Another week’s worth of Smash updates to enjoy.

June 11: Nothing too new on Monday, just the reintroduction of Fox to the fighters.

June 12: Yoshi’s Island is showcased as the newest stage addition. The only difference between Brawl and Melee is the addition of seasons to the stage.

June 13: New music in the form of a remixed version of the Boss Theme to Ridley from Metroid.

June 14: Crates and Barrels make another appearance in the Smash universe. The difference in this game being the way are presented in different stages. In futuristic stages, they are metallic, and on Yoshi’s Island, they are in the form of presents. Nothing else shown.

June 15: A new character is shown in the forum of Suited Samus. We already knew that Zero Suit Samus will make an appearance, but now it is confirmed that Suited Samus will be there as well.

Remember, all this plus all the screenshots of the game can be seen at the Smash Site.

Source: Smash Bros. Dojo

Smash Update 16 Jun 2007