As been reported on many sites recently, the Wii’s built on strap has been causing a lot of issues. Nintendo addressed that yesterday.

I know, I am a day late. Once again, life catches up to me. But, as many know, the Wii has been causing a lot of issues as of late. Windows, walls, objects, and even TVs being busted as a result of the Wiimotes built on strap breaking.

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata announced yesterday in a press conference yesterday that they will investigate the issues and look into a further.

“‘Some people are getting a lot more excited than we’d expected,’ Iwata said. ‘We need to better communicate to people how to deal with Wii as a new form of entertainment.'” (Yahoo!)

The message has been said numerous times across the net to those with a Wii. Have fun, but calm down. It is a new type of gaming platform, but if you don’t want to hurt anyone or anything, have fun, but be relaxed about it as well.

Source: Yahoo! News