lsmagill writes:
I don’t know if this question has already been asked but I am really curious to know what someone else might think.

So the ending of TP shows Link stab ganonadorf with the master sword. As ganonadorf is suffering from the blow, there is a cut scene in which shows Zant suddenly jolt his head. Are we to asume that Zant is now possessed by ganon? If ganon did leave his own body, is this one way in which ganon is able to survive each defeat? It sounds like the zelda series may go the same route as the Harry Potter series; maybe link will collect the 7 deadly horcruxes of ganon and finally distroy him… (lmao, sorry that last part was only a joke).

But please someone tell me what they thought about the end of the series.

James writes:
Well, I wouldn’t go as far as reference Harry Potter for this, that’s lame. But, anything is possible since Ganondorf has to come back somehow for The Wind Waker. However, Zant also appears to be gone as well at the end of the game, since you did kill him as well. Ganondorf is just one resilant son of a gun.

Hydraboxdog writes:
I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how the end of TP goes to the start of WW. (spoilers below)

And the end of TP, it looks like Ganondorf is dead (perhaps Zant took his soul away…), but in WW, you learn that apparently Ganondorf had to get out of the Sacred Realm again. How is this? It just bothers me that I don’t understand the transition between games. Thanks.

James writes:
If you know me, I am a supporter of the United Wise Men on the forums (which has gotten me into more trouble than anything), but they have an interesting theory. They think that since Link locked the sword into Ganondorf, that the sword is holding Ganondorf in check. He seems to be in a state of limbo, and more than likely will be sent to a prison of sorts to be watched (maybe even the Sacred Realm). However, the flood happens and Ganondorf comes back to life again. The sword that is holding Ganon in check is taken out by Link during the game. But, now I am getting off-topic here.

Lucidian518 writes:
I was looking at some of the older screen shots for Zelda TP and it looks like there’s a green magic bar under the heart meter. I know stuff changes a lot over time, but I was curious if anybody had some “inside information” er sumthin. Was it a magic bar and they took it out? Why did they take it out? Or did they not take it out at all and my insanely freaking massive collectors edition strategy guide (yes, I am obsessed with it…) managed to miss it? (I highly doubt that… they didn’t miss anything that huge…) That’s one of a few things they had kept from OoC.. But I digress…

James writes:
Well, seeing as though TP was supposed to be like a spiritual successor to OoT, it would seem like that the game would need a Magic Meter. However, the game plays just as well without it. I do believe I read somewhere that there would be a magic meter, but it was taken out during production. I have no evidence on that, though.

Nate the Grate writes:
Hi, i just got a couple questions.

First, remember that rumor about a TP expansion? do you think its still a possibility and what do you think will be on it? (prob. sidequests)

Next, is there an official realease date for phantom hourglass that you know of?

Last, what do you think of the new upcoming zelda on wii? with TP being “the last zelda of its kind” and a new one in developement for a year, what do you expect? (just thought i would ask)

James writes:
First, I believe that rumor you speak of is that interview with George Harrison, one of Nintendo’s many executives. He did mention that TP may have expandable, downloadable content available on the Wii Shop. However, no one has talked about it since. It is still possible, but for now, treat it as a possibility than anything.

Next, I have not seen an official date of release for Phantom Hourglass. I have heard that PH and Tingle RPG would be released later this year. If we find a release date, we will post it, no doubt.

Lastly, as for the Wii Zelda, it seems that more than likely the game will take full advantage of the Wiimote than TP did. What that entails remains to be seen. You have to remember, that the Wii controls on the game were tacked on at the end of development. While they were near flawless, they didn’t take full advantage of the controls available.

linkmh writes:
This is an interesting subject that me and my friends have been fighting upon for quite some time. I would like your opinion on this question: who would win in a battle, Link or Master chief? I’ve ran out of reasons as to why Link would win so I need help!!(given of course that link can use all his weapons in all his previous games). I’m not saying Halo is bad…I just think Zelda is a heck of a lot better than Halo. 🙂

James writes:
You are expecting me to say Link, right? I, however, think that Master Chief has a better arsenal and better skills than Link. (I await the hate mail for that). However, I do enjoy playing Zelda more than Halo, so that’s the plus.

Nick writes:
I was wondering, Is the Stalfols who teaches Link skills in TP the Hero of Time? Cause he mentions that he couldn’t teach those skills to those who are not in his bloodline. And remember that little girl in Kokari forest (Oot) said “be careful Link if you wander in the forest long enough your sure to become a stalfos.” And well Look what happened in MM with the Hero of time. That gives me reason to think he might be. Thanks.

James writes:
Technically, the person who you refer isn’t really a Stalfos. That entity is known as the Hero’s Spirit. That should give you what my answer on the topic is. Also, while it is true that Kokiri girl did say that, that statement only refers to Kokiri, I do believe. Kokiri’s are more likely to encounter bad things if they leave their home. Link, being a Hylian, was able to endure more in Hyrule and the Lost Woods.

Zack W. writes:
Though Link appears as the “hero” in all LoZ games, there seems to be a dark side of him.

Dark Link.

He has been in LoZ II and OoT as an enemy, do you think that he has been evolved from all the sarrow and hardship Link has gone through, or just a random minion of Gannon?

Also, the Fierce Deity Link is rather evil, could this be Dark Link’s cry for help? Thanks!

James writes:
It is my firm belief that anyone who is “good” has a little evil in them, while those who are “evil” contain a little good in them. A perfect example of this is Mario and Bowser. If you ever played Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga, at the beginning of the game, Bowser once again tries to kidnap Peach, however is thwarted when her voice is taken. He teams with Mario to help save the Princess (although his intention is to kidnap her once they do). This basically shows that there are two sides to any one person, it is just that most people choose one side over the other.

Dark Link is the little bit of evil that Link has within him that Ganondorf/his enemies are able to exploit. Everyone has a weakness, Link’s is turning evil. That’s my theory, anyway.

linkfan writes:
wasn’t there gonna be a game all about tetra or something? it was called tetras trials or something like that, i think. thanks for listening,i love this site and zelda. link rocks!!

James writes:
Tetra’s Trackers. It was a puzzle game similar to Yoshi’s Cookie and Tetris. However, it was scrapped in the United States, because the Japanese think we don’t like games like that. However, they also think we don’t like the WarioWare games as much as they do, yet they are just as popular here as they are there. Go figure, right?

I guess I really should start this section. Every week, if I find an email in the mailbag that makes me laugh, it will be posted at the end. You will all finally see what I sometimes have to endure when I open the mailbag. Also, don’t assume that the last email is the funny one. I will tell you if it is. But, it will sometimes be very, very obvious.

cowking7 writes:
Hi, im new to this site and am confused bey how big it is, am i posting in the wrong spot? Am i suposed to be talking about the game here? Grrr i dont know becouse ima noob! Someone help me out, why am i a deku scrub, is that bad, how do i un become a deku scrub, how do i become a staff, how do i talk to staff, why are you guys here? Is this a non profit site? Do you have to pay $$ to het to the top? who do i talk to if i get scared at how massively big your site is? Who calls the shots around here? Boxers or Briefs? I want to know everything about this cool site and mabey even one day be commited to help keeping it running. Im ready to volenteer and help in any way. just talk to me and dont blow me of your shoulder, ok?

James writes:
This is the first entrant to the ZU Mailbag Wall of Shame. However, I will answer some of the questions in there, if I can decipher them.

How can you be confused on big this site is? It just happens. You are posting this in the wrong spot, this is for serious Zelda/Nintendo questions. You “un become” a deku scrub by posting more on the forums (that isn’t spam). You become staff by not being a complete idiot (I wasn’t calling you a complete idiot, just stating the requirements). You don’t talk to the staff, we talk to you. This is somewhat of a non-profit site. By that, I mean, I don’t profit from it. I don’t pay money to get to the top. If you are scared about the giant size of the site, post a comment in the Feedback, Suggestions, Questions section on the forums. Scott the webmaster calls the shots and walks the walk. I wear boxer briefs. We don’t accept volunteers, we “hire” compentant people we think can help out. I talked, I just was very sarcastic about it.