Before I begin this article, I would first like to clarify that what I am doing right now is reporting on a rumor. That is to say, like everything else on the Internet, this should be taken with galactic-sized piles of salt. Recently, rumors have been flying all over Zelda forums and Nintendo sites about the possibility of a new Zelda game in the works, according to an alleged interview which took place between Eiji Aonuma, whom many might recall was the director for Twilight Princess and most recently the producer of Phantom Hourglass, and an individual at IGN referring to himself as “Kyle.” The new game, code named “Project Deluge,” is scheduled to be announced at E3 2008 and is slated for a 2009 release date, if the rumor is to be believed. Having given my technical information about the interviewer, the interviewee, and the absolute verification of nothing but the fact that this is but a rumor, let us analyze some of the more interesting details given in the interview.

Link Gets Canned

>Aonuma: I want to assert that the game will have a much more complicated story in the sense that our hero is no longer mute.

>Kyle: Because he isn’t Link, right?

>Aonuma: I see you’ve already heard.

>Kyle: Rumors mostly.

Yes, it is true. After so many years of Link getting to rescue Hyrule and save the day, it seems Nintendo is taking a feather out of the cap of such series as Devil May Cry and Metal Gear Solid by having their main character removed for the majority of a game in favor of a new protagonist that acts, looks, and speaks like the former main character. In Project Deluge, conversely, we are supposed to have a speaking character as opposed to a mute one, black hair instead of a natural blonde, and a complete psychopath. In any gaming series, you grow to love the main protagonist, so replacing one, even for a single game, is difficult. Metal Gear Solid 2 tried, and failed, to get its audience to like Raiden as much as Solid Snake, simply because they were too different. Devil May Cry 4, on the other hand, had a new protagonist exactly like the old one, and thus fared better. Deluge’s hero will be an ordinary boy who simply snaps and starts thinking he’s Link, going as far as to act, dress, and speak like Link.

When I said psychopath earlier, I meant that in the best possible way. This guy isn’t an evildoer, he’s just a person driven insane by the events that surround him. So much so that, in order for a Hero of Time to be present, he assumes the role himself and starts fighting Ganon and his minions. Now, while this might sound similar to the plotline used in almost every Zelda game to date, this one is different because the main guy literally is not Link. No Master Sword, no Light Arrows. Just him, an imitation sword and shield, and a horse against the forces of evil. It’s a concept that might not sound all that different, but when you remember that the Master Sword and the Light Arrows are all that separate Link from a fiery death from Ganon’s hands these little tools will probably be missed.

Valley of the Flood

>Kyle: How big is the world going to be?

>Aonuma: My third point. I think Wind Waker had it right, but it needed to approach travel with more variety. Sailing was a very polarizing aspect of the game, and I think we need to look at the sheer number of possible modes of transportation. Of course our hero in Deluge will have a horse—a black one actually, with these ethereal white spots that illuminate in the dark; I think it’s quite interesting and captures the otherworldly tone I’m looking for in the game. But yes, he has a horse and access to a train, as well as an unusual method of flight. I’ll talk about all of this at E3 and I don’t want to spoil much, but I want to emphasize that this game will be breathtakingly massive. Not just in scale, but in the amount of sidequests and secret items and even mini-dungeons we’re trying to implement. It’s the largest Zelda so far in terms of land. We want realism and consistency in the world, such as believable rivers and brooks and water effects. Especially water effects. [laughs]

>Kyle: Amazing. Do you have any concept art I can look at, or is that too much to ask?

>Aonuma: Not this time, I’m afraid.

The world of Hyrule is changing. Once, it was a two-dimensional land of people who spoke prophetic one-liners and monsters that appeared from off-screen. Now, it has become a spiraling place, possibly because Hyrule is the British Empire of the Zelda universe and gets its giggles from conquering nearby territories. It is, in fact, so large now that we apparently need different means of transportation. As fans, we are no longer satisfied with sailboats and warping! Well, Nintendo has allegedly listened to these complaints this time, unlike in Phantom Hourglass, because we now apparently have a train that can traverse the land, a brand-new horse that is not Epona, and an unknown flying ability (could it be the return of the Roc’s Cape?).

As we all know, though, we need a land to traverse in order to whine about how we’re going to traverse it. Twilight Princess really showed us what Nintendo could do when it comes to top-quality graphics, but there were some areas of the game where the visuals seemed…less so, like the grass or bushes or the little things. Even the water sometimes looked a little too fake. But, even though it came out on the Wii, Twilight Princess was a Gamecube game through and through. Nintendo is a company that has always believed in game play over graphics, but I’ve seen that little white box pull of some truly amazing visuals when push comes to shove. That being said, I am really excited about the potential for graphics Deluge could have: better rendered backgrounds, better facial expressions for the characters, and just overall detail touches that would really absorb the player into the game in ways not available for past generations of gamers to experience.

Turn on the Waterworks

>Aonuma: Remember that this game is centralized around the Great Flood of Hyrule, and concerns, in part, the salvation of various Hylians from total destruction, which the hero will influence in part.

>Kyle: So that’s his purpose, then? Is he occupied partly with saving Hyrule’s people?

>Aonuma: You’ll have to wait a while, because this is still very integral to the core plot, which I can’t spoil right now. I can tell you that his primary motive is destroying Ganon, but you can imagine how difficult this is without the Master Sword or Light Arrows. So battling Ganon and saving Hyrule are both key components of his journey, and in order to immerse the characters as fully as possible, I want to draw the sense of urgency present in Majora’s Mask. The flood doesn’t occur until later in the story, but when Hyrule floods, it does so in real-time. What I mean is, Link will not have the opportunity to wander the world aimlessly at that point, as Hyrule Field and the Gerudo and Kokiri territories—all the towns aside from the Goron tribes in Death Mountain, essentially—will become huge bodies of water. And of course there will be an immense variety of new enemies and such to add depth to this.

So, I’m guessing everyone here’s played Wind Waker. Or, at the very least, you’ve at least gone to an Internet forum and either praised or denounced the game’s graphics. Think back to the opening sequence, where the game provided you with a little bit of back story about how the world flooded. Well, from the sounds of this interview, you the player are going right back to the beginning of how Hyrule became flooded in Deluge. So the game pretty much sets you up for failure then, since the flood must happen, or we don’t get Wind Waker. But, since the game’s tone is going to be darker than previous titles, maybe the object of this game isn’t saving the world. Maybe it’s about the people of the land, who finally stand together to take charge of their own destiny, without the Hero of Time.

Actually, this game kind of reminds me of Majora’s Mask, and Anouma even goes as far as to compare Deluge to Majora’s Mask. As the interview indicates, Hyrule will become flooded, but slowly, to truly give a sense of panic and need to the player. And best of all, the flood doesn’t wait for you. It’ll come, whether you do something or not, so the timer that was introduced in Majora’s Mask takes on a whole new meaning as you watch the cities and lands of Hyrule transform into nothing but a sea as you struggle to rescue the people from their impending doom.

Another thing to keep in mind is the styles of the different directors. In the beginning, it was Shigeru Miyamoto who headed the Zelda games. Now, he still works with them, but the show running job has been passed to Anouma, who differs greatly in game design from Miyamoto. Deluge is set to have a much wider world with an even deeper storyline, something Miyamoto doesn’t like, as he prefers a much more linear story and a more straightforward world. Deluge will allegedly be more free-roaming. Which would be cool, it’d be a bit like Fable, only less of a letdown.

Zelda Gets Steampunked

>Aonuma: Now I’ve heard many fans tell me that they’re interested in a steampunk-influenced Zelda, even though the series has always maintained a very medieval foundation. I thought about this shortly after completing [Wind Waker], and I started compiling ideas in my head and eventually relayed them to Miyamoto-san, who seemed surprisingly pleased with the idea of a more progressive Hylian history. We had a meeting halfway through development of Twilight Princess and agreed to set aside an entire portfolio of ideas for a more industrialized Hyrule. We figured that if Hyrule has enough time to develop its kingdom, it would eventually discover the steam engine and gunpowder and such. Well gunpowder was there to begin with. We’ve had cannons in Zelda, so I suppose you could say that Zelda was always really in a kind of medieval-steampunk limbo.

>Kyle: What exactly do you have planned for this kind of transition? I mean, do you actually want guns in the Zelda universe, or is that just wishful thinking on my part?

>Aonuma: Muskets, certainly. They wouldn’t be the kind that you’re familiar with though, and all items we create in the universe will retain their respective fantasy styles. So for instance, you can expect a deku musket that fires gunpowder-filled deku nuts. It sounds a bit obscene, but when you see the concept art and visuals in July, you’ll realize how well it all merges with the world. I don’t want to spoil too much, but we intend to have a railroad system in Hyrule. It’s actually something I’ve wanted to implement since Majora’s Mask, but we’ve never had a large enough world, you know?

Yes. After all these years, after all the waiting, it appears that Nintendo have apparently decided that Hyrule’s a bit too slow-paced. It’s technology needs an upgrade. It’s people, despite having a good amount of magic, need some evolution. Theories have always run rampart through the forums of the Internet about the possibility of a futuristic Zelda game, in which the mighty Epona is replaced by a motorcycle, the Master Sword by a gun blade, and Link’s tunic for a regenerative nanotech suit that looks suspiciously like the Kokiri tunic. Now, while we can’t all be like Halo, Nintendo is taking baby steps into the future with its favorite fantasy epic with the alleged introductions of a musket which will undoubtedly replace the bow and arrows and the slingshot. But what about other, steampunk-tech weapons? Like instead of the hookshot there could be a grapple launcher wrist mounted to the hero. Or a flash bang bombs made from Deku nuts. The possibilities for new weapons are endless, while still keeping the charm and wit of Zelda games of old.

In Closing

>Aonuma: We’re drawing more power out of the Wii than ever before with this. I’m very excited. [laughs]

>Kyle: I am too, you have no idea. Well I’m very grateful for your willingness to speak with us today. You can expect to read the interview shortly after the E3 showing and I hope to see some concept art soon. This game sounds incredible so far.

>Aonuma: I’m glad you think so. I’m very pleased with its progress as well and I hope gamers will find it our most compelling game so far.

Remembering of course the copious amounts of salt that should have been ingested prior to reading this article, let’s stop here and think about this new potential Zelda title. While it is nice to see the series trying something new, I wonder if new is good. Aonuma himself has said that this title might not even be classified as a Legend of Zelda game, since it’s so different from anything Zelda’s ever tried before (this is including Freshly Picked Tingle’s Rosy Rupeeland). Personally, if this interview holds true, I look forward to the game. If it doesn’t, well, at least I have entertained the ten people that actually read my stuff.

  • Marshmallow Moo

    If this is true, I might die of a fangasm.

  • zantdarksage

    i read it, that makes 11 ^_^. very nice, and overall a pretty good review on this rumored title. hopefully in a few days we’ll get some truth, or at least a different zelda title / concept revealed to us.

    • mr.Tii

      Not to be too picky, but I think this is more a preview than a review…
      Sorry if I’m too picky… 😛

      And by the way… I like some of the ideas, but some others are not too good…

      • zantdarksage

        nope i’m just stupid sometimes haha, you’re right -_^

  • Mr. Fish

    I love you Power Shot; I read your articles. 😀

  • Raidell

    I suppose many of the aspects of this wouldn’t be too bad, but the guns and the fact that there IS NO LINK makes me want to buy all of the games just so I can burn them. Hyrule does need a little advancement in technology, but can’t that be done without guns and whatnot? Hyrule is a medieval land and I would prefer it stays that way. And without Link, it just isn’t a game I would play. And besides, Ganon would fry any kid besides Link who trys to fight him. End of story. The rest sounds okay I guess.

    • zfan121

      Um that’s not the case, have you read any of my fan fics? Some kid from the real world creams ganondorf using just a tooth pick sword and some modernised versions of Link’s classic gear. You’re just upset cause he’s not mute anymore. The main thing is being mute is Link’s thing and his alone, I think that’s what they’re trying to point out with this new guy. Like they say, don’t knock it until you try it.

    • Gerudude

      Agreed. A Zelda game without Link??
      That´s like beer without foam. Or a guitar without strings.
      Or a wallet without money. Or a very hot girl right in front of you and just not being able to get to her.
      What is he thinking… This will make Nintendo lose all their hardcore fans.
      But maybe they just don´t care about us.

    • chris

      i think it would be cool to have a game like that but it would be way too diferent dont put a gun sword then it would be like final fantasy and final fantasy wasnt that fun and dont put train tracks keep it midevil and take the horse out the epona thing is getting boring and please nintendo take ganondorf out he is such a dome villan and they should make it like u get wings or something that would be the best.

  • Billy

    12 🙂 and whether this is true or not, no doubt we will have a new zelda game for the wii within the next 1-2 years. they won’t stop making new zelda games until it has died in popularity, which doesn’t seem likely in the next couple decades (look at mario).

  • Breana

    No Link, No Way. E3 needs to hurry up so we know what’s really going on.

  • One freaking work: FAKE. Nintendo would never do that. No Link? A Zelda that sets you up for failure? Yeah, right. E3 really needs to hurry up so we can get some true information about the next Zelda game.

  • zfan121

    Holy crap people, I mean you can play mario bros without bowser being the villain and it just as fun! (super paper mario) I for one have been itching for some “new” action instead of the classic “save the princess” story arch. Sure it’s cool, but MAN is it overused by now! As long as Nintendo doesn’t go overboard with the tech aspect and probably keeping it like maybe a little before the revalutionary war then I’d be proud of that. The simple fact is that Nintendo has always been the one company who skydives without the shoot now and then, and that’s good. If they do it right they’ll get out of it with just a few broken bones.

    IDK if deluge ends up being the “jesus christ!” (as in what you say at the title screen) of the zelda series or if it turns out to be a load of crap like WW. I’m still getting it.

    Lastly the fact that tp’s graphics kicked some serious but using the GAMECUBES graphics card, there’s no telling what they’ll pull out with the wii. Curruption is already a good example that Nintendo can keep up with “the big boys” and still have a solid game.

    I say go for it, it wouldn’t hurt to have one clunker out of ten or fifteen games. You actually learn from failior, and some of the greatest triumphs are borne from it. Take tp for example, did it not come AFTER WW which pretty much sucked? that’s all I’m trying to say here. 😆

    • Hoshika-Pichu

      Most people thought Wind Waker was a really good game, actually. You must mean those CD-i games…

      • I hate how people bash Wind Waker. It’s my 2nd favorite game in the series. I think most people use the graphics excuse to cover up the fact they couldn’t finish the game. And yes, those CD-i games stunk. They’re only good use is making youtube videos!X)

        • Siameseo

          LOL so true!!!!! Wind Waker was pretty cool…… was so long and difficult which made it better then TP which is too short and too easy

    • Jack

      Don’t be ridiculous, get over yourself and stop being so stupid over some graphics, fact is, the only people who don’t like Wind Waker are the people who are not comfortable enough with their own masculinity to play a game that dosen’t feature dark or violent themes. And, and I know most people will agree, TP is a step DOWN. WW is a superior game in terms of it’s feel and difficulty (TP was far too easy).

      • I agree with the graphics part. Get over the whole cel shaded sucks idea and take it as what it really is. A great game. I wouldn’t say TP was a step down, but maybe an inch of a step up. The two forms ability made the game great, and the fact many more things were added to sidequests other than heart pieces and a upgraded sword/armor, made it even better. But yes, WW was a great game that is the #2 Zelda game.

      • Randomguy

        TP was easy, but it actually had the characters developing. I think that the plot can be almost as important as the gameplay sometimes, and in TP it actually had one

      • Thareous33

        Whoa! Step back, Jack! TP has more feel to it because Wind Waker was too sea-based, for me. Actually, you might be right: WW did have more feel–I felt like I was being dragged around the sea, having to go from island to island on a lionlike vessel at a pace slower than Link running on land. I apologize if this seems to be harsh criticism; I'm just relating how I feel when I play it. As it is Twilight Princess is my all-time favorite, despite how simple it seems.

        No offense intended.

  • I don’t like it and it is fake by so many levels. Sure a little tech upgrade wouldn’t hurt, but some guy who isn’t Link walking into a firearms store to buy ammo rounds? Come on. Zelda does not need that. Zelda is great because it will have a little better upgrade of midevel tech every game. Besides, if it is followed by WW, then why isn’t there a hint of steampunk in that game. I like the idea of a flood game, but not one tha features very advanced items and architecture.Deluge is a don’t.

  • zfan121, a new Zelda with no Ganon would be awesome, like Majora’s Mask was (I’m saying this regarding the example you gave of Super Paper Mario). What would ruin the Zelda series is not the absence of Ganon, but the introduction of steampunk (that’s not medieval whatever you guys say) and that the main character supposedly is not Link anymore.

    • I agree. Introducing steampunk(or moderness of any type) would hurt the series and the fact that the chacter is not resembling a Link and is mentally unstable would make for a game that burned the series and disapointed a lot of people. At least these people who want a overly modern Zelda would learn their lesson and we would not have to deal with this again. I also think break from Ganon wouldn’t hurt. If Zant came back for the next one(I highly doubt it though), I would not be bummed. You could have him be the base villain this time and have another accomplice to fight the first 1/2 of the game. I also would change up the plot a little. The 3 stones then 3-5 items to collect has been a little overplayed.

  • Addy Marcus

    If this does happen, this will be one Zelda that I will NOT buy! I don’t care if it’s based on the great flooding, “Link” talk? That’s like everyone wanted Samus to talk in Prime 3!

    • zfan121

      samus talks in brawl
      lol lol lol lol

      Look, I think ether this or a Zelda movie. Pick your poison folks, I think I’d rather have the new game.

      I think that “unstable” he meant that the kid actually snapped (being in a world of war without your hero could do that to a guy you know)and now thinks he’s link. Say, here’s an even crazier idea! Instead of link .. ……have the hero be….LINK’S SON! rofl

  • zantdarksage

    only this isn’t link and it wouldn’t be samus talking

  • cdx75xmx

    Im completely excited by this idea and i think the critics arent using thier imaginations because Im visualizing the greatest game ever based on a few of these rumours.

    • cdx75xmx

      Seriously this game sounds awesome im going to change my pants now

  • addy_reilly

    Oh hmmm could this new guy be a version of dark link? That might be awesome…not sure about some playing some mentally unstable dude though!

  • Nictel

    Isn’t it a bit early for an April’s fools joke? I mean there hasn’t been this amount of information about a Zelda game so early on, ever.

    Besides I heard that the original source was 4chan…

    But shaky sources aside. I like the concept of playing someone whos gone mad. And playing while the world floods in real time is also great. But I still feel that this is the creation of someone with too much time on their hands. I guess only E3 will tell.

  • Average Gamer

    There’s no way that this interview is real. The fact that Aonuma apparently has everything planned out before even the first E3 showing, the odd intro to the interview, etc. just kills the credibility.

    Whoever wrote this just took every popular wish and complaint of the fans and incorporated them into this “interview”. A train? Please. Not even Termina had something like that, and there was a drawing of a potential space shuttle in Majora’s Mask. Guns that fire Deku Nuts? Nintendo couldn’t even give us a Deku Scrub that shot Deku Nuts. A black horse with “ethereal white spots that illuminate in the dark”? That’s straight from a fanfic. Not even freaking Ganondorf had a horse like that.

    As a final note, yes, the original source for this interview was 4Chan. I saw the original thread on/v/.

  • Link_86_1

    FAKE! Muskets? Another characters? Right… I call B.S. right here… right now.

  • Hov

    Clearly the "interview" was a fake. We are all excited and anticipating an announcement so it is fun to read into these things and imagine, but that's all we are doing. Let's wait til an announcement is made to start exploring a new game, rather than discussing a hoax.

  • I personally wholly agree with this article. Despite my nagging skepticism to disbelieve any sort of leaked Zelda detail to be true.

    I would love to see this become a Zelda game. I don’t see the main character being a psychopath though, so much as a dedicated fan who might feel that if no Hero of Time should appear then he should make one appear and take on that role.

    This actually makes sense since this is how Wind Waker opens… with boys taking on the role of that legendary Hero of time. It’s possible that if this concept were to become the actual next Zelda game that who ever this non-Link hero is, he may be the one who starts the ritual of having boys take on the role of the Hero of Time, similar to how he himself did.

    Also he may not be Hyrule’s hero, but he will be the peoples hero. He can’t save the land so he takes the charge to have people make the move to new land to survive. The truth the interview and details are wonderful, especially that they talk about things in concept as opposed to actuality (I don’t believe I remember seeing them say “it’s fact” that these points will make it into the game, but that they were simply ideas and concepts).

    The harder truth though is that like it’s been mentioned before is that Nintendo would not spill the beans on a series so early. Not at least without an announcement about the game.

    Mind you maybe that’s just what they want us to believe to mess with our heads :P…

  • jceckels

    Personally, I would love if this “Deluge” project was a reality, though I’m doubtful.

    I don’t see why with each game there couldn’t be a different protagonist. The Final Fantasy series pulls it off well, adding to the sense of time and size of the world.

    I know that Zelda has the whole “hero reincarnated” thing going on. But it’s a stale storyline, in my opinion.

    I could easily see this new kid, not necessarily believing he’s the hero of time, but rather, taking it upon himself to become the legendary hero because no one else is saving the land. As the game progresses he could eventually be deigned a hero by the gods a la Windwaker.

    At the very least, this story proves that we are at least craving a creative overhaul for the series. Hopefully Nintendo will innovate with the next zelda entry as much as “Deluge” does.

  • mr.Tii

    I hope Nintendo looks at this “interview” and gets inspired by it, but they shouldn’t copy it, just look at some of the ideas.

  • aria

    I have to say that the overall image… “aonuma” give us is both thrilling and so disgusting I want to throw up. The reason I find this to be fake is how the interviewer and …ee act and sound. It sounds VERY made up. I could live with Steampunk Hyrule, I could live with Link not being Link if they did something AWESOME with it, like a new line is born or some crap I dunno. Maybe a new Zelda too. And I would love an enourmous world. Sailing around the world In Wind Waker, and Galloping across plains in TP is so much fun.

    Another thing? With a Link that would talk and has a huge story about him will make the have more cutscenes which we all know most Zelda games don’t have a lot of, but oh well.

  • Teep

    [quote]If this is true, I might die of a fangasm.[/quote]
    If this is true,I might hav a fan orgy.

  • UberHeadbanger

    Why is everyone freaking out, it’s just a game series. First off, it’s a rumor, second off, leaving stupid comments like
    ”I suppose many of the aspects of this wouldn’t be too bad, but the guns and the fact that there IS NO LINK makes me want to buy all of the games just so I can burn them”, simply prooves that you have no judgement. Forget the whole idea of this being in the Zelda franchise and see it as SINGLE games. What is wrong with you people freaking out for this, haven’t you realized that OOT, MM, WW and TP are essentially the same gameplay, aren’t you tired or using the same controls? You’d rather play the same game again? Then save your money and replay your old copies of old Zelda games.

  • MadCucco

    Well… there may be some good ideas in that “interview”, but some are not so good. And why do I put “interview” likr that? Because a real interview is between two people, and this one is between the “IGN” guy and the “IGN” guy. Yes, FAKE! It’s obvious.

    • Siameseo

      its between the new LOZ creater and the IGN dude

      but they may work together… not to bright on that subject

  • I thought it was bad enough they are planning to replace Link. Then I keep reading and… WHAT?! Guns!? Future stuff!? I can only hope this is fake.

  • Link_86_1

    This is clearly a fake, multiple reasons. Something like this would make head lines across the net! Zelda is Nintendo’s super soldier. We aren’t gonna go from a sword wielding character to a John Wayne wanna be! God… the list could go on and on and on.

  • 70el

    wow i hope this is really real.

    I have a bad feeling that nintendo will give us something less-fantastic though.

  • MidnightSun

    There is no way any of this is true. In fact it probably couldn't be farther from the truth.

    First of all, There's no way that Nintendo is going to do an interview about a game they didn't reveal yet, so right there you can tell the story is false, second of all Nintendo would never make a Zelda game without Link.. with the "hero" being a "psychopath".

    I think we'll see a new Zelda at E3, i think there will be voice acting in it and orchestrated music, I think there's even a chance that it focuses on the flood.. but no way it's what was described in the article above.

    • Thareous33

      The most sensible thing I've heard so far.

  • Hylietta

    I would personally love to see a Zelda game based on the Great Flood–it sounds like such a cool idea and it would be dark, even more so than TP. But not this. This would suck, period. I wouldn’t buy it. I DON’T buy that it’s real!
    I wouldn’t mind a game that’s not about saving Zelda. But steampunk? A hero who’s not Link? No way. Ick, ick, ick.

  • I agree. A flood game sounds great and I would buy it. But this is terrible. A mental charcter with a light up horse sounds like a 5 year old wrote it. We know he can’t be a Link, but he can’t be mental with modern weapons! This is a bit too modern for me. Ganon acting retarded makes no sense. And if this precedes WW, the fact none of the modern stuff is left on the great sea when we played WW trashes the storyline. I like the flood idea, but this fake one would stink.

    • zfan121

      hello, a global flood would wipe out litterally everything! der that means all traces of advanced weapons and such. As long as they don’t have him riding around in a nice itallian sports car (litterally) then just a tiny bit of steampunk sounds ok. and I do mean tiny.

      • Yes, but don’t you think they would have taken some of the muskets and tech with them!? Even if they didn’t, would they not have rebuilt some of it and kept it with them? All the tech is old still when we play WW. The only excuse for that is that the Hyrulians caused global warming and learned their lesson and never went modern again. Even with that though, some outlaws wouldn’t have cared if they kept their advanced technology and had it somwhere in the game Game is so fake it makes me sick!

        • wariotime

          Perhaps the people who invented all the modern stuff died with by flood… Or Ganon brainwashed everyone somehow… It could happen….

  • Royalassassin

    It Might be that hero of Delude is the one that Left Master Sword to it's restingplace in WW. And it Would be his statue in that Castle.

    • Jack

      The statue in the castle in Wind Waker is the Hero of Time from Ocarina.

  • Jack

    I have a bit of speculative theory here – It seems that Nintendo have acknowledged the split timeline theory, so this game does actually make sense. The world of the Wind Waker’s timeline was the world that adult Link disappeared from, leaving the world damaged and chaotic with Ganondorf sealed away in the dark world and causing the split timeline. What if the gods are attempting to wash away this world? It makes sense that Ganondorf’s Hyrule that he ruled in the seven years would be more developed, as I can imagine Ganondorf being a king of industry rather than of magic. There should be a Link there, but because Zelda messed around with the timelines there isn’t, so that is why in the opening to the Wind Waker the people of Hyrule cried out for a hero but none appeared. What if the gods are trying to correct this mistake by destroying this flawed parallel universe?

    It’s all very exciting, mainly because in it’s early stages of it’s development was really hoping that Twilight Princess would shed light on how Hyrule got flooded, so it finally looks like Nintendo are repairing plot holes. And all you purists who don’t like the idea of Zelda with guns, remember that at the end of the game it all gets washed away so that The Wind Waker can happen. Just theories, I think they make sense though.

    • Jack

      And also, remember that they didn’t say MODERN weapons or technology, it’s not like Zelda dons a bikini so she can machine gun rapping Moblins in Hondas. Think about it, there wasn’t that much time between the sword and shield era and the musket era in the real world, and consider that Hyrule has gunpowder and bombs already. The trains will be incredibly old-fashioned steam powered things, it will still be medieval. This is all considerate to the fanbase and everyone knows Nintendo will never do a futuristic Zelda, so stop worrying, and be glad the ‘update’ they planned isn’t a first person Zelda *shudders*.

      • wariotime

        I agree 100% with you. They’re not just going to make Zelda all modern all of a sudden. But I think that a few technological advances here and there would be really cool. I just wish Link was in it…

  • I love the contrast between love and hate for the Deluge concept.

    I’m hoping it is real for the fact to spite all the people who feel that Zelda should be continually be rooted in the exact same formula and world.

    People have complained saying “Guns? Trains? WTF mate” and saying it will ruin the Zelda series. In my opinion though I think even if Link type hero used a gun like weapon (maybe like a crossbow, huh huh huh?) it wouldn’t replace his sword as a mainstay. It would be created in a way that it would help solve puzzles and such.

    I should note that guns shouldn’t be considered so foreign since Miyamoto even said in an interview regarding Zelda, that he loved FPS games, and even once considered the style for the Legend of Zelda series when it was jumping to 3-D. So don’t think that Nintendo would never do something cause they can surprise you (Cel-da anyone?)

    As far as the train and steam punk thing goes, steam powered things have shown up in various Zelda games. A Steam Ship in Phantom Hourglass for example… Goght, the boss from Majoras Mask was mechanical and machine based too. Why is it that people get all jumpy at some of these thoughts when Nintendo has already snuck some of these aspects into games.

    Not to mention a Train would just replace a warp function, since I’m sure if the hero is not Link, he won’t have the powers of the ocarina backing him or midna to warp him around the world. So a train would be an appropriate alternative to warping.

    People are just afraid of change, and too stubborn to see the zelda-esque nature of some of these ideas. The only scary thing is how well these aspects would make it into a Legend of Zelda game.

  • Royalassassin

    The Gun’s aren’t so bad. Afterall zelda’s have had bombs and canons (and seed shooter in OoA) But If Nintendo is going to put there muskets. They should be ones from Napoleons time, with darn long loadingtime. There could be pistols allso. it would be quite of a show in scene where “Link” is shootin Moblins fortified into a house he has ’bout ten muscets, somebody to load them up and couple of bombs. And because it’s supposed to be steampunk Nintendo coud replace two hand sword with a rapier or sabre. Nintendo cauld allso upgrade usages of items. f.e. You could shoot yoursef somewhere with hookshot. lower yourself, start swinging and finaly kick upcoming enemy to it’s face, drop down and finish it. Nintendo could allso upgrade its sneaking. How souds “Link” Sneaking behind a Moblin and then cuting it’s throat. I Gues replacing Link with some other Guy is OK. Maybe Nitendo does next a game you can use the hero in Minish Cap’s prologue. The one wielding Picori Blade

    • Jack

      There is no chance in hell Nintendo will ever make a Zelda game where throats get cut. You just stick with Splinter Cell.

  • Andeh

    I think it’s hilarious that someone is asking “WELL WHY ISNT ANY OF THE TECHNOLOGY IN WIND WAKER?”

    Ever see waterworld? The flooding forced the people to return to a primitive lifestyle. In the event of a global flood, I don’t think that I’d worry about technology more than my life.

    • Oh, and Waterworld is so real. Fakey Movie. Come on, think about it. Some people would have taken a small remnant of the tech up to the sea and kept it. Yes, the structures would have been wiped out like in Noah’s great flood. But a musket or two would have gone on somebody’s back and put in the real world. Or any other tech for that matter. It also seems like the hyrulians had lots of resources and room on the islands to do what they want, and could have rebuilt. This game has good ideas, some bad ideas, and then some 5 yr. old ideas(he has a horse that lights up in the dark).x)

      • wariotime

        Oh yeah, since video-games are way more realistic than movies. Especially Zelda games.

  • JediAnnSolo

    (Keep in mind that I am speaking as if this were a genuine article, but I know it’s just a RUMOR) I don’t think you guys should denounce the game like this. Change is good! I’m not too crazy about the psycho who replaces Link (you wanted a voice acting protagonist, guys. Be careful what you wish for…), but implementing a Majora’s Mask-like urgency to the game sounds AWESOME. (if you don’t think it’s awesome, you either never played it, or gave up on it halfway).

    It’s definitely NOT like Aonuma to release so much vital information before E3 (oh, come on. Describing the horse? A Deku Musket?), but if this were real, I’d be interested in a change. It’s exciting. You wanted realism? You get real chaos. A world in danger without a hero. A world where the Hero of Time got sent back to the past by Zelda and she could never bring him back. That’s pretty darn cool.

  • Hov

    As much as I hate to say this, I predict there will be NO zelda announcement at E3.

  • John Gill

    Ohhh, this is some excellent trolling.

    The author of this actually has some decent ideas, though. Hopefully the next Zelda game will try some new things, no more REHASHAN GAEMS a la Twilight Princess. A Majora’s Mask for this generation, if you will.

  • ArchsageX

    Wow, these “NO LINK? I HATE IT!!!” comments are like the repulican party of Zelda… A little change isn’t bad and I think not having the same hero since the dawn of the series wouldn’t be as bad as people claim for it to be. If this were real it’d be a step in the right direction, Zelda needs an overhaul. (Interesting stories, items we haven’t used in 9 games already and an immersible world)

    • wariotime

      You can change the location, the time, and the weapons, but don’t change my hero! It’s because he’s been in every Zelda game that we love him so much!

  • Jtim2

    A Zelda game without Link? And Industrialized? We should all pray that E3 reveals this to be a joke and that an actual advance on the classic storyline of the non-flooded Hyrule from the Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess comes out. In short I’m not buying another flooded zelda game, especially without link!

  • ganon the king

    As much as a lot of people would love for this to be true… it’s not. The interview was far too perfect for it to be an interview. The guys at Nintendo will never talk and explain everything in detail in their interviews. Their answers are usually a little more blunt and general.

    This is quite obviously written by a fan-boy that really wants change in Zelda (like most of us). I mean… when have Nintendo been this generous? Then again, I could be wrong.

  • andre

    Why is everyone complaining about it not having Link in it? The kid in Wind Waker wasn't Link either, he wore the green tunic to pay homage to him, and turned out to be the hero. If this new guy thinks he's the next link then he'll probably wear a green tunic too, right?

  • Shield Eater

    Why do people seem to think a steam punk setting would hurt Zelda?

    Whatever you say guys, Zelda is not a primarily medieval game. Remember the bazooka used by Auru in TP? Remember the fluorescent lights found in bombchu alley in OoT? Were these around in Medieval times? No. If anything, Zelda is an amalgamation of different time periods and if you ask me a steam punk setting would do nothing but wonders in revitalising the series.

    • wariotime

      Personally, I don’t have a problem with the steam punk stuff, because, as you said, it’s been in several games already. But I will kill my self if there is a Zelda game without Link.

  • Linkfan748

    Uh Hello, how can a Zelda Game having to do with the great Flood even have link in it? If some people actually watched the intro to WW it says that “The hero of time” left and didn’t return so it is completly impossible to have link in the game. Also the idea of a pycopath or crazy person isn’t all bad. That concept was used in Jack 2 and that game wasn’t that bad.

  • Royalassassin

    Exactly. The guy is not Link. Maybe this new hero dies to his wouds alone and forgotten after forcing Ganon to retreat and making the flood stop. a little bit of change is just good. If purists are demanding Link to be back, they should think of that that Nintendo cannot tell the story of Deluge of Hyrule properly if there is Link in it. it’s allso true that someone propably brings some pieces of steampunk to WW:s islands. Afterall we have canon and bombs in WW. It would actually be nice to see f.e. train going. Lets just hope that Nintendo makes the Flood properly. Water coming trough lava in Death Mountain Crater do not look good. But how about valey that gets, in begining, slowly and then more and more rapidly flooded when surrouding hills are more and more abided under water. or a Waterfall to Death Mountain Crater, when the Mountain itself is flooded. Or a hole in Gerudo desert that bacomes a beach.

    • Thank you for having common sense in the way that someone would bring steampunk to the islands. Some people should realize some tech would have to be brought up. I still happen to think this is fake but it has some ideas that would not be bad if improved and thought over a little more.

  • Trilyan

    i don’t believe this could LITERALLY happen, just because the fact i don’t like the idea.

    I mean, i sorta find me identified with the kid that is told The Legend Of Zelda, in a very different, industrialized and modern world, and becomes obsessed with the idea of becoming the new Link that would save us all and stuff, and i would definitively like to see how Nintendo manages to relate the complex past of Hyrule with a disguised version of our world under the name of MODERN HYRULE.

    But still, i don’t want any relation with the Legend.
    I mean, it could be a spin off, sort of “UNDERSTANDING THE LEGEND OF ZELDA”, or so, but not THE LEGEND OF ZELDA, because i don’t feel that any of the aspects that attract me to the game will be present, such as the fact that i can be identified with the boy that leaves the thinking, emotions,actions and even speech to you, the player, letting you think whatever you want.


    nevertheless, i hope a spin off like this is released, but like a spinoff, with other name logo and history, that can’t be placed in the different storyline we players make creating a completely new tittle of games with no relation at all with the ZU.

    I am not against Hyrule tecnologicaly evolving with time, but i think this has to be done more cautiously and slowly within the games to come, not just all the changes at once, as it would make no sence at all.

    I also think that the Hero of HYRULE, should never speak or have a name or personal thoughts, so as to remain a Legend aiming to ZELDA, and not to the hero. (concept that is fading away with time)

    This is what happens when miyamoto leaves his work to another one… 🙁
    i hope he could live forever.. just to maintain his style in gaming.

  • SonOfLink

    A steam-punk, futuristic Zelda? Starring No Link? Um… I call bullshit on that.

  • Royalassassin

    Propably Nintendo does not let speaking to player, I mean different way than from before, when you can speak anything you like when playing. As i said before, what about if this new “hero” does not become a hero in the way you mean from peoples point of wiew and same way Links hawe and will become heroes, by saving people and beating crap out of Ganon. Perhaps Nintendo makes him lookig like some looney in sight of regular people in game. Or maybe this guy is one of these ancestors of WW:s people that gods chose to take people of Hyrule to refuge to places that wil become islands in WW. Maybe he is no longer remembered during times of WW. (and maybe WW:s Link is this new guys descendant.) But let all those who believes this is a fake, look at the bright side of this mater. We got some new things to think about and if this guy who wrote this made it up, he/she could write the story down, change few things and sell it as a fantasy book. Maybe even as favoured and quality one as f.e. any book of Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan or one from Belgariad by David Eddings. Maybe even as favoured as Lord of the Rings. And those who think this is not… Well You know purists, wouldn’t change a thing if they absolutely hadn’t to. In any mater they are satisfied with whatsoever.

  • Royalassassin

    That is allso true that without mastersword, Link would have not had a chance against Ganon, But what about Four Sword. or silver arrows. I mean You don’t have Master Sword in FSA. But the final boss is still Ganon.

    • Yes but the Four Sword is never going to leave FSA. Also, in the interview it says he is trying to save as many people as he can. Who’s go to believe him? “Hi, I’m a psychopath, I have no special powers nor equipment and I’m going to save the world.

  • kenny

    this title wouldn’t set you up for failure… think about it if the hylians are alive in tww then the world was saved from ganondorf. even if the land is flooded. =)

    • kenny

      im mean, look at crisis core. we all knew the outcome of the ending before that came out.

  • Royalassassin

    and to you who think this next zelda is going to be some fake western, that acording to this article, Zelda is going to jump from some 11. or 12. century to somewhere around 13. or 14.century. Wild west was in beginning of 19. century. And to you jediAnnSolo, i would like to say that E3 is not that far anyway. So leting this out now is an exelent way to get some publicity there. B.T.W. When in hell someone wrote anything about horse glowing in dark in that article. or that Ganon is retarded. READ THAT STUFF PROPERLY BEFORE YOU CRITICIZE IT.

    • The interview mentioned the horse has white spots that glow in the dark, and that Ganon would be a bit crazed himself:

      1.>Aonuma: Of course our hero in Deluge will have a horse—a black one actually, with these ethereal white spots that illuminate in the dark;

      2.>Aonuma: This works well considering Ganon is much more of a lunatic this time around. He’s basically gone mad and the game’s cinematics will sometimes jump to him and show this madness overpower him over the course of the game.

      No offense, but it’s true.

  • Kitsune-el

    I really don’t know what to make of this article. I mean, I cannot say that I just won’t buy it. I have yet to play a Zelda game that I absolutely could not stand and wish I hadn’t bought it. The idea of making a prequel to Windwaker sounds like a really great idea to me and we know from the opening to that game that a hero didn’t come then to save Hyrule, not Link anyway. I’d be sad not to see Link, but if they use a different main character the way the Metal Gear or other games who cares if he talks?

    I’m torn up about this, you don’t really realize how much you care for a game sometimes until you read an article that causes this much conflict, and this is only one site.

    I love the Zelda series, and I’m a supporter of Nintendo through thick and thin. If this is true, I’ll give it a shot. I didn’t shoot down Windwaker just cause it looked “kiddy”. And if it’s a rumor, who cares? People release rumors about this kinda thing all the time. We’ll just forget it and move on like we do.

  • Z-MAN7

    I want this to be real, I hope it is real. I guess we’ll find out at E3. It starts today, I can’t wait!

  • I agree with a lot of people who are saying this is fake, it has to be. There’s no way in hell that he would annouce a Zelda game before E3 08. We’ll have to wait and listen to what Nintendo says tomorrow. And new games to come out between today and then 17th. LET’S all hope this is fake!

  • Twilight64

    Dude, it’s Nintendo. They’re famous for taking ideas that most developers would call crazy and making them awesome(Mario, Pikmin, etc.). Alot of these ideas sound bad on paper, but who knows; they might work. Besides, Nintendo is always faulted by Nintendo haters for coming up with the same game over and over again. Maybe it’s about time for a change.

  • Royalassassin

    True. Plus that Nintendo haters fault Nintendo for making games for kids (and all that because there is no blood and you have to use your brains for thinking, not that it’s bad thing. If those things about Deluge being panicing, stressing, and dark toned are true, it won’t be a kid’s game, and Nintendo won’t propably change it’s line about blood and stups of guts (and it’s a good thing) those japs are crazy, and it’s a dammn good thing.

    • wariotime

      But, wait… If “Deluge” comes before WW shouldn’t it look like WW. Wind Waker was definitely not dark…

  • Twilight64

    My thoughts exactly.

    • JAM 1

      YOur A FEraK!!!

  • THis is so fake its not even funny, if theres no link theres no zelda, if there is no zelda, there is noooooo Ganon, and if there is no ganon then there is no game…… However i think bringing the rocs cape, and also having a windwaker sized map would be cool, but ditch the windwaker story phantom hourglass was bad enough, come up with something new, but i think the WW and PH graphis would work very well, also make it so you can keep enemy weapons, that would be sweet. Have like a spoils bag type thing. but back to this game, ITS ALL FAKE.

  • Zeldalover247

    It does sound pretty cool, the idea of Link haveing a voice, sure it is sweet but having no Master Sword, Light Arrows, nothing it just makes me furious. also the idea of enlarging Hyrule is excellent the idea of a timer not so good. I mean doesn’t every zedla lover want to doze off on his duty to save Hyrule. Oh, and what is with the guns, why not have the crossbow so we can still have the medieval effect on the game. And the plot shoud be shorter I suggest. These are just my opinions. Also IT IS FAKE! FAKE,FAKE,FAKE,FAKE,FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • NightWolf

    Wow this is all truly retarded.

    First and foremost it is obviously fake, since, as has previously been pointed out, this was first posted at 4chan, but altogether the style of the interview is so completely inconsistent with the established patterns Nintendo employees tend to apply it simply reeks of bullshit.

    Moreover the radical changes proposed would simply doom the game to utter catastrophe, as no self-respecting true Zelda fan would honestly support something that stems so completely from the regular formula applied in past games. Not that change is a bad thing, but this wouldn’t be Zelda in the least.

    I fail to understand the hype of all the fanboys that just played a couple games in the series and never considered the underlying universe presented by the storyline. You would be better suited for a Halo or a Final Fantasy fan site.

    Now let us tear apart most of the ideas proposed and come to a reasonable conclusion why few of them would be consistent or actually contribute in a significant fashion to the Zelda series.

    I. The Hero can speak

    This is indeed a hotly debated topic where most of the fans are divided. Link has never spoken in the past simply because it was always Nintendo’s idea that the player should identify with the character to the fullest extent, creating an immersing experience by projecting their own personalities into the actions and words of the character. Therefore, by giving the protagonist the ability to speak, the silent link to the player would be severed. While I am of opinion that actually making the character be able to form adequate sentences on itself wouldn’t be a bad thing, this should be handled with extreme care, as there are a lot of ways this could go wrong. The same goes for voice acting. It could be amazing if handled properly but there are many more chances it would end up awfully bad.

    II. Some random kid takes Link’s spot as protagonist.

    Don’t even get me started with this one, it’s such a stupid idea, I’m surprised some people actually take it seriously. There’s just no way this would ever happen and the game would still be considered Zelda. Similarly Ganon would crush the life out of anyone that wasn’t the true Hero sent by the gods, which has a rough time getting past all his minions already. No chance in hell some random insane kid with a stick could replace Link.

    III. A Larger, More Realistic World

    This one actually has my support. Twilight Princess was a major step in this direction, the graphics were beautiful for Gamecube standards. The Wind Waker was a good game altogether just Cel-shaded graphics are no match for realistic ones, except in portable devices like the DS where hardware limitations prevent more advanced approaches.
    More sidequests, more secret items, more dungeons, great, these are still rather scarce. So all in all, I’ll all up for this one.

    IV. Technological Advancements

    I don’t see the point really. Technology only plays a minor role in a world where magic is the predominant force. Why bother with trains when you can teleport to specific points, why guns when you had bomb-arrows which were perfectly suited for the time-frame of the games. While Phantom Hourglass took a dubious approach regarding that matter, it was more akin to the age of oceanic explorations, and even then was a largely different approach and hasn’t been very well accepted by the community despite being a perfect match for the revolutionary gameplay. While the supposed flying ability wouldn’t be such a bad idea, it would have to be implemented in a reasonable fashion, such as being limited to gliding for a fixed distance and altitude, otherwise it would be far too easy to access just about anywhere.

    V. A game placed before the Great Cataclysm.

    Doesn’t sound to bad to me, but it would be naive to assume all the hylian culture and technology would effectively be erased from history. Quite a bit of it is bound to be salvaged, specially if the flood should prove to occur slowly. People wouldn’t just stand by and watch as their homes and possessions are lost. They’d all move inland or climb to higher territories, which would much later form islands, taking whatever they could with them. So, clearly, it is foolish to suppose an industrial revolution could take place (presuming there is even a need for one in a land where magic exists) without most of the technological advances contradicting established canon.

    In conclusion (for those who said tl;dr to all the above), should something as radical as this actually come to life (keep dreaming halo fanboys) it would be the end of the Zelda series. QED.

    • I agree completely! Why would they make a game based on the Great Catclysm when Nintendo is already past that point in time? WW settled the whole flood thing and we moved on to TP. If Nintendo knows that already, then why would they do that? It is completely bogus!As much as some of us wish that they would make this game, the reality of it all is that it’s a fake. If they do make it, I will surely buy it just to try it out. Who knows? Maybe it won’t turn out so bad after all. But, nothing can be perfect. All we can do is hope and wait. I am not against it or for it. I am merely explaining my opinion.

  • Samuel71

    Ha ha… this is blatantly fake.

    Aonuma would never use the words “ethereal” or “steampunk” (does he even speak English?), and that’s just not how he talks/is translated as talking.

  • Foursword_Link

    If this is true… I’m really gonna miss the bow^^ but I will buy it cus I can’t get enough of Zelda xD I would like to have a game inbetween TP and this possible new game where we have items that are still medievil but getting newer, like the crossbow introduced in link’s crossbow training…
    … Also, if they do pull this off I hope they don’t make it too futuristic and I hope Link doens’t become the new solid snake…

  • It doesn’t make sense anyway because in Wind Waker it shows that Hyrule was kept intact under the Great Sea which makes what is said in the interview not make sense because if Hyrule is intact under the Sea then the flood probably happened all at once in a very short time. Also, I can almost, ALMOST see the main character not being Link, but a psychopath?

    • rockstar 68

      wat a phyco path for link man thats wierd

  • rockstar 68

    man i want pics of the new zelda game and can u guys make it for gc it would be a good final game instead of gay surfs up

  • Another Zelda site had claimed this to be fake. So everyone you got your hopes up for nothing.

  • Royalassassin

    Fake, fake, fake, is that only word you can use? You can’t even prove it properly. As evidence you have couple of feelings and opinions and little bit of psycology and fact that there is magic in Hyrule. f.e. someone says it’s fake because he feels like it, it didn’t make it more unreal. I feel it’s not fake but that didn’t make it a fake. Then is that that Nintendo wouldn’t propably let anything out before E3. Haven’t you heard of comercial trics. Because even if this is fake, it’s allso a lot of publicity for Nintendo before E3. Some idiot said that flood became fast because Hyrule is intact under sea. It have still happened slow enough for people to take refuge. Then Someone said that people wouldn’t propably just look and watch their posessions ceasing to exist and that some pieces of steampunk will found its way to WW:s islands. I have said this once, now i say is second time and i hope that i dont need to say it third time. Pieces of steampunk will more than propably end up to WW:s islands. We have, afterall, canons and bombs in WW. (don’t get me wrong, psycology is a nice thing, but it tends to let people down now and then) Then you should think, that to make metal parts of a muscket, you need a foundry, wich is something that is way too heavy for dozens of men or horses to carry. (and about using magic in it i say thing or two later) and it will be hard to find a way to 1. get enough metal for building one. 2. melting it to make metal parts of it and it goes the same for about ewery other technological advance. So steampunked technology will cease to exist in islands because there is not enough sesources to re-establish it. Then is that there is no need for industrial revolution in world of magic. Okay, let’s count how many times you have seen someone else than Link, Zelda, Ganon or some of bosses or helper type charaters such as Midna, Navi or Maku trees to perform magic. Personaly I found one. Shahashrala using telepathy in aLttP an Shahashrala is more than half a helper type too. So it’s propably that a spark of Magic in Hyrule is not so strong afterall. Then is that that Link will be replaced by potagonist that is allmost like a copy of him, so it’s propably that Ganon would crush him. Then again the only thing that kept Ganon alive after taking a beating from Link in OoT, his magic and the Triforce of Power. Maybe this new hero can’t use Master Sword, but how about if someone sealed away Ganon’s magic, that would give to hero a chance even without it. I mean that Master Sword without Power to Repel Evil, did not work against Ganon in WW, but on the other hand, Ganon had his magic back then. Then is that that anouma wont use cerytain words, that will propably holld off, until someone finds out that Anouma had his replics made by someone else. So how about that, i have proved every last of your pathetic little claims worthles. Exept for that another Zelda site because i don’t know its adress, and therefore it’s arguments. Next time you come up with something like this, use something that will proof only one thing, not that one thing of ten has occurred. I Know that people have a need to belive and mostly of you fans are Purists so you can’t accept any kind of changes. If Zeldas get more modern from this, I will propably stay with ones already out. But it still comes to some 18. century, not like it’s going to come to modern day, or future and there is no surenes that Nintendo won’t return Zeldas to Middle ages.

  • LOL

    LOL. Learn how to spell and properly structure your text and come back later.

  • danmop

    make a creepy emo, scene zelda with break core tunes alrdy! master butterfly knife already!

  • I hope one of the producers hear this.
    I appriciate the idea of technology progressing in Hyrule, but they should keep their heads and not go too far! Their top tech should be steam-powered vehicles and muskets. In the early days of the gun, their reliability was MUCH poorer and could not replace the bow. These technologies should be new and upcoming, like prototypes. I also like the flood idea, as it applies to the timeline. I’m not too enthusiastic about the new protagonist, but at least he should have a similar personality as Link; but as the interview did say, not completely legit. I thought maybe they could use the TP Link still, but the people just mistake him as the Hero of Time. But if the new “hero” is some kind of Linebeck or something, it is sure to fail.

  • HentMas

    this theme would work mainly because Link IS the hero, and this kid IS NOT LINK so that would make him useless against ganon

    it is a darker thing, a darker view of an obvious path, “what would happen if Ganon wins??” is the question and there is your answer

    and i don´t like WW because there is too much ocean and the islands are too small

    but thats all no more everything else i think is cool

    thats my oppinion, see ya!

  • link101

    People should go back to hyrule being a medival fantasy.I think muskets cold be cool ,but NO LINK!!!!!!! netendio should SMARTEN UP , or else! I like an unmute hero could be nice amd also good graphics like in TP or PH but Really!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Skull Kid

    I don’t have a problem with a steampunk zelda, exlcuding Link is pushing it though. Also, I was rather looking forward to a sequel to Twilight Princess.

  • Bum Watching Link

    Oh come on! This is bull! They said they were “allegedly” goig to speak something about the game at E3! Ok…E3’s done…were’s the content? Deluge is a fake piece of crap! FAKE! FAKE! FAKE!

  • Definitely fake, but it could easily be my favorite Zelda game of all time if it were real.

  • Awkin

    It’s just a shame it’s as fake as Jason’s pony.

    I mean, have you EVER heard an interviewee speak with such blatant fanboyish revelation? Real people don’t speak like that :0/.

    We’ll see.

  • Tizer

    I can’t believe that I’ve just read this now. I was disappointed when E3 was over, mainly because the target audience was mainstream. But I won’t rant about that anymore.

    Whenever I read something about major changes concerning my precious loved game, I’d like to go buy an airplane ticket to Japan and smack some sense in those developers. The reason why I don’t actually do this is because…well, I just don’t have the money. Besides, you never know when you might run into the next karate kid.

    Anyway, after reading this I didn’t feel the urge to knock someone senseless. No, I would welcome these changes. I did always wonder why the Hero of Time didn’t show up when Ganon returned. I pitied the people of Hyrule, vulnerable without a hero by their side. And knowing Ganon, it would be child’s play destroying Hyrule without Link saving the day. So just maybe he did have some resistance. Yes, mostly because the gods decided to flood Hyrule but what if someone did step up and took the job of Hylian Hero. Would he buy time for the people of Hyrule to take shelter and would he eventually die defending Hyrule while the gods seal it away. The story of a Hero with a tragic ending always interested me more than one with a happy ending. This works even better if that hero isn’t the Link we know and love. But even so, isn’t Link different in every zelda game thus far? Yes, he always wears the same outfit and fights with mostly the same weapons but he wasn’t always the same farmboy, child of the forest or inhabitant of Outset Island. No, he died eventually and the spirit of the Hero of Time was reborn in another young boy. So does it matter that much that the boy once in a while doesn’t resemble most of the previous heroes? I’d welcome the change, but that’s not what it says in this article I’m afraid. This new character doesn’t have the spirit within him, but he’s a hero all the same. When all seems lost, he’s the one that rises to challenge the evil and smite it for the good of Hyrule.

    So the story, like I described it would be awesome from my point of view. Now, Steampunk. This offers great gameplay adaptations and changes, they could be subtle or even mindblowing. It could make a game great or disappointing. As the ultimate optimist I’d like to say that people in general are, like myself, optimists. Unfortunately, I encounter my fair share of pessimists in regular life. It’s the same here, people mostly don’t want these changes because they are, as much as they’ll try to deny it, pessimists. They can’t believe that changes can result into something good, not that I can blame any of them. I get disappointed in life just as much as anyone else. However, I trust the developers of Zelda and if they ever were to try implementing this in a game, I could only cheer for their decision.

    But all this seems pointless now since we still don’t have any new information on this subject or the game itself. All we can do now is wait and hope that Nintendo will surprise us in a very good way.

  • Connor

    I think this will be pretty bad im ok with a new hero but steampunk? i think that will just turn the series into another one of those walk around and shootem up games zelda doesnt need guns

    • JAM 1

      Hoppin Boppin Do Doely Do is that you? if it is than HI! it’s me Julia.
      Julia Peters

  • JAM 1

    to be honest I’M VERY VERY VERY ANGERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t belive it that is just HORRABUL! you can’t have muskets! to me that gose agesnt Zelda policey! what are you thinking Aonuma!!!!! I mean I was so exsited when you said Link would be no longer mute but getting rit of Epona! are you insane! now that I’ve heared what the new Zelda is going to be like! …I can’t belive I’m going to say this but I am NOT going to ever play “THAT” so called Zelda game.

    • JAM 1


  • Lorna

    I so badly want this to be true! It sounds really awesome… I'd be interested to play a Zelda game where Link isn't the protagonist. I'm not sure if I like the idea of Zelda's time setting changing though… Zelda wouldn't work in a more modern setting, I think. If I ever see Link on a motorbike I might just have to assasinate the whole Nintendo team…

  • Link2517

    Well What i Don't Get Is Where Link (The Real One) Went?! i Mean Seriously I Think They Are Making Fun Of ME! Cos i Have Black hair and At One Part Of My Life I Went Crazy and Thought i Was Link, Sounds like a Crazy Coincidence right? I Dressed like Link i Got a Sword like Link and i even went so far as to Dye my hair Blonde once. to be just like Link. i mean It Makes Me Feel like Nintendo Hates me and i have done nothing but Be a Supporter …if This Rumor is True; Than i want to Talk to Mr.Miyamoto Himself! about it!

  • Link_Master_00

    is link reelly gonna have blak hair cuz that wuld screw up the whole series

  • KeporaGebora

    I don´t know what to say about this. A lot of you think this is fake, but i´m not sure what to think. Nintendo would not be so stupid that they remove Link, right? Just that they even think about it (If this isn´t fake) is just… Stupid. We all know him, he´s a part of the game, and removing him would not feel right.
    But exept for that, i like it. I´m curious, and i´m really hoping that the next game, with or without Link, is just as great as the others.
    But just as i said, i´m not sure if i hope this is fake or not.