We’ve gotten some reports about Login Problems, and the common factor seems to be that all that have the problems are using AOL. Additionally, there are some permission problems with the “Read More” link, so unregistered users, use the bottom-most to read the full news.

As stated, users using AOL seems to have problems logging in to the site. For now, there is unfortunately no fix to this. All I can recommend is that you make sure you are using the latest version of the browser (some older browsers won’t set the cookies right), and if you are still having problems with logging in, I suggest that you download a “proper” browser, and my best suggestion is Mozilla FireFox.

Additionally, there is also a permission problem with the “Read More” links, but this is being looked into, and hopefully fixed asap. For now I have simply enabled another “Read More” link (it’s complicated), which shows up below the news article, and users that aren’t logged in can just use that until we get the permissions fixed.