Programer "stepwhite" has created a NES emulator for the iPhone, which means you – yes, the folks at home, or at least those of you who own an iPhone – could be playing all your NES favorites on your most favorite Apple device (sorry, iPod).

The posted video shows an iPhone playing Super Mario Bros., and then beginning to play the original The Legend of Zelda. The iPhone NES emulator is a port of InfoNES, a NES emulator designed for Windows. The emulator uses an actual image of a NES controller as input for the games; the creator of the iPhone NES emulator has stated that the controller "sucks," probably leading on that we might be seeing an updated or improved version in the future.

Meanwhile, I'll be out on the streets with my "Spare Change for an iPhone?" sign and empty overturned hat. Feel free to stop by and donate to the fund!


Got iPhone? Get Zelda 8/8/2007 Jason