I found way too much news on the gaming front. Hope you don’t mind. It’s Sunday, so it’s Hey! Listen! time.

Hey! Listen! The Gaming Report for June 10, 2007

Community News

Fan Game Update – Zelda Dimension posted an update to a fan game they have been working on. Not much was given in the update, just a little progression on what their Link is going to look like. You can check it out at the link. – Link

Another Bites the Dust – Jack of The Desert Colossus announced on June 1st that he will no longer be updating TDC. This comes almost a week after TML of the ZeldaBlog announced similar intentions. Jack cites similar roadblocks causing his to stop TDC, including his 9-5 job, freelance writing, and a political blog. Like TML, we wish Jack luck on any and all adventures he takes part in the future. – Link

Satire Galore – Exploding Deku Nut restored their Satire section last week, including a new one for Twilight Princess. Satire, for those who don’t know, is a very refined form of humor, meant to poke fun at someone’s faults. While we all regard Zelda as infalliable, there are some faults in the game. You can check out their satire section at the link. – Link

Wii Points for You – Zelda Legacy is throwing a contest with a nice prize: 2000 Wii Points. They are looking for a number of submission ideas, from Fan Art, Fan Fiction, an Article, forum posting, or anything unique. The winner will be chosen at the end of the month, so get cracking. –

If you have any community news, I will use it if you send it to James (at) Zeldauniverse (dot) net

Nintendo & Friends

Upcoming Games – The Wii first: Big Brain Academy will be released on June 11; you can check out a video of the game in action here. Scarface and Sims 2: Pets will be ported over to the Wii on June 12. The game for the movie Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer will be released on June 15. Resident Evil 4 finally ports to the Wii on June 19. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix will be having you raise your wands on June 25, two weeks before the movie release. Pokemon Battle Revolution, The BiGS, Ratatouille, and Transformers: The Game will be all yours on June 25th as well. Not many DS games noteworthy, though, just a lot more puzzle games.

(Not So)Shocking Sales News – If you are shocked by this news, you’ll need to sit down after you hear it. Famitsu magazine (which Bloomburg reported) stated that in Japan the Wii is outselling the PS3 almost 5 to 1 in the month of May. The Wii sold a little more than 250,000 units, while the PS3 was at about 50,000 units. The 360 (which I understand, seeing as though it’s been out for a while), only pulled in 11,000 units. – Link

Hope You Don’t Have a Weak Bladder – Mature games seem to be making there way onto Nintendo consoles more and more nowadays. The newest one, Dementium: The Ward, looks like it could be a winner. The game is a mix between Trauma Center, Resident Evil, and F.E.A.R. (well, to me anyway). The game centers around a guy who wakes in a very old hospital that is frozen in time. Going around the hospital, you must face horrors, solve puzzles, and figure a way to get out of the hospital with your life. If you don’t scare easily, this game is probably for you. No release date yet, as it was just announced, but we’ll keep you informed. – Link

Same Great Game; New Great Look? – Last week, IGN posted some new videos of Guitar Hero III, only to scrap them seconds later. However, since the internet doesn’t forget, the videos still found their way around the net faster than you can say WHAMMY BAR! IGN finally re-released the videos of the game, only this time in screaming HD. The videos showcase the new look of the game, which is because Harmonix, the makers of the first two games, left to create Rock Band. Neversoft put their touches on the game, but even though it looks different, it still seems like it plays the same. You can check out the videos on the link. – Link

Avast, Ye Land Lubbers – I am not kidding when I say that the developers behind this game are named area/code. The game is called Plundr (which seems like a play on Flickr, but that’s just me), and the game is the first GPS related game. The game is a pirate type game, which has you going around different locales to find treasure. The best part is where the GPS comes in. The game will use the DS’s WiFi to actually make a new location in the game based on your current location. So, if you travel with your DS, you’ll get more booty than your opponents. Or, something like that. – Link

File This Under Weird – Last month I told you that Nintendo wanted you to create a video for their new “Short Cuts” competition. Well, Tanooki.com created theirs and posted it on their site. It is appropiately named “I Am Error” and is a mix of everything Nintendo. It’s like playing the Nintendo games on drugs but without the drugs. Enjoy it at their site. – Link

The Odd Couple of Gaming – In a really interesting turn of events, those wacky fellows at Penny Arcade flirted with the Dark Side a little, when they planned on having Jack Thompson at PAX (their annual gaming expo) for a little debate. They wanted Jack to be hush-hush about the date, but Jack just couldn’t keep his mouth shut (which really isn’t that surprising). Penny Arcade then decided that since Jack couldn’t keep his video game hating mouth shut, they called off the date, sending Jack into a spiral of hatred. Don’t you just love High School drama reenacted by grown men? You would think what I just said was funny, but in fact it was true. PA did invite Jack to PAX for a debate, told him to be quiet and increase the dramatic tension (and his safety) when he showed up to PAX, but Jack decided to tell everyone he was going. Notch one more stupid point for Jack. 1UP has a nice little story about this story, including a nice interview with Tycho of PA, check it out at the link. – Link

How Low Can You Go – It wasn’t bad enough that Gamestop has been notorious in the past for being annoying. I mean, you can’t go to any site nowadays and not hear a story about Gamestop is annoying. But this takes the cake. Sony has implemented a system for Gamestop employees that if they sell enough PS3’s (which, remember are $650-$800 a pop), they can get “rewards”. The rewards are 20,000 points for the store in a market with the best sales. The 20,000 points adding up to around $350 in Sony dollars used to buy (more than likely) PS3 games. What kind of incentive is that? You can only use the money to buy Sony games. Whoo, what an incentive. – Link

Speaking of EB/GameStop – I read a nifty little article over at bits bytes pixels and sprites. It’s an article from a former manager of EB Games, that giant company that merged with GameStop and won’t stop bugging us about games. Well, this guys dishes the dirt and comes clean on why EB and GameStop do what they do in terms of Preordering and Buying Back Games. It’s part one of a two part series. Check it out, but be warned there is some language not suitable for children. Also, be sure to read the article, otherwise you might get confused (and that’s not really an insult, I myself got a little confused halfway through with all the business jargon). – Part One and Part Two

Playing With Legos – You thought Lego’s were just for little kids? Well, think again. Lego Group, those wonderful people behind Lego Star Wars games and the upcoming Lego Batman, have decided to run the MMORPG field… with Legos! The tenatively titled game, Lego Universe, will be the kid friendly version of World of Warcraft. Not much is known about the game, but who know, this probably will be the next big MMO hit. – Link

Best Arcade Games Ever – CNet has decided to name off the best of the best arcade games of the 1980’s, a time when arcades were booming. All the classics are there, Asteroids, Centipede, Galaga, Donkey Kong. You can check out the entire list at the link. – Link

Intraweb Moment/Article of the Week

Well, found a nifty little picture that was kinda cool. It’s a picture of where all those dead Mario’s go when they are killed in a level a la Super Mario Bros. Check it out, it’s kinda funny.

Of course, what would a report be without a giant replica of the old NES controller? This nifty site showcases a giant NES controller that actually does work. Check it out, it’s quite cool.


Mailbag submissions can be sent to the Nifty Mailbag

Submission Box.

jens writes:

Do you think it is possible that Keapora Geabora is an oocca. I mean Keapora Geabora is probably the light sage Rauru and he’s the sage of the temple of time which is made by, THE OOCCA. the owl statues in twilight princes which are made by, THE OOCCA even resemble Keapora Geabora as if they want to honour him. And every major race has it’s sage so why not the Oocca. So that’s my opinion. I hope you share it.

James writes:

I don’t think he’s an Oocca. He doesn’t look like an Oocca. He doesn’t act like an Oocca. If anything, he might have been treated as Deity to the Oocca, a god if you will. Plus, where in the game does it say that the Temple of Time was made by the Oocca? All I saw was that the ancient device that helps get back to the City in the Sky was within the Temple of Time, which is why Ooccoo wanted in.

ganny gamboa writes:

none of the members or staff sent me anything in weeks so if you can send me a sequal of any game or the awsome info got it i want to have fun with this website and no more glitches please from danny gamboa your bro

James writes:

First of all, what are you talking about? Seriously, last week I had no idea what you’re talking about and the same goes this week. SPEAK ENGLISH, MAN!

You know, I thought something was up when I got this email like a week later:

its danny an i just wanted to say that i showed the boa productions w/e to my class so if you can send me more of your work.

Considering that I don’t know a Boa Productions, that makes me want to ignore this guy from now on. Unless, of course, they are funny emails.

Zack W. writes:

On the staff page, it says that “Yusuf” is ZU’s owner. His picture is the image of a child. My question is this, is the owner of ZU a child? Or is that his son or relative?

James writes:

That is his son, if I do remember correctly. Scott told me the reason why he chose that image, but I forgot the reason. You can ask him, but he’s kinda away at the moment.

The Missing Link writes:

“The right thing…what is it? I wonder, if you do the right thing, does it really make everyone happy?” – Majora Child of the Moon, Majora’s Mask

In Majora’s Mask, a child gives you the Fierce Deity mask. Once worn, Link becomes a powerful adult. He is covered in what appears to be tribal paint. The mask isn’t given much background. Do you think it originated in the same tribe as Majora’s Mask did? What do you think that the quote above meant?

James writes:

From the text dump on GameFAQs:

It is an accursed item from legend that is said to have been used by an ancient tribe in its hexing rituals.

It is said that an evil and wicked power is bestowed upon the one who wears that mask.

According to legend…

the troubles caused by Majora’s Mask were so great…

the ancient ones, fearing such catastrophe, sealed the mask in shadow forever, preventing its misuse.

I would take it that the mask was created by this ancient tribe, but another tribe saw that the mask was too powerful, and created another to balance out the evil. It’s a similar concept like anything in media, like Obi-Wan to Vader, Neo to Agent Smith, and Link to Ganon. Where there is evil, there must be something equally good to balance it out. Who made the Fierce Deity’s Mask is just as mysterious as who made the Majora’s Mask. That quote can be taken in different contexts. Hitler could take that quote and say that what he did was right, but it didn’t make everyone happy. That’s really all I have to say.