From: Cynthia Sorensen
pleeez help me! i found a cheat that says you can turn into yoshi or a dragon or something by fighting majora four times. i tried it and it didn’t work! is this cheat bogus? if it is, please let me know, and if it isn’t, still mail me and tell me what im missing!

Zelda Universe:
I think this cheat is bogus, and doesn’t work in the game. I think the 24 masks that you get in the game are the only masks in the game. Sorry.

From: Victor Fiore
could you guys explain to me how link has a sister and a grandmother in the wind waker? it just doesn’t make sense because he was raised as a kokiri in OoT and never got to see or remember his parents nor siblings. The same question goes for link’s uncle in ALTTP. if you do some research on all the zelda games you’ll realize that some aren’t connected or related to each other.

Zelda Universe:
ZU has an answer for you, its called the Timeline Theory. It is based on the same basis you gave us (about the non-related games), that all the games didn’t seem to be connected, so someone connected them by time. So Link is a Kokiri in OOT, as has a mother. (if you did actually READ what the Deku sprout said after you beat the Forest Temple, he said “…a Hylian mother and her baby boy entered this forbidden forest. The mother was gravely injured… Her only choice was to entrust the child to the Deku Tree, the guardian spirit of the forest. The Deku Tree could sense that this was a child of destiny, whose fate would affect the entire world, so he took him into the forest. After the mother passed away, the baby was raised as a Kokiri.). Another Link now has a grandmother 100 years after OOT (which is what Miyamoto is calling when Wind Waker is placed in the timeline.) Then 50 years later ANOTHER Link has an uncle.

From: Elizabeth Morgan
^_^* (I just here to tick you off)
O.K., here goes: If a Redead is the living dead, then how can it be living if already dead, even though it already lived, but it was once a human that died form old age, a disease, by accident, or was murdered…or is it magic?
P.S. I love your web site.

Zelda Universe:
This is a simple question, nothing to be ticked about. Redeads are your basic Zombie, the living dead. The living dead include vampires and zombies, you know, Count Dracula? Living dead are usually those who died under unusual circumstances (vampire by losing their blood from other vampires), who want revenge. And the living dead are brought back to “life” in a mangled form, by a “leader”, and not killed unless you do something strange to them (like a stake through the heart of a vampire).

From: Aaron Kunz
Hey there ZU. You guys do have the best site out there and I think you guys deserve much praise and kudos for all of the hard work you guys put into your site. Anyway I have one question. I recently bought A Link to the Past for GBA and having never played ALTTP before, was shocked to see that you can’t block enemy sword attacks with the shield you get at the beginning of the game!! Is this right or am I missing something? Please answer my question since I have looked all over the net and gotten mixed results. Thank you guys for taking the time to read this letter.

Zelda Universe:
The shield in ALTTP only blocks enemy attacks if you are not doing anything at the time, and you are facing the enemy. This means you can’t be swinging the sword to attack him, only when he is attacking you. I know, I don’t like that style of shield either, but it was featured in the first three games of Zelda, so you should have gotten used to it by then. 😀

From: EchoSideNinja17
I have two questions
1. How come there is so much brown nosing going on in the mail bag? It is like some people are tryin to get the site in bed or something.
2. If Zelda universe and Zelda elements both formed into seperate Links, which Link would win?

Zelda Universe:
1. Brown nosing = good for Zelda Universe. Didn’t you know that brown nosing gets you places?
2. The Zelda Universe Link, what did you think I was going to say? Why? Because Zelda Universe Link has a fatter bunch of content to use as armour, and three times as many supporters to cheer for him while he’s fighting! 😉

From: Victor Fiore
hi it’s me again. first i would like to apologize if i offended any zelda fans when i said that the legend could end sooner or later. This was only a thought. Anyway i would like to inform you that last month i sent some official art for OoT and i never seen them yet on your site. how long will it take to upgrade that section with with those pictures????

Zelda Universe:
Hey, think nothing of it, you didn’t offend anyone, I was just spicing up the mailbag a bit. Anyway, all this Wind Waker stuff has probably backed Anakin up a little bit, so it will probably be a while before something like that is updated. Just stay tuned is all I can say.

From: James Cloud
I just beat the LttP and I was wondering if you know exactly how long it took Link to fish the master sword out of the pond in the pyramid. He put it back, so he must have gotten it from the pond. Maybe he dived for it with his flippers. But it would be a fun end-of-game minigame to go fish out the master sword and put it back into the resting place. I was disappointed that LttP didn’t have a fishing part in it!

Zelda Universe:
I don’t know how long it took him to get the Master Sword back. And yes, a fishing mini-game would have been fun, seeing as though there were enough ponds to do it in.

From: Unknown
I am so confused about game cheats for Zelda: Ocarina of Time! My biggest question is this: CAN YOU OR CAN’T YOU OBTAIN THE TRIFORCE!?! Sorry for shouting, but I have had Z64 for YEARS and have tried everything! Some people have told me you must have a gameshark to get the triforce, others say you just get it in the temple of time. But tell me this: do the medallion symbols surrounding the pedestal of time have anything to do with it? Do I just play the song of Time while standing somewhere? I am so confused!
Secondly, about this other cheat. I have heard rumours on the internet that you race the runner guy who bought the bunny hood from you, and he gives you a lizard mask and then you ride on a t-rex or something? Is this cheat real, cause I smell a rat.
Lastly, This isn’t a cheat, but HOW do yoy get the biggest wallet that holds 999 ruppees? I’ve tried and tried, but still can’t find it!

Zelda Universe:
The Triforce is not obtainable in Ocarina of Time, your only TOLD about it.
Secondly, you do smell a rat, because there is no cheat where you can get a lizard mask, in any game.
Lastly, the biggest wallet in Ocarina of Time/Majora’s Mask is the Giant Wallet that holds 500 rupees.

From: Alanguya
Hellooooo there!!!!!!! I am just writing to tell you that your site rocks Anakin!!!! Lets be friends You obviously have good taste!!!! lol Ur a cool guy!!!! I give ur site 11 out of 10 Well cya!!!

Zelda Universe:
Still more compliments! You don’t make friends by just asking! And thanks for the rating!