Although Gamestop has had some shady tactics in the past, they are doing good with their Super Smash Bros. Release tomorrow.

While it is news to me that stores are releasing Smash on Sunday (which happens to be the day that most games are said to be released, yet they are finally available on Tuesdays), 2,500 Gamestop stores in the USA are holding the Smash tournament to end all Smash tournaments. They are holding a four round event that will start March 9th (Smash release day) at 12:01am and continue for two more rounds. The final round will have 8 national winners being flown to California to the new gaming center in San Jose to compete for the grand prize: A LCD TV, a Nintendo Wii, a game library of Nintendo games (which games I don’t know) and $5,000 cash money.

While there are conflicting reports on the official start time of the event (Joystiq, as well as Gamestop’s official phone calls, claims that the tournaments starts at 10pm on the 8th, while the Gamestop site says 12:01 on release), you will still need to sign up 30 minutes before the event starts at your local store. You can call your local store (which you must first check if your store is open until midnight which you can do here) to find out when the event starts just to be sure.

The official rules states you have to 13+ and be a U.S. citizen to play. So, you young people actually have a chance this time around.

So, if you aren’t doing anything tomorrow night, why not play Smash and see you have what it takes.

With that, I am out.

Source: Gamestop Smash Tournament page