The poster to your left was released in an issue of Nintendo power as an advertisement for Disagaea DS. Apparently the artist who designed the ad was ever-so-bold enough to create what Nintendo is calling merely a “speculative” look at a possible DS redesign.

The artwork first made its way to the internets through Aeropause, a gaming blog that offers a condensed look at each Nintendo Power issue. The ad was one of their highlights.

That said, while a widescreen DS Lite does sound mighty tasty, it doesn’t sound like the type of thing for Nintendo to do – when the big N focuses so much on the gaming experience beyond graphics, a shiny 16×9 screen, rather, seems like one of the last things it would smack onto its modestly powered handheld. Needless to say, there’s still chatter all around about the next possible DS, which means we might be seing a lot of interesting photoshops in the coming days.

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  • zantdarksage

    i’d like it if they brought out the Nintendo DTS (dual touch screen). essentially the same as a DS now, but both screens with touch sensetivity. they’d have to do more than that if it were to be sold as a ‘DS2’, but it’s an idea.

  • draxonus

    If that really was a new DS design, I doubt they’re making the screen bigger. If anything they’re probably just making the rest of the unit smaller. If they were making it widescreen that would be like playing Gameboy games on the Gameboy Advance. The old DS games would look weird and the new ones would look weird on the old DSs, if you could play the new games on them at all.

  • Luisa

    *Sigh* I don’t think I’m going to buy the next DS. I’m happy with my actual DS Lite.

  • Andrew

    I would be surprised if the next handheld system was even called “DS” I think Nintendo will be making a whole new system the will have better graphics and perhaps 2 touch screens that will looks similar to the PSP. I doubt something like that would be ready for this E3, but hey, Nintendo has made SO much money from the DS and Wii, they might have enough money to do anything as fast as they wanted to. But I can say that I will not be buying one if it were to come out until: price drop, lite version, good list of games.