It’s another edition of Hey! Listen!… wait a minute. What’s with that and in the title? Well, look at that. This is a dual update! More inside.

That’s right, kiddies, this is a dual update! Not only do you get the lovely Hey! Listen!, but you also get a nice little Mailbag as well. If you think you have a question that you would like to have answered, feel free to send it in. Just remember, it may take me some time to answer, since I like to have a bulky mailbag before I post it. So, enjoy my answers to you, as well as the news I gathered over the past week.

As for Hey! Listen!, there isn’t much to report. For someone who scours numerous sites that Pipking left behind, I couldn’t find much that interested me or seemed interesting to report. But, this was also on top of working, having a teeth filled, and suffering 6 hours of hell in the ER. So, I still hope you enjoy this enough.

Hey! Listen! The Zelda/Nintendo Report for April 29, 2007

Once again, if you have any community or Nintendo news, send it over to James (at) Zeldauniverse (dot) net

Nintendo & Friends

NiGHTS Information – There was an interview recently with Takeshi Iizuka, the man behind the latest NiGHTS game, about the mechanics of the game and anything NiGHTS related. – Link

Vote for Miyamoto – Well, no, while Shiggy isn’t running for President, he is in the running for another great title. Time has put Miyamoto in the list of candidates for their Most Influential Person of the Year award. You can help him get some more attention by going over to the Time site and give him some love. Seriously, without Shiggy, Zelda Universe wouldn’t be here, now would it? – Link

Jack Thompson Plays Sue City – Apparently Jack Thompson is playing a nice game he created called Sue City. In it, you win by suing everyone who has a pulse. Recently, he filed a suit against the Florida Bar for basically consistant harrassment against Thompson. The more interesting part of the suit is the involvement of Gawker Media, which owns the website Kotaku. In the suit, Thompson alleges Kotaku of pretty much the same thing, which started over the lovely Virginia Tech shooting. If you remember last week, they went on a rampage against Thompson over every little thing he said about the shooting. Kotaku was on every word and rebutted every word to basically be false. A lot of death threats and angry messages stemmed from this, most of which came back to Thompson. Jack told Kotaku numerous times to remove all the death threat comments from the site, but Kotaku refused. So, interesting stories coming out from the internets. – Link

There’s No Need to Fear – For those doubting that the Wii would be seeing more games, Nintendo President Iwata stated to the press on Friday that Nintendo is in the works of 45 Wii titles and 79 DS titles. Whether or not all of the games see the light of day is up in the air. However, in the mix of those games were some games we are waiting for. Super Mario Galaxy and Super Smash Bros. Brawl, he stated, were expected to be released between the time of the end of summer and the end of fall of this year. A USA release date of Phantom Hourglass, though, is still a mystery. – Link

Wii-Mote hacking – If you are one of the many “hackers” of the web, you already know about this story. However, for the majority of viewers, this is a bit of fine news. The Wall Street Journal of all places had an article about the versitility of the Wii-mote beyond just playing the Wii. Many hackers have gone in and redone the software code for the Wii-mote to make it do more things than just play the Wii. Most of the applications of the hacking is to play virtual instruments, like the Guitar, Drums, or even a whole DJ setup. Some have done what Nintendo initially used it for, to play sports. One even set it up to run his robot vacuum. The many different uses that hackers made up can be found at the Link I provided. Interesting note: Nintendo does not endorse hackers using the Wii-mote other than to play it with the Wii. However, WSJ states that this could help Nintendo in the long run, by generating buzz over the system and the unique controller. – Link

Tribute to Miyamoto – Seriously, how many times can I say that Miyamoto is getting a tribute? GameTrailers and SpikeTV has a segment called “Game Head” and in the latest episode did a tribute to Miyamoto. The video has many reporters and game designers talking about the legend, as well as segments of the man himself. They also delve deep into the games that are Miyamoto’s love child. Also, they take a trip to the I am 8-bit Art show that recently took place. Watch it, it was a good view. However, when you click the link, it should be segment one. There are four segments. – Link (Segment 1)

Intraweb Moment/Article of the Week

I really don’t have anything interesting this week. However, if you enjoy Mosaics, you will enjoy this. It’s a Mosaic of Mario made entirely of Fridge Magnets. You can view it here.

Alright, I LIED. There is something interesting I found, but many have already known about. There is an 8-year-old Guitar Hero II nut that you should check out if you haven’t already. He has a profile at YouTube you can check out. Now, before you people out there go “well, of course he’s good, he’s probably playing Medium or Hard.” Well, he’s playing Expert. On fast songs. With his back facing the TV screen. In some cases, without the notes showing (in performance mode which I just learned about). Enjoy.

Hopefully, next week is more promising. So until then, enjoy the rest of your week. I’ll be back next week with more.