Ohai! Here’s that Ocarina of Time episode we promised!

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November was Ocarina of Time‘s 20th birthday! Unfortunately, we were still getting our act together at that time, so this is the earliest we could pump out something to honor what many nerd-folk consider one of the finest video games of all time.

Aside from our usual Community News segment, which is still worth listening to if you have any interest in the Zelda Universe community, everything in this episode is related to Ocarina of Time! Two returning segments cover highs and lows from the classic game, plus we’ve got two special guest segments: one from longtime ZU writer and professional game designer Max Nichols, who takes a look at a few of the challenges the developers faced transitioning the franchise into 3D; and a short and very sweet tribute to the game from none other than the legendary Chuggaaconroy! Finally, we got a group of nerds together to yell at each other about Ocarina of Time for almost an hour in a roundtable discussion, and you can hear the first quarter or so of that in this episode! (You can listen to the complete roundtable as a separate release on our podcast feed, website, or YouTube channel.)

So grab your dopey, green sock-hat and your Kokiri Sword, and get ready to celebrate two decades of a timeless classic…two months late!

And for the discerning among you, here’s the complete lineup:

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