Hello all, the ZU news team has yet another new member: myself. You may know me as the moderator of the I:SB section on the forums. I’ll be handling any news that appears on Saturday. (Not that today is Saturday, but I wanted to introduce myself and make sure that I knew how to work everything.)

However, you read the main page to find news, not to see me talk about myself, so I’ll get straight to the news: Zelda figurines will soon be on sale in Japan.

GoNintendo reports that advertisements for Zelda figurines have started appearing in Japan. (Click on the link to see their article and scans of the ads.)

Now, I can’t be certain (since I can’t read Japanese), but I’d guess that those are pewter figurines, which is quite cool.

If you’re Canadian and didn’t win the sweepstakes to get your own life-sized Link statue, or if you aren’t Canadian but wish that you had had a chance to win that statue, you can now have the next-best thing. You just have to know someone in Japan who’ll mail it to you.