Nintendo’s bold move is at long last revealed.

You waited. And waited. You heard people say countless times, “The controller is being revealed tomorrow!” Well, tomorrow has come, and boy was it worth the wait. Nintendo’s main attraction of the Revolution has been publicly announced across the world.

The controller itself looks more like a remote, and functions like one as well. It may be a surprise to most gamers accustomed to using the conventional controller with C-buttons and a horizontal grip, and the a/b buttons as well. The controller also offers the opportunity to expand via a port on the bottom, where peripherals such as a joystick can be attached. No doubt Nintendo will create quite a show for that feature.

In addition, and to the relief of many who hold near and dear to their old controllers, Ninetndo will be offering a shell for the remote-controller (Double meaning… interesting.) that resembles a Wavebird. This will allow users to play not only the classic games they have downloaded onto their Revolution, as well as the Gamecube games, but also enjoy new games made by developers who wish to use this shell as their method of gameplay.

The most exciting feature of the controller is the 3D movement feature. It WILL recognize up, down, left, right, etc. IGN states that it’s “like sticking your hand in a virtual box and having the TV understand how it’s moving in there.” One step closer to a real VR gaming experience, it seems. One that will actually catch on (liability so that Virtual Boy people don’t come running at me). Not only will iot recognize three-dimensional movement, it also is tilt-sensitive.

In short, this controller’s got it all. The looks, the functionality, the unexpected touch that Nintendo promised us. I, and hopefully everyone else, is looking forward to the Revolution’s release to try this controller and all of its features hands-on. Good work, Nintendo!