Zero writes:
Hey, I was just wondering. Everybody knows the story of Tingle RPG right? Some old man says save your rupees an if you save enough and throw them into the spring then you’ll go to rupee land or something like that so he chages Tingle into how he looks today. So if that’s how Tingle was made then wouldn’t that mean that Tingle RPG takes place before OoT? (considering it’s th first game in my opinion).

James writes:
*Opens up the description for Tingle RPG* If you want to get technical, it could take place during the events of Ocarina. For one, Tingle doesn’t make his first appearance until Majora’s Mask, which takes place a few months after Ocarina. This, would in turn, make both games the start of the timeline. However, most Zelda Timeline Theorists are more than likely going to dump this into the “spin-off” category, which means it belongs with the likes of the CD-i games.

TwilightWolf482 writes:
I know this would probably never happen, but what if the new Zelda had something to do with both Links? (a.e. Link, Dark Link) I think it would be awesome if Link, at certain parts and areas in the game, turned into Dark Link, similar to when he turns into Wolf Link, in TP. He would gain new, unique powers. He would be able to control shadows and all that stuff. Just a thought, but it’d be cool to see it happen. (Also, what’s with the magic meter being gone in TP? I think thats what made OoT good)

James writes:
I doubt that would happen, since Dark Link has always been associated with evil. Now, you can all debate whether or not Midna was evil during TP, which her intentions and all. But, you finally learn at the end of the game that Midna is actually a good character, no matter which way you slice it. So, as much it would be awesome to do the split personality route, I doubt (myself personally) that it would happen.

SlayerELITE writes:
I was thinking after reading the question about How Ganondorf gets from game to game (e.g TP to WW) in the last mailbag. And I thought maybe it is not the same Ganondorf like it isnt always the same Link and Zelda, Maybe he is a new male Geurdo born but with Ganondorfs Evil and intentions. So when people talk about him breaking free it is sometimes an actull new Ganondorf. As far as I can remember in OoT you are told only one male is born to the Geurdo’s every 100 years yet you never hear of these except for the Ganondorf in OoT. WHat do you think?

James writes:
Well, you have to consider everything that Ganondorf has said in game up to this point. There is no denying that the Ganondorf that you see in TP is the same from OoT. They say that in the game. Now look at Wind Waker.

“While that sword is indeed the blade of evil’s bane, at the same time, it has long played another role… You see, it is also a sort of key… a most wretched little key that has kept a seal on me and my magic intact! By withdrawing the blade, you have broken that seal…”

While I highly doubt that magic curses placed on swords keeping your power in check is genetic, that has to also be a Ganondorf that has been defeated by the Master Sword. The saga of OoT-MM-TP-tWW are all in relative distance to each other, so more than likely it is the same Ganondorf in that entire saga. That’s just me, though.

Squiggy writes:
Okay, I’ve seen a lot of theories of just what the heck is going on in the end of Twilight Princess and how it ties to Wind Waker. I also have a theory of my own, which also involves the game’s overall timeline placement. Be aware, this is going to be longwinded (and this is just the general idea of my theory, I could explain a WHOLE lot more).

Okay first of all, I think that Twilight Princess isn’t in fact a direct precursor to Wind Waker. Remember in the Wind Waker prologue, it says taht Ganon returned, but there was no hero to stop him? I’m thinking that Twilight Princess is an alternate take on this. It’s like the story of what WOULD have happened if a hero DID appear to confront Ganon upon his return. Notice that Twilight Princess makes no story references to Wind Waker at all, yet is clearly a spiritual sequel to Ocarina of Time? In the end Link returns the Master Sword to the pedestal in the ruins of the Temple of Time. So why is it in Hyrule Castle in Wind Waker? In Twlight Princess Link pretty much outright kills Ganondorf. But in Wind Waker he’s very much alive and recently freed from the Sacred Realm’s final bounds. In Twilight Princess he’s just dead. Also, there are plenty of Zoras in Twilight Princess, and none (none living anyway) to be seen in Wind Waker, and there’s no indication of the Zoras dying out, and in fact not even any references to the Earth and Wind sages praying for the Master Sword’s power, it never happened in Twilight Princess.

I’m a firm believer in the split timeline idea, y’know where Ocarina of Time has two “endings” the Hyrule Link returns to as a child, and the Hyrule Link left behind as an adult. The Hyrule he returns to leads to the events of Majora’s Mask and and the Hyrule he leaves behind leads to Twilight Princess and Wind Waker. My theory is that the timeline splits again where Twilight Princess is placed. Like I said, Twilight Princess looks like the story of what WOULD have happened if a hero DID appear to confront Ganon’s return after Ocarina of Time. If no hero appears, then it goes to Wind Waker, leaving Twilight Princess out of that part of the story.

So what would you think about this? About the idea that Twilight Princess is an alternate story rather than a game that fills the gap between Ocarina of Time and Wind Waker? That Twilight Princess carves a new path between the other two rather than tell what happened between them? This theory still complies with Nintendo statements, that Twilight Princess takes place inbetween the other two, but they never said what it does inbetween them. They never said that Twilight Princess directly links to Wind Waker, did they?

So that’s what I think. Sorry again about the length, but trust me, I was holding back. I’ve got a TON more I could talk about, but that goes into my personal explanation on the placement of the enire series (minus the CD-i games because those are just not Zelda games). Thanks for taking your time to read, and I’d like to see your opinion on this “little” idea of mine.

James writes:
I hate discussing timeline theories because they are the bane of my existance. But, I will post it to let everyone get wind of your ideas. Those who care about timelines can discuss it in the comments or in the forums. I have nothing more to say. Next.

PilusPrior writes:
Ok James, I’m not entirely sure if this is the appropriate place to put forth my ideas, but I’m relatively new so forgive me.

I was pondering the oddities of Twilight pPrincess to try to fill in some of the geological and topographical gaps between it and Ocarina of Time(eg. the change in locale of the Temple of Time and the Forest Temple), and the following is what I have concluded.

After the events of Ocarina of Time, the Forest Temple was destroyed by the Sages and relocated to the dead wood of the Great Deku Tree(you may notice the TP Forest Temple is a giant tree(s)). The Temple of Time was also relocated to the place of the original Forest Temple(take note, the Temple of Time is now in a meadow remarkably alike in appearance and location to that of OoT’s Forest Temple), and then, to keep history from repeating itself, partially destroyed, leaving only one entrance that could only be opened by the wielder of the Master Sword himself, transporting him back to the time when the Temple was whole. There is, however, no way of telling how deeply the Oocca were involved in this, or how what their connection to the Temple of Time is.

The next point I would like to make is about the Kingdom of Hyrule itself. Notice any ruined buildings? Crumbling bridges perhaps? Or how about the fact that the bodyguards of the Royal Family are all but extinct? Or that the garrison stationed in the Castle and its adjoining city is comprised entirely of the “incompetent” Hylian Guards? Unless I’m much mistaken, the Kingdom of Hyrule may have dwindled somewhat in the “extended wars” mentioned by Impaz. This can(theoretically) be attested to by the distinct absence of the Gerudo in Hyrule(implying that they may have been forced outside the Kingdom’s borders) and the fact that the borders themselves have been extended: Snowpeak is a new addition to the land of Hyrule, and the Snowpeak Ruins have all the markings of a major military outpost; a fortress ready to withstand siege, packed with heavy armor and weaponry and mobile cannons, placed at a strategic pass in the mountains, perhaps to repel an incursion from the north. Though it is now obviously abandoned, it clearly held a great degree of import in the past.

Thankyou for indulging my musings and, once again, forgive me if I have squandered your time.

James writes:
Those are very good theories. But, I hate discussing theories. They also are the bane of my existance. So, I will leave the last answer to suit for this answer. While this is a good place to discuss theories, you guys really should go to the forums to discuss them. That way, more people can help you out where you are right and where you are completely wrong.

Tony C. writes:
In the last mailbag, Nick wrote asking if the Hero’s Spirit could be the Hero of Time and have turned into a Stalfos, and you replied saying only Kokiri turn into Stalfos:

Nick writes:
I was wondering, Is the Stalfols who teaches Link skills in TP the Hero of Time? Cause he mentions that he couldn’t teach those skills to those who are not in his bloodline. And remember that little girl in Kokari forest (Oot) said “be careful Link if you wander in the forest long enough your sure to become a stalfos.” And well Look what happened in MM with the Hero of time. That gives me reason to think he might be. Thanks.

James writes:
Technically, the person who you refer isn’t really a Stalfos. That entity is known as the Hero’s Spirit. That should give you what my answer on the topic is. Also, while it is true that Kokiri girl did say that, that statement only refers to Kokiri, I do believe. Kokiri’s are more likely to encounter bad things if they leave their home. Link, being a Hylian, was able to endure more in Hyrule and the Lost Woods.

Sorry for repeating the post, but it’s better than leaving it paraphrased. Anyways, if I remember correctly, the carpenter’s son, who you had to give Cojiro to during the trading quest, sat in the Lost Woods. After you went and got him medicine, and you returned for him, that girl was in his place. And I swear she said that he was gone and had turned into a Stalfos, and that anyone who wanders in there for too long would change too. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I swear that’s what it is.

James writes:
So, it seems, I need to go back and take OoT 101.

“That guy isn’t here anymore.
Anybody who comes into the
forest will be lost.
Everybody will become a Stalfos.
Everybody, Stalfos.
So, he’s not here anymore.
Only his saw is left. Hee hee.”

That is the text dump from that scene. It seems I was very mistaken (which does happen a lot). You caught me. You caught the Tater. (Ron White reference not needed, however.)

Jordan writes:
In the trailer for TP it shows Link running from a giant spider. Did they get rid of that or did I just miss that in the game?

James writes:
Either you missed it, or it is a different spider. But, you should have seen this giant spider right as you walk in the Forest Temple. Those are the only appearances of the Spiders to my knowledge. I could be mistaken (as shown above) again, though.

oni-ren writes:
In the screen where you select your saved file at the beginning of Ocarina of Time, I noticed that along with saying how many hearts and medallions you have, it also has a number. I think that it is referring to how many times you’ve died, but I was wondering if it meant anything in the game. Is there any incentive to not die at all in the game, or is that number just for your information?

James writes:
That number is indeed referring to how many deaths you have in the game. However, the numbers doesn’t add any bonuses to the game. It’s just there to make you feel better that you were able to defeat the game without dying. If you can accomplish that task.

Zack W writes:
As you may know, Termina is Hyrule’s counterpart, consisting of many of Link’s old friends. Anju (who was the “Cuccos Lady” in OoT) had an identical twin in Termina. But, as there is an Anju counterpart, shouldn’t Link have a twin? And Zelda?

As Termina is an alternate reality, time goes slower than in Hyrule. Which means, if Link defeated Majora’s Mask and stayed in Termina for about 10 years, wouldn’t that be around 1000 years in Hyrule? Over that time, the Imprisoning War (described in the beginning of WW) could’ve been raging throughout that time. May I have your thoughts on this subject?

James writes:
First off, the debate on who Link’s counterpart is in Majora has been a hot one on forums for a while now. Many suspect that Kafei is Link’s double. Other’s offer that both the Hyrule and Majora counterparts can coexist in the same dimension at the same time, which is why you don’t see Link’s counterpart. As for Zelda, she is more than likely royalty in Termina, as she is in Hyrule. You will also notice that mostly all counterparts in Termina shared a similar life to their counterpart of Hyrule. I say most, because there are some differences here and there.

However, I have to ask you something about your time subject. Where is your proof that Termina has a slower time speed than Hyrule? There is really no in-game evidence to support that statement. If you refer to the 3-day cycle, that is merely a plot device used by Link during the game. That doesn’t make Termina any slower than Hyrule. It just plays the Groundhog Day effect on Link, having to live the same three days over and over and over again.

Connor writes:
Hello again! I just wanted to let you know if you ever have an Enemies section on Twilight Princess that I would let you in that there are 2 Gyorgs in the Goron Mines. You know when you get the Hero’s Bow? Well, go back into the room where it is filled with water and you have to put on the iron boots to go on the other side of that cage… (Sorry I couldn’t be more discriptive) But before you get the bow, there are those Water Hoppers, but now there are Gyorgs… You know, those ones that swim around you in TWW? Yup, those… That is (I think) the only part they are in… I haven’t seen them in the water temple…

James writes:
The enemies page is going to kill me if I ever attempt to start it. But, I did know about “Gyorg” like creatures in that room. But, thank you for the tip anyway.

Jon writes:
I don’t know if anyone’s asked, but is there anyway for you guys to get the soundtrack for Twilight Princess on your site? I’ve been trying to get it but i can’t find it.

James writes:
I believe we don’t have it because we can’t find it legally or we don’t have the funds to obtain it legally. When we do, we will post it.