It’s Sunday and another Hey! Listen! for you to enjoy.

There is one minor change to this week, something you wouldn’t have noticed if I didn’t say anything. I am changing “The Zelda/Nintendo Report” to “The Gaming Report” since these have been more gaming than just Nintendo. That way, you have an idea what going on outside of Zelda.

Hey! Listen! The Gaming Report for May 27, 2007

Community News

Here is a nice little shoutout to Jacob Stutsman, the man behind The TP Transcript we have on the site. Jacob started a blog on whatever is on his mind at the time. It only has two entries at the moment, but hopefully he updates it more often. I just this is “he scratched our backs, now we’ll scratch his” kinda moment.

Nintendo & Friends

Jack Thompson vs. Microsoft – I must say, if this story is true, Jack Thompson seriously has to have some huge ones if he is going after Microsoft. I mean, seriously, I believe Bill Gates can buy, sell, and maybe rebuy Jack Thompson a few times over. In any case, Jack has decided that Halo 3 will probably cause another Virginia Tech massacre, and therefore should be kept out of those 17 and under. He calls the game “hyper violent” and claims that he will make sure Microsoft will hold to standards by appropiate legal means. He will even hold all retailers who carry Halo responsible. Many sites are claiming this letter might be just a farse, but it does seem like something Thompson would do. If you hear Jack Thompson’s body was found in a desert somewhere, don’t blame Microsoft. Thompson brought it upon himself. – Link

Reason for Halo Delay – I just find this funny. Halo 2 was supposed to be ported to Windows Vista earlier this month, but was delayed. Microsoft finally came out Friday and announced the reason for all the delays. It was because there was a little bit of hidden nudity in the game. The partial nudity stems from a certain error in the game that causes someone to show their bare backside. Someone’s butt delayed Halo 2, can you just imagine? – Link

Modfree Wii – Ever since the Wii has been out, people around the world have been hacking around the Wii to find ways to “improve” it. I found a couple of hacks on Joystiq that had the Wii’s Cube controller slots in the front instead of the top. Another had a Wii able to play burned discs with the aid of a chip. Now, Nintendo states that their new Wii coming out will have new hardware revisions to prevent this from happening. I just have to say that nothing is impossible with us, and they will be hacking the “hackfree” Wii not long after it’s release. – Link

One Reason to Buy a PSP – Wow, this edition of H!L! seems to have it all from the competition. This time, I found on Joystiq a video of an emulator for the PSP that plays old Game Boy games in full color. This isn’t Game Boy Color game, I am talking actually big gray Game Boy games. The video of the guy playing them is the link provided. – Link

We Didn’t Start the Fire – What do the XBox, Wal-Mart, and an unnamed power supply manufacturer have in common? They are getting sued! This makes me laugh a little bit more because I am currently employed at Wal-Mart. But, a Illinois family is suing those three over a death that was allegedly caused by a faulty XBox. The suit claims that an XBox 360 caused it, but the incident was in 2004, so that is unlikely (unless they can time travel, in which case they should tell me how I can). We’ll see how this one is taken care of. – Link

Intraweb Moment/Article of the Week

I don’t know what it is, but when you mix two wonderful things, it makes something even better. This is the case with This Video I found on bits bytes pixels & sprites. It’s a video of Homer Simpson beating on Anakin Skywalker in Jedi Academy. Enjoy.

Another two-peat this week. I found this image on Kotaku, which is another Mario Cake, however I like this one the best. Just because the fact that Mario is actually “popping out of the cake” instead of just being decorated on. I think this cake beats all Nintendo based cakes ever.


Mailbag submissions can be sent here

Linkedblade writes:

As everyone knows Zelda’s community has been strong for years, nonetheless I think it’s starting to fall. I just think as the older fans start to have lives, there just haven’t been enough younger ones to fill their place. Like Dampe, TRM, and TML, have started to fade from the community. So all I’m asking is where is our community going and what will happen if it starts to fade. . .?

James writes:

I think that as long as all of us continue to remain Zelda fans, this community will never truly die. You also to add in the fact that the Zelda community is kinda like a business in this sense: There will always be someone with the same skill level to replace those leaving. What I mean is that in any company, you’ll find that the new people are trained to take over for those leaving the company. The knowledge of running sites is also one of those things that really isn’t that difficult, you just have to be very competent at it. The only way I really ever see the Zelda community dying is if the games die. Which, the way they are going, I don’t see that happening for a long time.

The Missing Link writes:

Hello, I am ‘the Missing Link’ wanting your opinion on this thought:

When Link was teleported to Termina, he left Hyrule and when into an alternate diminsion. In Wind Waker, Link’s clan still remains. I believe that time slows down in Termina. Here’s an example:

Ten years in Termina = 1000 years in Hyrule

If you are one of the ones that believes that Link reencarnates, then it must be logical that after he spent some time in the land of Termina, he returned to Hyrule to find that it has sunken under the water. I think that if this was true, it may’ve been a “last hope” by King Hyrule to use the Triforce to sink it. Link might’ve fled to an island and had children.

Also, in the beginning of Majora’s Mask, it says that Link set off on a journey to find a “close friend”. A lot of people interpritted that they meant Skull Kid, but I beg to differ. I belive that he was searching for Navi. It was a direct sequal to OoT, meaning that Navi was around at the time. Your thoughts?

James writes:

First, I believe that most people actually believe the close friend was Navi, he just ended up never finding her and saving Termina. Plus, I think you may have to look up the word “reincarnate”. If are reincarnated, you don’t necessarily have to procreate. You die and then you come back in the form of another lifeform, which in the case of Link, is the same blonde haired, green tuniced body. I do not really see any evidence, though, that could allow time to be slower in Termina, other than the fact that Link keeps going back in time and is in a Groundhog Day loop.

Zack W. writes:

Any chance of reviving the Interactive Story? I use to spend hours reading it! It was astounding. What happened to it? Will you ever revive it?

James writes:

I believe that there would have to be a lot of people who would want it back. If I get enough response, maybe we could bring it back.