Nintendo has some dirty tricks up their sleeves.News has been slower than ever as Nintendo attempts fervently to keeps its most secret projects hush-hush before the E3 craziness, but there’s never a shortage of rumors. IGN has taken what we know and amalgamated it into an article pointing out the possible games and announcements that’ll come from The Big N at the Expo this July 15th. With IGN undoubtedly being on of Nintendo’s closest media partners, we will most likely see some truth to these rumors shed in the near future.

The list is mostly comprised – or rather, entirely comprised – of titles we already know will exist. Sonic Chronicles, Sonic’s own RPG, and Spore‘s creature creator appear here, as well as the recently announced Chrono Trigger DS. On a more personal note, I should have you all know that all three of these games have me drooling in excitement.

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