Is it true or is it fiction? Recent rumors are surging through the internet about a new Zelda game which will be announced at E3 2008. The presently titled Project Deluge or Valley of the Flood is rumored to be in the works from Nintendo in a recently released interview between Eiji Aonuma and a mysterious individual calling himself “Kyle.” The alleged interview, which originated at IGN’s forums, has not been confirmed to be legitimate but is raising interesting questions about the future of the Zelda series because of the new features in the game.

Supposedly this new Zelda will be steampunk-influenced, meaning that there would be higher technology within the medieval world of Zelda – primitive guns such as muskets, railroads and other budding technologies. Think Zelda meets the industrial revolution. Does it sound real? We’re not holding our breath just yet – especially since “Anouma” states that the main character will not be Link, but rather a deluded soul who believes he is Link. Other Zelda firsts include complete voice acting, fully orchestrated music, and a compellingly complicated storyline.

While this all sounds incredibly appealing, there is no proof of this interview’s validity. Nintendo has never released an interview about an upcoming Zelda game before, and it is rare for the existence of highly secret projects like these to be leaked so easily.

We at Zelda Universe will be bringing you information as it follows, as well as an article which will be following this news post next week. An addition, it took some doing, but I think I tracked down the interview’s original source at IGN’s forums. Here is the link.

Project Deluge – The New Zelda?

  • Thorn

    After reading the full article, it would be awesome of this were true. But it probably isn't. Let's hope Miyamoto reads it and takes some notes though!

    • sarsgarrs

      well this sounds like the worst thing you cold do to a zelda game adding trains and guns especially. I think youd have to be a moron to change a game that much. i dont even like the diluded soul part. this is a good i dea for a different party to make. alot of people seem to like it. finally with that other guy that made halo or what ever may be make it more actiony but keep all the puzzles acually add more half of the reason i buy zelda games is because i love the puzzles. and also its great that what sounds like it would make sence like walking throug steam with boots on so you dont get blown away works alot of games dont make sence some times.

      • jngeorge

        Actually, I think it sounds very interesting. I’m not saying that I think it’s true. I have no idea what to think at this point. And you don’t like the idea of a deluded soul? I think that sounds amazing.

        Oh, and by the way, PLEASE use some fucking grammar next time because your sentences were just mushed together and it was hard to read.

  • link_is_my_luvr

    I am praying with all my might that these rumors are 100% true.

    • johnlink

      It isn’t true, it’s fake.
      I found a mistake
      They are saying that the main character will not be link, so read this:
      >Aonuma: You’ll have to wait a while, because this is still very integral to the core plot, which I can’t spoil right now. I can tell you that his primary motive is destroying Ganon, but you can imagine how difficult this is without the Master Sword or Light Arrows. So battling Ganon and saving Hyrule are both key components of his journey, and in order to immerse the characters as fully as possible, I want to draw the sense of urgency present in Majora’s Mask. The flood doesn’t occur until later in the story, but when Hyrule floods, it does so in real-time. What I mean is, Link will not have the opportunity to wander the world aimlessly at that point, as Hyrule Field and the Gerudo and Kokiri territories—all the towns aside from the Goron tribes in Death Mountain, essentially—will become huge bodies of water. And of course there will be an immense variety of new enemies and such to add depth to this.

      So why do they say ¨link will not have the opportunity to wander the world aimlessly¨ if he doesn’t appear in the game?

      • phycolink98

        Well, the link in the wind waker wasnt the real link now was he?

        • Hoshika-Pichu

          He was a reincarnation. I think that counts.

      • zeldmaster405

        good point i didnt realize that when i was reading the interveiw. i still am hoping that they will announce some new zelda title at e3 on the 14.

      • WindWaker007

        I agree. This “Project Deluge” sounds a little too farfetched to be a real Zelda game. If it turns out to be real in the end, I will buy, play or look at another Zelda game again. I think that it is probably just a hoax, but, things can change over time. After I read that interview, I thought to myself, “Man! It is so easy to tell how fake this is! Why would Nintendo make a game like that? It’s dumb!” If I sound mean, I am sorry. That just makes me angry!

        • Not only that, but, what will happen to Epona? It’s not Zelda without Epona to help or just be there! Plus, why would they make a game based on the Great Flood after Twilight Princess? It is completely pointless! This game is absolutely biased. There is no dout that this is a fake.
          I have to admit, it is pretty impressive in the settings and the idea ins’t too bad. But, they really need to put some real thought into this if they want it to come out right. If this is like another Majora’s Mask or Wind Waker deal, then I will at least try it out.
          Forget what I said before and listen to me now. I will not be surprised if this is a hoax nor will I be disappointed if it becomes real. It may not be so bad after all. But, until further notice, I am niether for or against the idea.
          For the few who may agree with me, take my advice; don’t look forward to it, but, don’t be surprised if it appears in GameStop or whatever game place you shop at.
          For the few who don’t think it will happen, at least take a real look at the facts we are given. Then, consider your opinion.
          I will give no futher advice. I am starting to confuse myself. Enjoy it while you can, fanboys and girls! Soon, it might be gone!

    • Luisa

      And I’m praying this is 100% false.

    • Tim

      Well, I don’t know if it’s fake or not. Of course, it seems that the plans are really quite detailed, and the interview has a very natural bounce too it. And simply because Aonuma mentions Link’s name when talking about the main character does not guarantee this game’s falsehood. Link has been the main character for, oh, something like 20 years. It could have just slipped out, and he wouldn’t have given it a second thought.
      Then again, an interview would be first recorded on a cassette tape, and then written down, so then, wouldn’t Kyle have noticed this mistake of Aonuma’s and corrected it?
      It’s all very interesting, but the most arguable fact is that no one mentioned it at E3 2008.
      Still, Nintendo hasn’t said no, they might not have had the game developed enough to reveal at the last E3 get-together. (remember nintendo’s constant Twilight Princess’ delays?)
      Anyways, I guess we’ll just have to wait to find out for sure.

  • Triforce of the Gods

    I kinda hope it’s true. However, since it was found by 4chan before IGN at our forums, I’m a little skeptical.

  • Hyrule

    I’m actually really hoping this is true. It would be awesome.

    • monica

      i hope it it true too, this game would be so great

  • Commodore

    Wow. That’s an article filled with the worst ideas for a Zelda game I’ve ever heard. I sencerely hope that there’s no truth to this. As badly as I’d like a new game… Just no.

    • Madfoot713

      why? steampunk is an awesome direction for Zelda to go; steampunk is awesome,and still medeival-themed somewhat.

      besides, orchestrated, voice-acting, complex plot–what’s not to love? Lord I wish this were true

      • Fizzy


        • jngeorge

          God, FREAK OUT! Jeez, calm down. If this is possibly true, then Nintendo will find some way to make steampunk medieval. So just stop your bitch fit, PLEASE.

  • Goronlove

    Ya this came from 4 chan but I’ve seen them get stuff right. Like I think they knew about Pokemon Platinum.

  • Son of Mido

    Ehh, I’m not worried. I’ve heard this tune before, sung about Twilight Princess. I don’t think Nintendo would be dumb enough to play screwball with one of their leading game series. That would be like taking Samus and making a fashion designing game based on her. Completely defeats the point.

    • Fizzy

      True enough. I like your thinking!


    • Xolroc

      Samus Aran + fashion? Now THAT is creepy.

  • Aru

    With Nintendo saying TP was the last Zelda of it’s type that has like a 5% of being true but when reading the interview I found some things that make me feel this is completely fake, I mean that really sounds like a Zelda fan dream, if I write a fake interview I’ll surely put some of the things right there, also how can Nintendo give information that easily, is like, “Can you tell me the complete storyline of the next Zelda? – Aounuma:Oh, sure you can also post it in every forum you find”

    Some of these are very good ideas but I really don’t think this interview is true, specially because of the way that “Aounuma” was talking

  • Aria

    OMG that interview is so fake I wanna barf! A little bit of steampunk would be cool. And maybe if the diluted soul was the enemy that would be cool. It would be awesome if you begin to play as diluted soul and somethings off key ’til you meet the real Link and pick up the game there. Other than that let me get back to barfing

  • ChainofTermina

    Wow That sounds REALLY fake. some deluded guy who think’s he’s link?
    That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. This is most definetly fake.
    Zelda is a med-evil like game not a cowboy game.

    However i did read something in “Game Informer” that some guy who worked on Halo might be making a zelda game, and this would be more actiony and fight based rather than puzzle based wich zelda has been doing a lot of lately. Its just rumor though, I think

    • jceckels

      I read that article in Game Informer too. However, I don’t think it’s true. I think they were just asking the developer what he would do with the franchise if he was making the next zelda.

      As for Project Deluge. I think the idea is incredibly fresh. However, the article is most definitely fake. Aonuma would never reveal so much about a key franchise, before E3 no less. I remember after Twilight Princess was announced, it took like a year before we even got hints of the storyline. And that was all we really got before the game was released.

    • Madfoot713

      steampunk!=cowboy. hell,steampunk is a lot closer to medieval than it is to anything modern.

      • Fizzy





        Your angering a/many TRUE Zelda FAN(s).

        • jngeorge

          What did I say earlier? Oh, right. ENOUGH BITCH FITS! And I don’t think that people who say that steampunk isn’t medieval are angering many Zelda fans. They just like the idea of change. The only person flipping out about anything is you, and right now, nobody is quite sure why.

  • Andross

    Even if it does look false, you must admit, these are some pretty interesting ideas. An insane hero in a steampunk world? Sounds like awesome, to me. It would also be interesting to have a “Link” that isn’t “gifted by the gods” or whatever.

    And, here’s something to think about- Final Fantasy VI was a game that vastly differed from the previous games in its series, with a more modern, steampunk world. And it became one of the most beloved titles in the Final Fantasy series.

    As dumb as these ideas may look, they could turn out to be brilliant.

    • Fizzy

      Change is the only consistant thing in the FF universe. None of the games are related to each other and that leaves the developers to do whatever the hell they want with the storylines and appearance of the games. Having FFVI more modern than previous games is possible in that series because of the FF dynamic of incontinuity from game to game. Zelda does not have that dynamic and to put that in the series now would cripple its charm and allure ultimately ruining the whole series. People would buy it but then again most people are mindless drones and will buy anything so long as it has guns, being that they are older then 8 (some older people still have the mindset of 8 year old).

      Enough Said, NYAH!

  • Mafoofoo

    Needs more Assault rifles.

  • ZFG

    Thats the worst fake interview I’ve ever read. Its so bad its funny. Its also funny that people believe this.

  • Ferilink

    Eeeh sounds kinda fake to me.

    Since when is Aounuma that direct and accesible before a game release of a game we know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT? Miyamoto would practically kill him if Eiji went and blathered about everything in the game, even if it’s an interview sworn to be kept secret. Eiji has mentioned how Miyamoto has him on a tight leash regarding discussing unnanounced games.

    So, so fake.

    Then again, there’s SOME interesting ideas… but not all of them.

    Pah, it’s okay guys, only 2 more weeks till e3 and we may (or may not,b ut I’d like to think we will) find at least a teeny thing about the new Zelda.

  • Kitty

    I was so hyped when I read this it didn’t even occur to me that it might be fake.

    I have wanted another game with the hopeless mood and character depth of Majora’s Mask for so long! (is anyone with me on that?)

    Even if the interview is fake, maybe some of the details are true…one can hope…

    • Fizzy

      I'm not with you on that one, all of you who think Zelda needs voice overs and steam punk, need to get our head examined.


      Orchestrated is necessary.

      Enough said.

      • jngeorge

        We are true Zelda fans. Some of us may just be tired of the same voice-less, green-garbed hero we’ve been with since the beginning. Orchestrated is NOT necessary, but is would be a GREAT thing to have.

        Enough said.

    • Luisa

      I do agree the next Zelda must be different like Majora’s Mask was, but not with steampunk or guns. You see, MM was different but still medieval with no signs of steampunk.
      For a Zelda to me different it doesn’t need that stuff.

  • Teep

    Sweet Jesus!

    • Hoshika-Pichu

      Your comment’s reason confuses me. Is it that horrible and fake? I guess it is.

      … AWESOME! ^_^

  • jotokun

    Ough, if this were true, I'd take my own life. Zelda does NOT equal technology, guns, modern stuff, etc. And if it were based on action, that'd be bad. At heart, Zelda is a puzzle game with action elements. Take away the puzzle, and you'll attract the halo crybabies but throw all the true fans out the window.

    I am praying that this is false…

    • Madfoot713

      steampunk IS NOT MODERN. it’s still pretty close to medieval… like, Final Fantasy, World of Warcraft, those games have steampunk elements. or Morrowind, where the extinct dwarves once had technology–that game is still medieval

      • Fizzy

        If you consider Final Fantasy steampunk, your well off your brain my friend. Final Fantasy has Airships, Cars, Guns, etc. It is in NO WAY MEDIEVAL.

        You need to think that over, alright?

        Enough said.

        • jngeorge

          My God, you MUST stop talking. You must stop it NOW! You’re an idiot. Enough said.

      • Luisa

        Steampunk IS modern, dang it. The steampunk first appeared in the Industrial Revolution. Do you think that’s medieval? Come on, History is saying hi.

  • zantdarksage

    yeah, i think this idea is AMAZING.
    i really hope at E3 they surprise everyone with even a zelda logo for the next game. at that point i won’t care about this, and it’s 2 weeks away.

  • Breana

    "voice acting, fully orchestrated music, and a compellingly complicated storyline"

    that is the only part of this news that i want to be true (and of course no words from Mr. Link).

    can't wait to hear news from E3

  • link_is_my_luvr

    Even if this review is fake, I hope that the general idea is true.

  • Rajin95

    NO, no, no this is not real. Every real The Legend of Zelda game has had link as the main character. Zelda would be terible with guns it would be the end of Zelda.

  • 4chan, the best source for Zelda news since 2004!

  • Billy

    muskets? definitely never happening in hyrule, but maybe if link were to meet dr. emmett brown.

  • Adam

    This article is bogus. I mean why would they change the fundamentals of Zelda? Having no voices is one of the best things about Zelda, because you’re not being forced what to say. The only part that would be good out of this article is the fully orchestrated music, and everybody knows that’s gonna be coming anyway. But adding trains and guns would totally ruin the experience. It also kinda ruins the whole courage thing, because then you could be like 500 feet away sniping moblins and stuff. And what would you get halfway through the game. The Master AK-47? This has to be totally bogus. Anybody who likes this idea is not a zelda fan at all.

    • Madfoot713

      just because you have voice acting doesn’t mean Link has to talk, and not all guns are sniper rifles or other modern things. steampunk is in fact pretty similar to medieval, and since it happens before the flood it would only be one game. I would love a steampunk Zelda game, if only this were true.

  • Link guy

    uhh, guns…how gay can you get? one of the best things about zelda is the mid-evil type of weaponry. adding voices isn’t that bad of an idea, but i wouldn’t do it. but some diluded link, what kind of crap is that, correct me if i’m wrong, but shadow link was diluded enough.

    this would completly ruin the series, cuz if i wanted to play halo, then i would.

    • Madfoot713

      you’re missing the picture. guns don’t necessarily mean AK-47’s and sniper rifles, this is STEAMPUNK, steampunk is still pretty similar to medieval.

      • Fizzy


        • jngeorge

          (FREAK OUT.)

  • Master jedi

    I hope it never happens. First muskets, then machine guns, then we get halo. I wouldn’t buy it.

    • Fizzy

      I totally agree, another Halo. Zelda is supposed to be different, not the same as every other game out there. Even though the Zelda games are a tad stale and run the same storyline mostly, I still fully enjoy it and to me it never really gets stale. Zelda is different.

  • Please no… Have any of you seen the steam punk star wars?!? I suppose it would be a bit like MM… maybe…

  • link97

    no no!I like young and my dad dont realy want to play tp.we are huge zelda fans.we laugh and joke if he had a bazoka or a rifal but no way!

  • rei

    i hope its not tru because personnaly the ideas of guns in zelda plus the main charecter not being link would kinda dissapoint me, although the railroad idea does sound kinda cool

  • the spammed 1

    its true.
    i have got around 12 emails from gamers-fun, gamespot and 1trailer i will try to upload.
    if i find it :).

  • the spammed 1

    ps: its not a zelda game if i have understood my mails right. its something like zelda but its not zelda.

  • the spammed 1

    i have found 1 spam trailer with link in 3200. flying cars and stuff. pretty cool but extremly fake.

    • Hoshika-Pichu

      I’m pretty sure that was an old April Fool’s joke… 😐

  • forever-eternity0

    Guns =! rapid-fire weapons. A musket with gunpowder-filled deku nuts is no different than TP’s bomb arrows for range, firing rate and impact. Steampunk settings allow for an interesting art direction, but do very little to change gameplay mechanics. After all, “technology” and “magic” are completely interchangeable in this area. The most interesting aspects mentioned in the interview are the larger overworld full of mini-dungeons, a real-time change of the overworld and a new storyline angle. While there are probably plenty people who want Zelda to stay the same and will be happy if Nintendo keeps churning about by-the-book installments with enough tweaks and upgrades to make it feel fresh, everyone who has played the series for a longer time has to admit many common elements and puzzles become predictable. Nintendo wants to try something new to avoid making the series grow stale.

    • Madfoot713

      thank you. as you mentioned, there’s already bombs and stuff in Zelda, steampunk wouldn’t be too radical a change. unfortunately,this won’t end up being true.

  • Mike87

    I wont believe it until I see it.

  • faralore

    i dont trust IGM anymore

    they support alot of fake rumors

  • Chris

    I hated the concept at first, but it’s growing on me. I like how they said that the main character isn’t Link, but eventually starts to become more like him as the story progresses. I’m guessing that the character will eventually realize that he is a hero regardless of whether he is chosen by the gods or whatever. Anyone worried about the modern influence needs only to look at past games. The City in the Sky in Twilight Princess looked like something out of Star Wars. The only thing that concerns me is the voice acting, but I guess the lack of a “true” Link character solves the problem of his muteness.

    • Fizzy

      I disagree with “The City in the Sky” comment, it did NOT look like ANYTHING from Star Wars. Yes I admit it was different but it still had the medieval feel and look to it.

  • Tyler

    This would be interesting, and the whole “deluded soul” scenario would set up nicely for Wind Waker, but I don’t think the addition of guns would be a good idea. But I don’t buy it. This ultimately sounds like a sick joke.

    It would probably be better if Nintendo applied this concept to a different game.

  • Edracon

    After reading the interview, I really hope that this IS real.

  • Zero

    I read a REAL interview and it said that they’d NEVER incorperate voice-acting (other than grunts and other weird noises) because they want Link to be voiceless (I read somewhere else that they want you to develop his own personality instead of giving him one). So, It’s fake and somebody needs to bitch-slap them!

    • Fizzy

      I agree, bitch-slapping is in order. ^^

    • Vituvianrush

      Need i remind you that this [false] interview stated that he wasn’t Link?

      Poke on your logic.

  • Link guy

    the idea isn’t to bad. the gun COULD work if done very carefully, but the train might not be so great. also, the diluded soul sounds stupid, but somewhat interesting. all in all, if this is real then it will either give zelda a huge boost or it will kill it.

  • SH007

    I would like this to be true, I think it is an innovative story/concept for a game based in the Zelda universe. However I doubt it is true-too much information was revealed, I doubt they’d do that unless they’d been developing it for quite a while.

  • Insizor

    Well, the first problem is that all Zelda titles discussed in interviews have had both Anouma and Miyamoto in them, not just one of them. Secondly, Nintendo never release info about their games before E3, even if it is close. It’s a shame too. Who ever made this up has some good iedas, steam-punk dynamics, crazy main character, dark plot and voice all sounds epic. the good thing is, Nintendo will probably release SOMETHING at E3 that is Zelda. We can only hope this is somewhat accurate.

  • Blackfeather

    Wow, it really sounds interesting…

    It would be something totally new of course, but if it is true, they really should not call it a Legend of Zelda… maybe a little bit different, because without Link it isn't a Zelda game.

    But there are a lot of really good ideas, the trail thing…. I thought about something like this before for my Zelda mod. (call me paranoid, but sometimes I think Nintendo sucks my brain for ideas!)

    Otherwise, we will notice if it's true or not. Just wait and drink tee!^^

  • a guy

    I cant tell if its true or not.
    But I think Nintendo is going insane…
    A Deluged soul who is imposing Link!?!?
    I understand Nintendo want’s to get a fresh idea for Zelda (It’s begining getting a bit Repetitive) but come on! We have so many diffrent types of Link’s.
    But let’s look a the positive’s a new idea, another type of Link, an intresting story line, and a hope-to-be Kick Ass game.

    Hell I got an idea for a game. How about you came play as other characters like Zelda or Some other character from Zelda. But its a thought.

  • Nagrom

    Personally, this sounds like crap. Deluded soul? Guns? Even if a lot of you guys like Steam-punk, I don’t. I like pure medieval better. I wouldn’t mind voice-acting however as long as Link is still mostly silent. He’s cute that way. 🙂 Anyway, I think you guys are all getting way to upset over this. It’s probably a fake article.

  • phycolink98

    I hope its true, but it being released in late 2009 0_o , well you gotta take your time with these kind of things right?

  • Twilight Vestige

    This made me extremely excited, and weirded out, because I had an idea for a fanfic very similar to this, in terms of steampunkiness. O.o
    But this was on IGN, so it’s questionable.
    Also keep in mind that Miyamoto mentioned that Twilight Princess would be “the last Zelda of its kind.”

    As for the release in late 09, that sounds a bit early for a Zelda title…especially on of this magnitude.

    • Could he have possibly meant that in the sense that there would be no more Gamecube/Wii Zelda games or any other Gamecube games? I mean, right after the release of Twilight Princess the Gamecube series of games was discontinued officially.

      It’s conceivable, and I’d enjoy a different taste in Zelda. After all, we’ve all been begging for something like: Zelda needs something new, it might just lose sales or even loyal fans because of its bland and repetitive taste. Not to insult the series, but on the same token we need something new. Don’t jump to the idea that it would be horrible because it doesn’t follow the base traditions. Give it a chance and watch a few trailers, if this idea is actually the truth. My untrue-rumour-detector is on the brink of haywire, though, so I wouldn’t doubt that it were true or even untrue.

  • Fizzy

    “The main character will not be Link, but rather a deluded soul who believes he is Link. Other Zelda firsts include complete voice acting, fully orchestrated music, and a compellingly complicated storyline.”


    Honestly, “Steampunk” as well? I can’t believe what i’m hearing if this is true, it’ll destroy the image of Zelda games forever. Stick to the freakin’ basics. I enjoy killing Ganon. The only thing I liked about Majora’s Mask is the fact you could turn into a Deku Shrub, Zora and Goron, other then that the game sucked! I HATE time limits and you should be able to wander Hyrule and the Zelda Universe aimlessly, it was the whole point of the damn game! To collect things around Hyrule to defeat Ganondorf. Then the fact of it not being Link as the main character? Come on!

    Someone please knock some sense into these creators. They need to stop thinking that they need to improve with Steampunk garbage. Zelda needs to stay the way it is. Possibly make the Universe/Hyrule much larger then normal games and make more dungeons and such to the extent of Twilight Princess. Make a continuation possibly. AND NO, AND I STRESS NO VOICE OVERS.

    I don’t want to hear some stupid actor’s voice talking as Link, i’d rather have him a mute except for the occasional “HYAH!”

    I really hope this isn’t true because if it is, I won’t even waste my money this time like I did on Majora’s Mask.

    Enough Said.

    • jngeorge

      It’s not retardation that there MIGHT be a new main character. It’s great, it’ll answer questions about the gap in time where Link never showed up to defeat Ganon, hence the flood.

      The “freakin’ basics” is what is boring Zelda fans. That’s what’s so great about games like Majora’s Mask. In Majora’s Mask, it was a totally different setting, a totally different atmosphere. It threw me off at first, but then I enjoyed it’s difference to other games in the series. No, I hated the deadline, but the idea of the flooding happening in real time actually caught my eye more than anything in this interview. Collecting three things to get seven-or-so more things just to get to the final boss is a BORING LAYOUT! GIVE US SOMETHING FUCKING DIFFERENT! Such as this game. It might not be real, but it sounds wonderful nonetheless.

      And I don’t think Nintendo’s feelings would be hurt one bit if a single whiny idiot didn’t spend their money on this game.

      (Enough said.)

  • Par_Toutatis

    I hate the idea. I don’t want a FF7 look-alike or whatever with some girl named Zelda around the corner. I don’t trust voice-acting. I don’t want a crazy ”guy-who-thinks-he’s-Link”, I just want a Link. Whether he be the reincarnation of the Hero of Time or some random boy named Link, I don’t care, but I’d leave the weird-o named ”Joe Doe” idea to another game. Seriously, just create a whole new series already if you want to try creating something different.
    That was my first reaction.
    Reading that interview I could only think about a fanfic writer with many weird ideas. Cool as a fanfic, but do they really need to drastically rebuild something that isn’t even broken? Used; needs a makeover, a major renovation maybe. But totally rebuilt?
    Oh, I could be exagerating my reaction. It could turn out to be a game I’d love, buy and defend with all my might, but right now, if I wanted something different, I won’t be playing Zelda, period.
    I’ll wait for the E3, with hopes that the ”changes” they want to bring to Zelda will be changes I’ll enjoy.
    Because let’s face it, it’s not simply the idea of change that has some of us fans trembling, it’s what kind of change.
    I don’t like what I’ve seen of steampunk until now. Maybe they’ll manage to make it enjoyable and original. I just hope there will still be sword fights the way I love them.
    Then again, maybe it’s fake.
    It sounds fake, my fake-o-meter is on high alert.
    Then again, everytime I start enjoying a series because of its general atmosphere, it decides to make a drastic change. *cough*BreathOfFireV*cough*
    No, I don’t want it to take the same turn.
    Not Zelda.
    *Waits E3 anyway*

  • Hoshika-Pichu

    I can think of many, MANY good reasons why this article is possibly fake. … And now they’re invalidated. This interview was pretty well-made.

    Although, it doesn’t seem like an Aonuma thing to do to just state the details that early and so… bluntly. If they were so excited about the game, wouldn’t they keep it a surprise?

    This seems like fan food so much that it’s not even funny. Humorous, but just not funny enough to be funny.

    There are still some points that could lift this just a little to the real thing. Firstly, the interview was first posted on 4chan. That thread is gone. It could have been the writer’s doing, which could also say it’s fake.

    When they said that they would rebuild the next game from the ground up, I didn’t think that they would take out the key characters and elements just like that. No Master Sword,

    And I’m not sure if anybody has noticed, but doesn’t this seem like a play on Tingle? Black-haired freak who thinks he’s the chosen one. Who else BUT Tingle? 😛

    There is also this quote by Aonuma:

    “Aonuma: You’ll have to wait a while, because this is still very integral to the core plot, which I can’t spoil right now. I can tell you that his primary motive is destroying Ganon, but you can imagine how difficult this is without the Master Sword or Light Arrows. So battling Ganon and saving Hyrule are both key components of his journey, and in order to immerse the characters as fully as possible, I want to draw the sense of urgency present in Majora’s Mask. The flood doesn’t occur until later in the story, but when Hyrule floods, it does so in real-time. What I mean is, Link will not have the opportunity to wander the world aimlessly at that point, as Hyrule Field and the Gerudo and Kokiri territories—all the towns aside from the Goron tribes in Death Mountain, essentially—will become huge bodies of water. And of course there will be an immense variety of new enemies and such to add depth to this.”

    That’s a lot of detail in one shot.

    There isn’t really anything else I can find except for that -san thing they keep leaving in the interview, but if this happens, I won’t buy it unless if it becomes more true to the Zelda series.

    But one last thing: this game supposedly happens after Majora’s Mask and before Wind Waker. The story of Wind Waker clearly states that the hero never came, and then everything was flooded. This psycho is supposed to do the second half of the game after everything becomes like the Great Sea. Wouldn’t he be the hero then, since he becomes the hero? The hero would have come then, and the story of Wind Waker would mostly be ripped apart.

    • zeldmaster405

      no the game ends when hyrule floods.

  • zeldmaster405

    i think its real and fake. the fake things about it are that the main character is not link(what a joke). also the whole storyline is kinda fake. hyrule floods(flashbacks anyone). the so called hero is insanley deluded(kinda dumb). the real things i think are that there will be orchastrated music(thank the lord). i also think that there will be voice acting(that would be frekin awsome). oh yah and there will probably be somthing resembling a crossbow. for the industrializing im not holding my breath.

  • jngeorge


    Steampunk is not modern. It is a 19th Century-era subgenre of fantasy. Look it up, moron.

  • Power Shot

    I grow tired of Fizz dissing steampunk.

    The fact is that Hyrule already has the technology for muskets, seen in the fact that they have bombs and electromagnetic equipment (as seen in Twilight Princess). Guns do NOT mean AK-47’s and sniper rifles, the’re just the natural evolution of weaponry, like upgrading from the slingshot to the bow and arrow.

    The train I like simply because it sounds like a much more interesting way to travel. Zelda already has steamboats, so why can’t they have coal-powered trains?

    Seriously, stop being such a moron. Do you honestly think Nintendo would screw up the Zelda series so badly? Even if this is fake you can at least find respect for the ideas of the evolution of Hyrule.

  • LegendofLink

    Well said Power Shot, I don’t know why everyone is so against this (mostly everyone.) Sure, at first glance it’s a “wtf is wrong with you” idea, but then – if you really start to imagine the implications, it would give them the opportunity to make the best Zelda game in history, by completely surprising fans and making everything so new and fresh, no one would know what to expect.

    It absolutely obliterates the old formula, but it doesnt mean it will destroy tradition – all that’s happening is that Hyrule is evolving and advancing, Hyrule cant be an ancient land forever, and we’ve been playing in an ancient land for upto 20 years, if they decided to make a one-shot game to go in a new direction; then how can anyone hate them for that! They are adding a deeper depth and realism to the fantasy world we all grew up in (at Zelda Universe.)

    It will still be Hyrule.

    You guys seem to be forgetting this is Zelda, the series which doesn’t even have one truly “bad” game (made by Nintendo.) And not many series can say that.

    If this turns out to be real (highly unlikely, i admit) Then Nintendo will be able to pull it off, just because they’re running with a new idea doesnt mean that the quality suddenly explodes into a terrible decline.

    Seriously guys, 99% chance its fake, but incase anything like this happens again. Be Open-minded about it.

    And if I had to make the dreaded comparison, FF1-6 were all completely set in distant fantasy, then they completely smashed all prior foundations of what “Final Fantasy” IS, and made FF7.

    If it weren’t for FF7, the final fantasy series would not be as popular or mainstream as it is today. (Not saying its the best fantasy, saying it rescued Square from the brink of bankruptcy)

    Can you see how this might work?

  • Luisa

    Hell if this interview is true, it’d ruin the Zelda series. Link not being the main character and all that other stuff? No way. And as it was already stated, Nintendo would never let information about an upcoming Zelda leak so easily.
    I’ll pray this is not true.

  • Misa Misa

    I really don’t think this is real. Until I see any proper sources, I won’t believe it. I don’t like the idea, to be honest either. I don’t mind the main character not being Link, actually. My main gripe is the steampunk thing. I like Hyrules rolling fields and traditional fantasy styled weaponry. I certainly wouldn’t want Zelda with guns. But I’m open to try it at least, even though I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t appeal to me much. Anyway, I’m pretty sure this is fake for a number of reasons. I thought it actually originated from 4Chan who are known for spreading things that aren’t real. Though I do congratulate whoever wrote this, as it already has all the fanboys going! Haha!

    It’s E3 in a few days, though, so hopefully they will release something to clear this thing up.

  • Golden Keaton

    See I’m okay with the idea of trains and orchastrated music.
    What I don’t like is the idea of guns and not playing the hero. Like MM was a tiny bit higher in technology, but not so far that it was modern.
    My opinion is that this is most likely
    (definetly) a fake. But I’m only 12 so what do I know.

  • nobody

    I don’t think that the interview is real, but it would be a great direction for the zelda series to go in. I think the idea for the character was great, and if they made the dynamics for the guns similar to that of the arrow, i think the guns would fit in perfectly. All i can say is that i hope something about the next zelda game is anounced at E3.The one thing about the fake game that i thought was stupid was the horse, what lighting up or something? But as long as the next zelda game, whatever it might be is fun i will love it.

  • EvaJanus

    Im thinkin this is all made up, but who knows. It might be true after all. But either way it just doesnt feel right. All Zelda games so far have followed a basic pattern and now all of a sudden we have a storyline with someone who is NOT Link. Also the new technologies and voice acting just doesnt seem like a Zelda game to me. I mean, it sounds interesting but it just doesnt feel like Zelda. *shrugs*

  • Vituvianrush

    You who claim that this is shit, or wrong, or something, do you count yourself as a TRUE zelda fan? I’d beg to differ. A series needs to EVOLVE, we can’t just sit here, as jngeorge said, [My words differ], and play the same damn ALTTP-clone all the time. We need something new, something unique to every zelda game, be it graphics or a dark an twisted storyline. I believe, however unikely this might seem, that if a steampunk inspired zelda really was their intention, it would revolutionize the whole series again, as majoras mask [With the storyline] or OoT[You all know how they revolutionized shit].

    Whoa, look at the time… Anyways, what I wanted to say was that if you really are a true Zelda fan, you would like to see the series grow and evolve, and not see it stagnate because of a bunch of nerds that are afraid of change [Republican Nerds?].

    • Vituvianrush

      My bad, the graphics are NOT one of the great evolutions of a game. [yet some people seem to believe so]. It is an evolution, but nothing that enhances the general feel of the game.

      again, my bad 😛

  • Son of Dark Link

    I think it could happen. Look at the end of OOT. A golden age starts in Hyrule. I think that is could last for at least 600 years. It would be pretty easy for them to make advancements in Hyrule. Besides someone has to get the princess out of Hyrule when the flood comes. You think the solders are brave enough to fight of the monsters. Besides we have a year still to wait until the supposed releases of this game. So it’s too early to say for sure.

  • Haley

    If it’s true, I will never buy it.

    If the guy from Halo is working on it, I woudn’t buy it. Halo sucks, and this game would suck.