Some of you may remember, or at least heard of the problems that Japan and America had with the release of Supar Smash Bros. Brawl. Well, it seems that Europe are also experiencing these problems. If you’re encountering read-errors, then you might want to contact Nintendo who are offering a FREE cleaning service to all who were affected by this. Read on for details.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl is the first Wii game to have been printed on dual-layered disks and it appears that these disks only seem to work if you have a squeaky clean lens. A dirty lens puts a lot of strain on the lazer (the part that reads the disk) because it has to work twice as hard. A dirty lens results in read errors and the game simply wont work; which Nintendo could not have foreseen. However, the console giants are more than happy to help. They will clean your lens for free and your repair will be fast-tracked so you’re not sitting around twiddling your thumbs waiting.

Below you will find the email addresses for Nintendo customer services in your region. Simply drop them an email explaing that you are experiencing disk-read errors with SSBB and they will respond quickly. I have also included some quoted text from Nintendo UK, who I contacted regarding my copy of Brawl not working. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. duncan[at]zeldauniverse[dot]net.


Quoted by Nintendo UK

Brawl is the first Wii game to use a dual-layer disc. These contain more information than normal discs and a very small percentage of users may experience read issues.

If the Wii is unable to read the disc it is likely it needs a lens clean. It could need a clean due to dust in the air, nicotine from smoking, air fresheners etc.

We are offering a free cleaning service for anyone with this issue. Please use our expedited repair service.

We will also need your copy of Brawl so we can test to make sure everything is working correctly before returning your items.


[email protected]
Nintendo UK  email (rest of Europe also)
Nintendo of America repair form

[email protected]
Nintendo of Canada  email 

Nintendo of Australia
(03) 9730 9822 MON to FRI 9:00AM TO 5:00PM (EST)


  • Wolflink12

    that is interesting. Do they have this in the US as well? because every once in a while the Wii will be unable to read my Brawl Disc, and the game will go the the pale green screen saying that there is an error. Maybe this is my problem.

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