JediAnn Solo writes:
Okay, I know shippers are at the bottom of the ZeldaFan food chain and all, but I’m still a bit curious and I need to get this question off my chest and into the keyboard. Is there a slight possibility that the Twilight Link may be a decendant of the Hero of Time and Malon? I mean, I’m just thinking… TP Link may have never LIVED in Hyrule, but that doesn’t mean his ancestors didn’t. In my head, it kind of made sense seeing as he starts out as a shepherd. That’s pretty darn close to a ranch-hand.

James writes:
You are asking the wrong person when it comes to shipping. There are many good arguments in the shipping camps. And now that you mention it, I just realized something. If Link does end hooking with Zelda in OoT, how are their offspring separated? I am beginning to think more and more that Link and Zelda are just friends (oh no, that dreaded Friend Zone hits again!) and that they end up marrying/producing offspring with other men/women. So, yes, there is a possibility that Link did make babies will Malon at the end of OoT. Anything is possible, really.

ricky writes:
I think the game order is:


What do you think?

James writes:
You are asking the wrong person when it comes to timelines. Whoa, deja vu. Anyway, to quote Jay Sherman “It Stinks!” You are missing a good majority of the games in the series. You are also missing obvious games that are included in the timeline (including The Wind Waker). Maybe, you shouldn’t be a timeline theorist; leave that to the professionals. And don’t write me telling me I suck. You e-mailed me for my opinion and I gave it to you.

Dan writes:
This probably shouldn’t be in a mailbag, but i know it dosen’t go in a forum.

I was looking for a Classic NES copy of Legend of Zelda for Game Boy Advance. I realize that this was released in 2004, but is there any place
i can get it besides an online store?

If you choose to answer, thanks.

James writes:
It could go in the forums, we allow it (if you are wondering, General Zelda). However, I will answer your question. The best course of action would be to head to your local Gamestop, EB Games, or whatever game store is in your area and look at their selection. If they don’t have it new, they will more than likely have it used. Other than that, online stores and possibly e-bay would be your next choices. Good luck.

Conner writes:
I am responding to your comment on the last mailbag:

James: There does not seem to be a specific cycle on day and night, as compared to OoT or tWW. It seems to be night during certain scenes and
light during others. The twilight realm, however, is one part of day (twilight if you didn’t get the obvious reference)

It is IN FACT like OOT just a little longer than usual… I have played around outside in a certain area for like 5 minutes and the sun was
almost at sunset… But as you said, some scenes require it to STAY night/day in order for you to reach a goal… Just thought I might want to correct you… It’s not meant to be rude…

Just thought I would let everyone know! 😀

James writes:
It is funny that you mention that. I was playing the game after I got that question and finally did realize that there is a day/night cycle. However, it isn’t as subtle as it was in OoT. Now, would you like to know some neat little tricks? If you go to the Twilight Realm via the Twilight Mirror and travel back to Hyrule, it will always be night. If you go the City in the Sky via the Sky Cannon and drop back to Hyrule, it will always be day. That actually is proven gameplay right there.

J-bot writes:
I have a question regarding the sages of twilight princess. Now am I right to assume that these sages were the same ones from ocarina of time? If so, I was wondering if anyone knew which sage did the Almighty Ganon destroy when he attempted to break free from being sealed away in the twilight realm? Thanks for the help.

James writes:
I highly doubt that the sages you saw were the actual sages. However, it is also quite possible they were the same. In my opinion, they aren’t. However, it is funny that you ask that. We had a debate on the forums about this same topic. If you go back to the cutscene (the one where Link meets the Sages for the first time), you will notice that each Sage is wearing a symbol on their cloaks and standing on a pedastal that bears the same symbol. Those symbols are the same as each of the Medallions from Ocarina of Time. So, if you watch closely, you will notice that Ganon takes out the Water sage. Whether or not it was Ruto is debateable. However, if you asked if it was important which Sage was killed, I would say it doesn’t matter. That cutscene was there to show how strong Ganondorf had become due to the Triforce of Power.

Linkmaster30000 writes:
I don’t know how many people know this, but it’s not in your boss guide for Link’s Awakening, so I thought I’d share.

In Eagle’s Tower (L-7), once you get the Mirror Shield, leave. Go to Turtle Rock and get the Magic Rod (you can beat the level, too, if you want), then come back. The Evil Eagle will die in 3 hits from the Magic Rod, and therefore will never stop to attack or blow you off. It helps a lot.

James writes:
I will pass the tip along. Thanks for the help.

Robbey Fox writes:
Who would win in a fight between zelda and mario? Ithink zelda would kick the **** out of mario.

James writes:
Nice language. But, I do believe it would probably be a good match. Link has a lot more weapons than Mario, but Mario is a very resilient and has a lot at his disposal. But, Link definitely would win that fight.

GangsterP writes:
I was watching the old trailers, specifically the first two that were released some years ago and I saw some stuff in them that I didn’t recognize from the game. I’ve beaten the game and done everything 100%, but I just didn’t certain parts in the game that were in the trailer. Specifically, the scene with the big sun and all the enemies on hogs running down the hill, the scene with the cats in the woods (they look like they’re under a tree), the forest scene with a big whatever it is moss monster looking guy. Are game events such as these often removed from the game after appearing in the trailer, or did I actually miss these things in the game? Much thanks!

James writes:
You have to remember that a trailer is to show off the game that they have at that moment. However, that doesn’t mean that everything you see in the trailer will appear in the game. Also, some of the things in the trailers may still appear in the game, just in a different area, as well.

Robbey Fox writes:
Do you like zelda? If you don’t you should get the heck off of this web site.

James writes:
Yes, everyone, you caught me. I don’t even like Zelda and I fake this “webmaster” thing very well. I also am a fan of sarcasm, as it tends to work well in an answer like this.

sonic x writes:
YO! I’m new and yes need help.

James writes:
Now, normally folks, I wouldn’t include an e-mail of this nature. However, I found it too funny to pass up. Now, n00b, if I can call you a n00b. The mailbag feature of the site is used this way: You send me and e-mail with a very detailed question, and I shall answer. This is the internet, not an instant messenger. This has been James’ Tip of the Day.