No, that’s not WarioWare, but WiiWare.

For those with a PS3 or Xbox 360, you know about that wonderful arcade service they have going. Buy some old or new arcade games at a reasonable price and blam, instant content for your console.

Well, Nintendo is now joining the fray. According to Newsweek, they are claiming that the Wii will now have a service called WiiWare, an inexpensive arcade like service for the Wii.

The service apparently has been in the works since the development of the console, but now only being announced right now. The service will be on the Wii Shop channel and use Wii Points. The games will be developed by some well-known developers besides Nintendo, like Ubisoft and Sega and maybe even EA.

When the service will be available remains to be seen. Nintendo is saying to keep an eye on for more.

Source: Newsweek

WiiWare 6/27/2007 James