Is it true or is it fiction? Recent rumors are surging through the internet about a new Zelda game which will be announced at E3 2008. The presently titled Project Deluge or Valley of the Flood is rumored to be in the works from Nintendo in a recently released interview between Eiji Aonuma and a mysterious individual calling himself “Kyle.” The alleged interview, which originated at IGN’s forums, has not been confirmed to be legitimate but is raising interesting questions about the future of the Zelda series because of the new features in the game.

Supposedly this new Zelda will be steampunk-influenced, meaning that there would be higher technology within the medieval world of Zelda – primitive guns such as muskets, railroads and other budding technologies. Think Zelda meets the industrial revolution. Does it sound real? We’re not holding our breath just yet – especially since “Anouma” states that the main character will not be Link, but rather a deluded soul who believes he is Link. Other Zelda firsts include complete voice acting, fully orchestrated music, and a compellingly complicated storyline.

While this all sounds incredibly appealing, there is no proof of this interview’s validity. Nintendo has never released an interview about an upcoming Zelda game before, and it is rare for the existence of highly secret projects like these to be leaked so easily.

We at Zelda Universe will be bringing you information as it follows, as well as an article which will be following this news post next week. An addition, it took some doing, but I think I tracked down the interview’s original source at IGN’s forums. Here is the link.

Project Deluge – The New Zelda?