My favorite getaway on the internet, the Nintendo Press Page, has announced some juicy details about the Launch of Wii. Not only that, but start salavating. There is a small video on for Twilight Princess.

Updated: Friday, November 3rd, 2006

First: The Wii. According to the Nintendo Press Page, within five weeks of Launch, the Wii will have 62 playable games. 32 will be Wii titles, while 30 being the Virtual Console games. Some of the games that are being released on Wii are already available on Gamecube (like Spongebob and Avatar), but Nintendo says the experience on Wii will be far greater. The entire list of games can be found at the Press Page.

But what’s a Zelda site without some Zelda! Over at, there are some videos of a people trying out Twilight Princess. They are small clips, but it shows the new technique with the controller that allows the user to slash the Wiimote in order to move Link’s sword. Check them out as well.

Update: There are some more videos on the site now, with people trying out the bow and a rodeo scene. Check them out.

That’s all I got for now.

Sources: Nintendo Press Page (Twilight Princess Videos)

Wii Info/TP Video 10/31/2006