Remote.

The patent was filed on June 26th and E3 is next week.  It seems unlikely they have a prototype by then, but you never know.  It also seems like it might just be an idea and nothing more.  We’ll keep you updated.

  • Nice controller. But why “update” the GameCube controller? Just for the sake of not having cables?

  • Leroy

    Perhaps a new idea for a completely wireless Gamecube controller, designed for Wii?

    • Um, yeah, that’s obvious. What I meant was that we don’t really need it. But the idea is nice, wireless is always better.

      • Triforce of the Gods

        One problem, there are already wireless GameCube Controllers. They take two AA batteries like the Wii remote.

        I just have one question: Why?

  • morval

    heh, I like destructiods captions “wavy arrows FTW”

    that’s all I’ve got.

    I wonder how many patents they had to sift through just to find this one document? with all the companies trolling the patent office with useless patent i’m sure it was a good amount.

  • James

    maybe they typed in “Gaming Controller” and found it. They were searching for the XBox controller first and stumbled on that.

  • zantdarksage
  • Nictel

    I’m going for GC classic controller for GC games on VC.

  • Ack! Please nooooo.

    There are enough Wii-mote add ons. If they want a controller that is like the Gamecubes, why not just re-release the GCN controllers with a nice new white and blue look to match the Wii console.

    That would be much nicer.

    Just holding out that the patent was a mock up in case someone tried to do something similar to it or steal the idea for it. Maybe even a prototype classic controller… cause when I look at it, that’s generally what I see, a different version of the classic controller.

  • The LS

    That was filed back in 2006… Methinks it was just an idea for the Classic Controller.

    • Shaun

      No, it’s a continuation of something filed in 2006. This patent was filed in Feb 2008.

  • Teep

    Is that a screen I spot in the middle of the controller?